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Saturday 4/20 Daily (Read 57 times)

    Good morning.


    Good to see the Boston folks—or at least Henry—maintaining their sense of humor.

    Holly—I’m with you on the overblown and misdirected coverage.


    A nasty storm front roared through last night, clearing the pollen out of the air and leaving a nice cool, sunny morning.  I was tempted to go out for more miles but I’ve got too much to get done today so I left it at an EZ 7 miles.

      In my book today is a glorious day!  Thank you local, state and federal agencies for a job well done.


      henrun LOL!


      Today the Joggers Club here in town held its weekly run after advertising it was also a fund raiser for One Fund Boston.  It is a charity that was set up to help the victims of the marathon day bombings.  I had expected maybe 10 people to show up.  Perhaps 15 if the weather was nice.  The weather is pretty marginal (kind of cool, damp and cloudy) but nevertheless I bet around 40 people came for today's run!  I have never, ever on the very best of days seen that many people show up!  Very impressive.


      As to actual running, I took another day off.  I plan to stay off the roads until my calf feels totally recovered from Monday's abuse.  It is close, but not quite there yet and I have no plans to push it.  My DW on the other hand did go off for 4 miles with the club.  My DW tells me there is a "huge bumble bee crawling down the screen in the family room."  Guess whose job it is to do something about that?  Later everybody!

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        Johnny Kelly statue.  I had a glorious 10 mile run on commonwealth, stopping to take the picture.  runners (even the speedy ones) were incredibly friendly.  cool, but humid and the sun is starting to come out, so it will warm up quickly



          First run since the 3rd,a real easy 3 and it felt good!

            Good morning everyone,


            Glad you could have a glorious run today Henry. Nice 10 miler and photo too!

            Nice to see the response from your club Twocat.


            6.2 miles around the neighborhood for me in one hour 9:22 pace. Sunny at start sunny at end middle 20 minutes a driving sleet pounding on my faceConfused


            I was scheduled for 2 baseball games today ( I umpire) home team to play single games against 2 teams, 1st one cancelled but sun is out now so 2nd one is still on.

            Have a Great Saturday!!!

            Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

            King of PhotoShop

              I'm taking the day off from running!  It's a Saturday and that is unheard of, but I'm tired and so the heck with it.


              Marge, I've never seen the Kelley statue. Where exactly is it?


              Last night the Saint and all my family went to Prime Rib's final art show as he prepares to receive his MFA. Big crowd there and lots of fun.  He did an interview about his work, and I confess I don't understand the work (or the interview) but maybe you who are interested in art, wood, and sculpture may be able to see something in it.  Here is the link; it's just two minutes of him talking about stuff he does:





              Trails are hard!

                no run today, but need to figure out a good 16 mile route for tomorrow.


                I agree that the coverage was overwhelming, but that's not to say that i didn't spend a lot of time transfixed--especially after all the events leading up to the capture transpired.  I do feel a sense of relief, although I'm sure coverage won't die out for quite a while around here.


                On a back to the daily grind note--our microwave has been making a loud rattling noise for quite a while and DW finally stated that this was the weekend that something WILL be done about it.  So I called a repair place and when we got to the age of the MW and I said 21 years, the rep sort of snickered and said "we rarely recommend that you repair a 5 yo MW" Roll eyes  So guess where we're going this afternoon.


                BTW, for those of you who appreciate the Onion's sense of humor, look up their take on the past week.  It shows up a few times on FB, too.

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                  A decent 7 miler this morning. Gorgeousmorning but it's not forecasted to last.

                    ...Great Line yesterday from henrun//////...........




                    .......47-min PoolRun to Celebrate.........


                    loosened the Floatation Belt and Dragged it (think SeaAnchor here)


                    brutal, but very Satisfying



                    ....................good running guys

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                      Nice glorious run Marj. Henry, very funny!


                      Holly, my sentiments exactly. The media wants and needs to be a crowd pleaser. Sometimes it's best just to turn it off.


                      It's a glorious day here, brisk and sunny and windy. We're getting a late start for our towpath run as we slept in this morning. DH got in very late last night because flights were delayed due to weather. It'll be a short run today because I'm planning a "long" one tomorrow, which nowadays means anything with two digits.


                      It's too wet to be digging in the garden so I'll be baking bread later. This method intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a try. I wonder how it would turn out with other flours substituted for some of the white?

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                        That is awesome marj.


                        Ran my HM and had a major fail today. Spent 5+ minutes in the porto. Never happened before. Still managed a 1:38 but.......


                        Glad they caught the bomber. Hopefully this will help with closure for lots of people.


                        Saw so many Boston shirts and jackets today. Such a great tribute.



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                        Back on Stride

                          70s and sun one day, 30s and snow the next -- it's been a heck of a spring so far! Today looked nice enough, but again low 30s and windy. I ran 8 good miles with the triathlete group. Everyone who had Boston jackets was wearing them today. At one point I was surprised that I was keeping pace with a guy that's usually way out ahead of me until I remembered that he just ran 26.2 in Boston on Monday! He was already at the gear pickup when the bombs went off, so he heard them but wasn't directly affected in any way.


                          Due to Monday's events, I didn't get to post my RR from that weekend, so I'll just summarize it by saying that I got my first ever AG win (65-69) in the 10K at the Martian Races in Dearborn, MI. Our own perchcreek was also there running his 18th marathon, and the Rochester area did quite well as two friends of mine won their AGs in the half-marathon.


                          Good luck to this weekend's racers!

                          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            First run since the 3rd,a real easy 3 and it felt good!


                            Very nice!


                            Ribs - what I got out of that interveiw is that Prime Rib is quite an impressive young man.  You know what they say about the apple....


                            5 easy-paced miles for me this morning, followed by the annual "gathering and spreading of the mulch."  The whole family went to fill our trailer with what I calculated to be about 4 cubic yards of compost/mulch, which DH can get for free at a location in the city where he works.  When we got home we unloaded the whole trailer in the beds around the house.  Looks wonderful right now.   I expect we will all feel this a little bit tomorow, though. Joking


                            I used an especially thick layer in my small garden, because I was so inspired by Erika's that I have renewed enthusiasm for it this year, and am hoping to get my carrots to grow straight for once.

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              Paavo, I'm with you on the long run thing. Anything over 10 seems like quite an effort these days. I seem to mostly run 5 to 8 miles most days, and those 8 milers seem like a lot. Can't wait till running 10 miles seems effortless like it used to. This has been a loooong winter! That bread looks interesting, sort of like a Hawaiian bread. Tell us how it turns out.


                              Holly, I think you nailed it perfectly with the media coverage. The feeling that someone did this to us is just more than this country can tolerate. An accident on the scale of the Texas explosion is awful, but it's almost like the media coverage says "hey, accidents happen...."  I just don't get it either.


                              And yes Holly, the key to straight carrots is well turned soil so they can grow straight down. They don't like any resistance, which is one of the reasons I plant mine in a big raised row. I've ordered a bunch of potatoes but they haven't come yet. I think the company is watching the weather and holding them till it warms up.


                              Congratulations Doug on the AG win! That's great!


                              Nice picture, Marj! I can't remember where the Kelley statue is but I think I've seen it. It's along the course right? I can't remember where though...


                              Mustang Sal, with a coach like that you'll always be working to improve which I think is her point. She can take that never satisfied thing too far though, but I think you have the right mindset to deal with it.


                              So it's finally getting nicer here outside! Got up to 40 yesterday evening and I ran 5.5 miles after work. Stopped to see the baby reindeer at the farm because they were right by the fence! They're so damn cute. They were lying down on my way out but up, nursing and tottering around after their moms on my way back. I had to stop for a bit....


                              Today is already the warmest morning I think we've had all month at 25° when I got up and it's 30'something now. Should be mid-40's by afternoon! And our bike paths are finally being plowed! Woohoo! I'll be heading out for a run this afternoon and might wear my capris instead of tights. Now THAT will be nice!


                              Here's a link to a photo story of the second reindeer calf being born! The first one came early and was discovered one morning by a farm worker. They had a total of 36 pregnant cows so it should be a banner year for the babies!


                                Marge, I've never seen the Kelley statue. Where exactly is it?



                                The statue is at the corner of Commonwealth and Walnut, opposite the Newton Town Hall, approx mile 19 about 1/2 mile before the Craig et al hang out.  However, you cannot see it while running up the hills, it's more obvious going down hill, which as you marathon runners know, downhill is not happening at that point.


                                rochrunner - congrats on your AG win