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    Well, the bug finally hit me last night with a fever and sore throat Angry. I am one of those people like many here that hardly ever get sick, but there are so many sickies here at work, that I guess it was bound the happen. Don’t feel much like typing right now, but I got a 13.5 miler in Sat in ankle deep slush which made for a hard run I cut short by 3 miles. Sun I ran an easy 6 miles at recovery pace. Oh more blister pain on my weekend runs Smile Hope all have a great Monday…..and great runs to all that ran this past weekend and this morning. Tim

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      Oh No Tim.. get well soon! 2 Magical Healing Miles with Tory @10:23 pace, AHR 138. Just to get the blood flowing type run. Have great runs/rests today! Steve

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        Tim - hope you feel better quickly. No run for me today, and no time for much x-training either. I rented a carpet cleaner last night, took DD to the babysitter's early, and now I'm cleaning our carpets before work. 12-minute ab/core video. Happy Monday!

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          Good morning guys. Tim, I'm sorry to hear you've caught the "bug." Hopefully it will be a 24 hour thing and you'll feel better tomorrow. Nice easy run this morning for me as well this morning, Steve. 4 miles in 38:00 on the treadmill. It's still too dark and icy to be running outside on our streets at 5:00 AM. With my luck, I'd wipe out and break something. It did feel good to get outdoors the last two days, and I'm looking forward to running in warmer weather - hopefully soon. Have a good Monday, everyone. Jeanne
            I hope I'm not jinxing myself here, but this morning I woke up feeling the best I've felt in quite some time. The resting HR is back down where it should be, my legs feel great after yesterday's solid 17+ mile LR, and my sinuses seem clear (a very unusual occurrence at any time). Today is a rest day which should help keep things that way. Knocking solidly on all the wood I can find ... Bill PS: KickRunner's is signing up people for VRAA #7, by the way.

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              Nice, easy 4-miler early this morning. Brrrrr ... I don't usually run in the morning, but always enjoy it when I do. Will try to make it a double later on today. Nice job, Bill, on the 17 miler yesterday. Get well Tim! Nice easy runs Steve and Jlynne. PJ
                Good morning, all! Tim - sorry the flu bug caught you - here's to a rapid recovery. Congrats on beating the blisters! Holly - ugh - cleaning carpets! At least you are getting it over with early. Breger - nice long run yesterday - glad you were feeling good! 6 tempo miles on the treadmill for me this morning. The sunrise was gorgeous, and I should have run outside. I skipped the half marathon on Saturday morning. We had quite a load of snow followed by sleet/ice on Friday, and some of our local running friends said that it would probably be a good idea to pass. They are diehard runners, so when they pulled out, we figured it was for the best. It's definitely not worth getting injured. It did make for a lazy weekend as we spent 10 hours Sunday in a gun safety class and didn't get to do a long run. Core and weight work scheduled for noon today. Good runs to all!

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                  morning everybody! not much time but wanted to say hi before I got even further behind. I've still been doing the walk/run mixes on the tm, not quite as much success as the first time, but not too bad either. oh yay, pj Smile. and did I see Skip the other day? berger, so nice to hear that. get well Tim. nice everything's everybody else. poor Holly. cleaning carpet is bad enough, but having to fit it in before work. yuck. pilates workout 3 this morning, & my first extended use of the foam roller.

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                    Hi all, A rest day today after yesterday's to try & stay healthy for Virginia Beach on the 16th... Good runs to all today.

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                      Morning all, So sorry to hear about the illnesses----take care and good rest to all those feeling the winter crud. Great news for you Breger----nice to wake up and feel all clear. Nice to see you back PJ and Hi Dg! Holly, you get so much done and are so motivated---hope to see you again soon. I stayed up too late watching the Oscars and yes Soundrunner, I am with you on Javier Bardem---beyond HOT and his tribute last night to his I have a day of catching up with clients via phone and writing reports----good way to begin the week and not in an airport. I took advantage of the sun today and went out for a run at 7:40---10F, no wind, beautiful blue sky again (sleet and wintry mix on the way tomorrow---pooh). Even though I raced yesterday, I had some bounce and Coach said go for 11 at even pace----pick a good pace and stick with it (how she describes a pace run). I found 8:30 as a groove and focused on keeping it even and relaxed. It wasn't easy and it wasn't hard---just right. 11 miles in 1:34:23 just about 8:30 right on-----monitored by looking at my watch at the start of the run and not again until the very end. Good days to all CNYrunner
                        Get well soon Tim Hi DG!!!!!!!!! I have not had a schedule in some time. I think I'll take today off though it's t shirt weather. 35F. My legs are taxed after the weekend. I slept untill the alarm went off and I seldom do that. Packing and waxing for Fla.


                          A rest day for my butterfly wings. After the 8 miler on Saturday and 13 on Sunday my body is feeling a bit tired today so rest I will do. I have vision of Pilates in my head for tonight, but que sera, sera. I hope you feel better, drink a lot of fluids and pamper yourself. Holly, your house cleaning this weekend is more than a XT Tongue. Best wishes as you sell your house. Perch, I saw a male runner with his dog yesterday and it made me think of you and Tory. Jlynne, nice four miler there. You too Sue. Breger, great long run yesterday. Enjoy your rest today. dg, I hope you are using those foam rollers as a preventive measure and not due to injury. SteveP, enjoy Florida. Happy training week to all. Nancy

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                            Good to see you Dg!!! 5 mile recovery run on thrashed legs at an 8:16 pace,might even take tomorrow off as a rest day
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                              Happy start of the last week of February! enke- are you practicing for Pamplona perhaps? 17 miles of trails, hills, horses and getting lost... feeling great the whole way! A great run! SteveP- what did you hurt on your run yesterday? How are you feeling today? wildchild- I know that LOOK you are talking about from the pooch! Good deal doing what you had to do to get your run in. Mariposai- a lucky 13 mile run followed by Greek food and belly dancing! Now that's something you don't hear all the time! bap- I am such a firm believer in both massage and accupuncture. Regarding accupuncture, I'd go for treatments that would require needles in my head, and come back to work with them still there. Talk about freaking people out. I'm glad they did the trick for you! Teresa- welcome back! Sorry your vacation wasn't what you hoped it would be. But it's usually good to get away regardless. I think I've read somewhere that running can in fact change your foot size. Your son is quite speedy! Keep us posted on how his meet goes. CNY- welcome back! I hope your hiatus did a good job of taking care of what you needed to take care of. I'm also glad you didn't hurt yourself sledding! evanflein- what a gutsy run you had! 14 miles of uneven slipping and sliding, into a cold, sleety headwind. I'm glad you got through this one unscathed, you have a date in the desert coming that needs you to be healthy! tetsujin- you had a good partner in crime for your bikeride. Sounds like you had the hilly part, but not the chilly part. Tammy- it takes a lot of mental strength to do a race and hold back like you did. Congrats on finishing almost last! Tim- sorry that darn bug has bitten you too. At least you'll be running on blister free feet when you start up again. Oh, I have a lot of sickies where I work too, even when none of them are sick... perch- gotta love those recovery runs! Holly- no time for much x-training either. I rented a carpet cleaner last night, took DD to the babysitter's early, and now I'm cleaning our carpets before work. Sounds like cross training to me! You and the family feeling better? Jeanne- well your outdoor stread was good while it lasted. You were smart to stay inside today. breger- I think you're baaaaccckkkk! PJH- keep stretching and massaging that achillies. SueT- sorry you had to miss your half, but it sounded like the right choice. Better safe than sorry. dg- foam rollers rock! Good job staying in the game with your workouts. PeterNC- good thing you can't catch a bug over the internet with all the people here not feeling well. Good luck! CNY (again)- wow, way to bounce back after your run/race yesterday! SteveP (again)- waxing for Florida? Mariposai (again)- no bellydance report? Scheduled rest day for me today. Just as well, I'm still not over being sick, and the week coming up is a big week trainingwise (for me anyway). Later I have a podiatry appointment to get my gait analyzed. Since August, right after I got my orthotics tweaked, I've had recurring tendon issues in my left foot. So I'm going to the appointment armed with three different pairs of shoes, and will be tested in them both with and without the orthotics in to see which combo works best, and to see what needs to be adjusted to deal with this tendon issue. My podiatrist is very active in the running community, as a runner, coach and volunteer. I'm lucky to have her. She made me her last appointment for the day, that way we can take our time without worrying about other patients. That was very nice of her. Enjoy your Monday all! Smile

                                Good morning! Holly - I too am cleaning carpets this morning!!! What an awful thing to have in common! Sad 3 quicky skippy miles with the two dogs running their little legs off - my dogs are little and pretty much scrape the ground - but they love to run! They get so dirty when they run with me - hence the carpet cleaning this morning - nasty little paw prints everywhere!!! I am one of those crazy women who have white carpet - that way I always know when it is dirty. I am extremely anal. Did I mention my pups are also sort of white? Poor pups - luckily they love baths! Tim, feel better soon - all those sickies at work should have stayed home! Bunger Bill - what is VRAA#7? Hi dg!!! Healing Vibes to btb!!!