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    Morning! Very foggy here. Could only see the yellow line on the road in parts. Other parts cool street lighting. Lots of deer lurking around. 8.2 miles GA run in 1:06:19 (8:05 pace, AHR 159). First 2.2 with Tory. Have great runs! Steve

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      Thanks for starting perchcreek. I love fog. Lots of rain here so on the 'mill for 3 in 32:50 Good runs all.

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        Good morning Smile Well, ran for the first time in 8 days last night, recovering from my calf pain. I figured 8 days off means run 8 miles Big grin. I ran 8 fairly pain free miles - 1:12 - 9:00 pace. I felt super sluggish which surprised me with my lay off. I guess I thought my legs would be full of energy, but oh well, it was great to be out there running again. And also, it was 65 balmy degrees last night when I started my run, which is unbelievable here in Indiana in January. I think I will be careful and just run every other day or so, and cross train on the other days. Nice run in the fog perch!!! Way to tough it out on the mill anachrotech! I love running in the fog to, for what ever reasons Confused Have a great day all, Tim

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          Good morning Boomermasters, 4 miles for me this morning in 38:02. No treadmill, so 52 degrees in the rain. Cheers Mike

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            Good Morning! Perch – nice GA run to start us out. Good morning Anachrotech, Mrwhite, and Biketm – glad your calf is feeling better, Tim. 58 delicious degrees here this morning but with extremely strong winds – intoxicatingly spring-like. Good thing today’s workout was about endurance instead of speed though, because that wall of wind was relentless. 9.05 miles, including 4 trips up and over Big Hill ridge. My 4th week doing this hill workout, I think I’m feeling slight improvement. Happy Tuesday!

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              Hey y'all check out the forum home page!! Roy, I did send the updated collage but jjj posted the wrong one and said he'd change it. Good runs and workouts to all, my left heel is a little twingy today. Barb
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                Morning gang! I just have not been able to get out of bed in the morning . . . . I think I need a kick in the butt. Pretty bad when DH wakes me up to kiss me good bye asking "how come you are not running?". I said I'd be back out tomorrow. Now I've put it in writing. Plus, with this warm weather, I'd have to dig out some shorts!! Tomorrow it will be cold again. Had a conversation with Garmin yesterday and have two 'fix it' ideas to try. If neither of those work - I'll be getting a new one. That's a kewl collage on our front page!!


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                  Nice runs this morning. Hopefully mine fits that category too. 10.75 easy-paced miles at 9:05 min/mile pace. I felt pretty good this morning. The HR was slightly higher than I'd like but probably just a residual leftover from my 10K race on Sunday. Some local clubbers went tooling by me as they did their weekly tempo runs. But I resisted joining them though it was hard not to. I had decided this was an easy run day and i wanted to keep it that way. Bill

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                    biketm happy to see you can run again. fjordrunner nice on your training run PR! It is always nice to see your times pick up. Great day here in CT today. This morning it was about 40 and later on it will get close to 60! Wahoo! Big grin Today was lactose threshold day courtesy of Pfitz's training plan. I hate these things just a little less than intervals: 9.46 miles all in with 4 of them at a 7:00 pace. That is about 11 seconds off of my last HM. But given my current shape it is about where I am now. Hopefully I can keep up the training through the winter and my times will come back down. Good runs all.

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                      Grr persistent cough made me decide to take the weekend off, then got in a 5 miler yesterday only to have computer issues and not be able to post. I would say when it rains it pours but things could be worse. A balmy 65 degrees at 8:00 in Western NY and I will have extended time to get a run in at lunchtime today. Good runs all.
                        Morning, All!! Perch - nice kickoff run - thanks! {{{{{{{{{{Tall}}}}}}}}}} hang in there! Tim - congratulations on the run - glad the calf is behaving. {{{{{Barb's heel}}}} Temps in the 40's here this morning, but I slept in after watching LSU beat Ohio. Sorry to any Ohio fans, but I am elated that LSU won. LSU is one of my old alma maters. One of the disadvantages of being on the East Coast is that most evening football games don't even start until 8:00 - makes it hard to watch the whole thing when you're accustomed to retiring at 9:00 ;-). I'll do yoga at noon today. I signed up for a 12 week strengthening program at the gym. I don't meet with my trainer until next week - I'm hoping it isn't a generic program and that it can be customized to enhance my running program. I'm pretty good at keeping up with core work and some upper body lifting, but I've let a lot of my weight work fall by the wayside since I moved to Connecticut. If this program will get me back in the groove it will be worth it. Good runs to all!

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                          Buried in work these days and unable to keep up here. Hope all is well. 8 miles this morning with 4 @ tempo pace (avg. 7:12). Spring break continues here. Glad to see I didn't scare Perch off with my tough love the other day. Wink
                            Well....well....well.......I ran in the morning for a change. I enjoy running later in the day partly because my schedule dicates that to be the best time, but also because I just feel better later in the day. However, I have to go to Tennessee this afternoon to handle a basketball game so this morning was my only chance to run......5 nice miles in warm temps (46 degrees) and sun. Ummm....I haven't seen a color test pattern for a number of years but now I see that we have one on our first page. Good running everyone.

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                              Hey - how'd my old profile picture get up there? Surprised

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                                Teresa and wildchild: Lots of engineers on these boards, apparently. I'm a mechanical engineer by education, and a software engineer by profession. My DW is also an engineer, but our DS is definitely not. A friend who is also part of an engineering couple already has two engineer daughters and another about to enter college. I was torn between running in the warm temps today and resting my leg, but fortunately it was pouring rain when I woke up so the decision was easy. Good running to everyone today!

                                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI