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Black Friday's Daily, 11.29.13 (Read 35 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Seems that there was a lot of good turkey trotting and eating and other adventures yesterday!


    "...well, the popcorn was good......" I take it the movie wasn't. Sorry, TW.


    Ribs, John beat you by 1 or 3 seconds, depending on whether they go by gun time or net time for the AG awards. Either way, congrats on running a fine race, being in your goal time zone, and 'finished in the money.'


    Congrats to Jlynne on your 1st place AG hardware!


    I tend to stay away form the big turkey trots (sorry, Deeze - I know the Feaster Five is a tremendous, and very well organized race) 'cause I don't enjoy them anymore. Twocat - were you referring to the Manchester (CT) turkey trot? That was the first race I ever entered, back in the late 80s when it only had 3-4,000 racers. Isn't it now at 10,000+?


    Sounds like your GS had a blast with you, Tet. I hope you two get to hang together some more this weekend.


    I don't know whether we enjoyed preparing yesterday's meal more than eating it or not. There were 4 of us in the kitchen just about all day, talking, cooking, laughing, and just having a good time as we gradually pulled everything together. When we sat down to eat, we were all pleased with the results, especially in regard to those dishes where we made some mid-recipe changes along the way. Today we may make a leftover pie: stuffing for the crust, turkey and assorted veggies in the middle, and maybe some cranberry sauce on top.


    5.9 miles in 22F temps this morning. It was good to get out and work off some of yesterday's dinner. I racewalked miles 1-3, ran most of 4 & 5, and then racewalked the rest. We're going to do some shopping with the BIL and his wife today,. We'll staying as far away from the malls as we can, and will only be going to local shops. We're targeting some specific items, rather than going bargain grazing, so we should be able to be pretty efficient. We're also looking forward to a chilly but sunny early afternoon walk on the beach.


    Have a greta Friday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...mornin' jay//........yeah,

      DeliveryMan had it all >>>>>>N0T..............wasn't funny, wasn't uplifting, and when he went to see his ''son'' with MultipleSclerosis we left the movie,,,

      ,,,,,,,,,,it was VeryCrude however


      this is coming from someone from West Kentucky)



      but I digress..........


      20min x-bike standing


      seems to like it





      ..................good running to stand on solid concrete for 8-hours

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Leftovers are the best part. Smile


        Easy 2-miler just to stretch my legs.


          Fast 30' walk today as Marj ran the usual short route.

          Saw 'Nebraska'- a great movie starring Bruce Dern (better known to many of us as a fast distance runner)- his performance is worthy of an Academy Award nomination.

          Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.

          King of PhotoShop

            No leftovers for us, as the dinner yesterday was at my son's house, so he has them!  Not sure what I'll make tonight.


            4.4 slow recovery miles in the park.  Spareribs


              Nice early workout Jay and we had the same fun preparing the meal yesterday. Lots of talking and hustling around the house.


              Although my day got interesting once I returned from the run. Fireplace was going and everyone was around it. Didn't think much of it until DW said the furnace was out. RuhRoh. I couldn't tell since I was cold from the run. Well a quick shower and an hour of troubleshooting, I managed to get it up and running. I was rewarded with a hand delivered beer.


              Jlynne congrats on the hardware.


              Leftovers are excellent. Enjoy them tramps.


              Sorry about the movie tom. Good to hear the leg is liking things but 8 hours on concrete? Oh boy. I hope you have good shoes and compression socks. Usually Vince Vaughn is pretty funny. Dodgeball is a favorite around here.


              Nice tip on Nebraska Henry. Will look into that one.


              Got a nice 8.5 today in 23 degrees. It was sunny though which made all the difference.


              Cheers all. Enjoy the weekend.

              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


              Trails are hard!

                Happy day after to all.  We went to the neighbors for dinner, so not much in the way of leftovers normally.  However, they just brought over the turkey carcass and DW is in the middle of dismembering it and will make stock and pot pie out of it.  not QUITE the same as the leftover dinner, but YUM in its own way.


                Another 6.2 this morning on a bit more extended route than lake laps.  A little cooler at 24°, but the wind has died down considerably.  Trying to bank a few miles while I can, since December looks to involve a bit of travel.  I'm only 4.7 miles behind the 1000 mile pace bunny, and even though I've already blown past my previous best yearly total, I really would love to finish up at 1000.


                Speaking of which--congratulation to Carolyn for passing 2000 miles with a month to go.  love to know what the elevation is that goes with that distance.  Shocked  And congratulations to all the other ton o' miles finishers this year.  don't think I'll ever make it there, but you're all still an inspiration to me.


                Indulged lightly in Black Friday--I end up getting more things for everyday use than anything big.  Like today was stocking up on printer ink and bird seed.  Did get a few Christmas goodies, but have no need to wait in line for the possibility of a new TV or anything like that.


                Glad the furnace is running.  our furnace is probably 40+ YO and the gas valve sticks every once in a while.  We keep the house pretty cool to begin with, but someone will say "it's 55 in the living room--go check the furnace" Roll eyes  Press the reset button and WHOOSH.

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                Back on Stride

                  Dinner was at our house, but our DS ends up with most of the leftovers anyway. How'd that happen? I'd like to have at least one cold turkey sandwich! Good thing he doesn't like pie; my MIL and I split that evenly. Smile


                  No running today, but we all went to my DW's workout place (Burn Fitness) to kill some time. I knew my DS worked out with weights a lot, but I was flabbergasted to see him running on the treadmill! Is it possible I can make a runner out of him yet? It would be fantastic to do a 5K or something with him like so many of you do with your kids. Of course, it would have to be a 5K with a late-day start...


                  I might do a short run tomorrow morning, and then Sunday is the club's monthly special "Bagel Day" run at the metropark. Have a good and active weekend, everyone.

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    I agree with Tramps, leftovers are the best part! Not much left over here since I made sure I had plenty of ziplog bags for people to take some leftover home.

                    We  had a fun dinner last night. 13 total at our table and what a diverse group of people too. We had two people from Texas, 2 from NH, 1 from West Virginia, 1 from DC, 1 from NJ, 3 from N. C, and the posie clan. Funny how all these people call Omak their home now and we have one thing in common: the love for good food.


                    Today is a special day for us. Our son David finished his training and today was his swearing in ceremony.  As of today he is officially a Peace Corps Volunteer. Now the real work for him will begin. He is excited to move to his site where he will be working for two years.


                    Here is a picture of him with his Country Director Kathleen Corey and  Training Director Evelina Alibegovska. 


                    Ohh, 16 foggy and warm miles (27F) this morning and now it is time to make turkey noodle soup from the turkey carcass.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    MM #5616

                      I'm only 4.7 miles behind the 1000 mile pace bunny, and even though I've already blown past my previous best yearly total, I really would love to finish up at 1000.


                      Speaking of which--congratulation to Carolyn for passing 2000 miles with a month to go.  love to know what the elevation is that goes with that distance.  Shocked 

                      Hope you catch that rascally rabbit, Stumpy!   I have no idea how to get the total elevation gain/loss for the year from my RA log, and I think my Garmin reads high anyway.  Today's run was 4.8  miles and the Garmin showed 2,000 ft elevation gain and loss Since that's pretty typical for runs around here, 2,000 miles would be about 833,333 ft of elevation gain/loss, or 157.8 miles so far this year!  Smile


                      We don't have turkey leftovers - we had salmon with a cranberry sauce, which was yummy.  And we do have some leftover salmon.  (Leftover Salmon is the name of a very good bluegrass band from Colorado.)


                      Congrats to your DS, Posie!

                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                        posie - if that’s the same kid who used to run marathons, and also triathlons with me wearing his Chako sandals for all three legs, give him my congratulations too. Gracias.
                        Threw my vow not to get another heavy-weight, battery-pack, headlamp out the window when I found a 200 lumen one for $9.99 to replace the $89.00 one that refused to turn on as darkness fell in the Pigtails 100M last May.  Maybe I should’ve gotten two in case of a repeat non-performance it I try it again next year. Oh well.


                        That’s a lot ascending Carolyn

                        It’d take me five or six years to run 2,000 miles 
                        238,700 miles more to go to the moon.,
                        Same for the descent or it is skewed by the tunnel?

                        annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)

                          Happy Thanksgiving my friends ... been away from the computer most of the last few days but am thankful for all of you always!!


                          Wednesday - took my run to the treadmill for the first time in ages - just couldnt bring myself to running in the downpours even tho it was around 60 degrees!!  I kept my brain busy by doing .25 mile pickups with .15 mile recovery x 8 - with warm-up and easy pace after the 8 intervals I manage to get in 6.2 miles before volunteering at the FeasterFive expo the rest of the day.


                          Thursday - was all about volunteering in our VIP room before the race then running with my 13 yr old niece for her 1st FeasterFive and her 1st 5 mile race.  My son Nicholas and his gf met us after we finished volunteering and the 4 of us ran together -- I was very emotional at the start during God Bless America and the National Anthem - and especially when Dave McGilllivary spoke and then one of the Boston Marathon victims Celeste Corcoran said a few words....this day was about running together as a family and not at all about the pace and I wouldnt have traded it for anything!!  My niece was so pleased to complete her 1st 5 mile race!!   We hit our highest number of runners this year too - 10,616!!


                          Today - kicked out a tempo pace (i think) 5.2 miles in 43:28 before we made a trip to Cape Cod to visit my hubby's parents and sister.  Had the pleasure of Nicholas and his gf Allison driving down with us as well.


                          Congrats to all - Jlynne, Carolyn, David of the Posai family and all of you just for being you!!


                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            Happy Black Friday!


                            It is our Black Friday tradition to go to a local tree farm, cut down our tree, drink some hot cocoa in the barn by the fire, and come home and trim the tree and decorate the house, and this is what we did today, although this time we brought my SD.  This will be his first Christmas without my mom in 45 we will keep him close.


                            On a sad note, my co-worker who was fired last week, 5 days after both her dog and her father had a stroke on the same day, had her mother die suddenly today, of lung cancer that was only diagnosed Monday.  How much can one person take in two weeks? While her firing was not without cause (drinking problem, mistakes at work), this poor woman is having her life spiral out of control.  I feel for her, and if anyone has a spare prayer, she could use it.


                            5 easy-paced miles for me today in 23 degrees.

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              ''It’d take me five or six years to run 2,000 miles ''


                              ......I love it.......


                              ............Great Picture mari

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              King of PhotoShop

                                Mariposai, so happy and proud for you and your son.


                                I have my ex and her sister in town, so we do a lot of stuff together at TG. Today I made a huge batch of sauce, meatballs, sausage and braciole for tomorrow night's dinner with them.  We'll all meet in Plano for a big grudge match of Whirley Ball, then come back to the Rib Cage for dinner and laughs.  Great weekend. Lots to be thankful for.  Spareribs