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    I was about to do a fly-by post but then I realized there was no thread yet!

    So a fly-by thread-starter.  (Are those legal?)


    11 miles with 9@MP down by the river.


    Carry on.

      5 easy peasy...

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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        Hi all.  Yes, how about that Pope?  Big question:  does he get to keep all those cool clothes? Answer:  Only if they're altared.  What are they having for breakfast at the Vatican today?  Ex-Benedict.


        I get to do these jokes as I'm Catholic.


        So I'm all pumped up that my groin muscle whatever it is, is okay and I go out and run 6 miles, including 5 x 1/4 mile, and afterwards when I go to the Y to do my stretches, I begin with my pushups and feel an awful twinge in my lower back. Joining jlynne on hobbling around now.


        Worse part is, I am flying out today to Omaha, where I have a new client. I won't say the name but think of an old TV show that featured wild animals.  Can't wait for that plane ride!


        Glad to see Mariposai got a run in and is feeling better, and congrats to your son Holly on his big DC trip.  Spareribs

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          Feel better all you gimpy people! Spareribs, I think I sprained my funny bone with those jokes of yours, Catholic or not...


          I haven't resumed my planks since doing something to my lower back and sacrum (was getting sciatica-like pain down the front of my thigh during the side planks), but things have been OK and I resumed running as of Monday. Today is my PCR (Progress Calibration Run) and I feel like I haven't studied enough for this test.... which is why I'm procrastinating going out there to run right now Roll eyes


          Oh but I did want to share an email I just received a little while ago from NYRR. I'm assuming you all know that I was slated to run the NYC Marathon this past November, and that I opted for the refund instead of taking the paid deferral option.


          Dear Marathoner:

          During the processing of refunds for the cancelled 2012 ING New York City Marathon, there was a technical problem with our credit card processor. You were part of a small group whose credit cards were inadvertently credited with marathon refunds multiple times.

          In order to reconcile the issue, we need to debit your account for the additional refund(s). Depending on your bank and type of credit card you have used, you may see both credits and debits at different times, but everything should be reconciled within the next few days. You will receive the refund of your entry fee as anticipated.

          Please be assured that your personal information remains secure and was not compromised at any time.

          Should you have any additional questions, contact us.

          We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

          New York Road Runners


          Oh the fun never ends!


          And with that, I'm off for my PCR run... hope it doesn't end up standing for Piece of Crap Run....

            Pope jokes?  Chuckling at those.  He wouldn't be the first person to quit doing his job right after joining Twitter.


            "Progress Calibration Run"?  Hadn't heard of that one before.


            6.1 miles with miles 4 and 5 at Tempo pace.  8:04 and 7:56.  The weather was warm out there today and I'm not in any kind of shape right now, so I'll take that.



            "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

              a fly-by thread starter? really Tramps? Since you ran 11 miles, I guess we'll let it pass. this time. Joking


              Cool new client, Ribs!


              Still chilly and foggy here. The infallible weatherman said it's going to get sunny and 50 later though. Hope he's right because I packed shorts today for my run later.


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                {{{to all the owies}}}


                Not much energy this morning, so I just did 4 easy-paced miles.


                OM - Are you still leading the plank thread until March?  We could use a new suggested plank type.....


                Back to work now....

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  5.19 this morning followed up with another 3.29 at lunch.  No particular reason.  I just felt like running again.

                  Humanity runs on coffee.

                    Ribs, I assume you'll be here all week ... Byll, I think tempo pace is slower in FL than some other places. Tammy, we could brush 50 out here in the Midwest also.


                    I did 6 M on the TM in my version of a PCR.  First 3 M of the tempo part were at 7:30 m/M; then I did 0.5 M @ 7:18 pace.  No cr*p day for me!

                      .....mornin' guys//............glad Groins and Popes are doing better.......



                      couldn't resist




                      cold, rainy, and snow flurries today


                      20min xbike standing,


                      40-min poolrun,,

                      ,,,,,,,a couple

                      of ''Splashers''

                      in my lane and a HardCore Lady Swimmers'.

                      we kept

                      trying to figure out what they were doing


                      ......LifeGuard finally ran 'em off.


                      it's nice to have Friends in High Places



                      .................good running guys...........we need some good Back Jokes.....

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        ...there ARE no Good Back Jokes......

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                          OM - Are you still leading the plank thread until March?  We could use a new suggested plank type.....


                          Obviously Tammy has stepped in to rescue everyone from my thread-management incompetence there... thanks Tammy, btw. Unfortunately I'm off the plank bandwagon at the moment, nor do I want to introduce any other sort of exercise into my regimen, since it seems my S/I gets very finicky if I do anything other than run... crazy, huh? Well I do apologize for deserting the thread, was not my intent at all... Sad


                          Byll, I believe the PCR is a Lydiard concept, as a variation of the out & back run. Here is a description I found, at this link:


                          The Out-and-Back workout is signature Lydiard.  In his book, Arthur stressed the importance of going out at a certain pace, turning around and coming back in the same time or very slightly faster.  The Out-and-Back is not a time trial to see how fast you can run but rather a very good discipline to control the even but strong effort throughout the workout.  A variation of this workout used in later phases is what we termed the “Progress Calibration Run”.  This is another signature Lydiard workout.  Using the same course, or the same duration, and running at a pre-set heart-rate or effort the runner can run faster (or further) as he/she gets fitter.  This runs assists in calibrating pace and gauging progress.  In the final phases of training the equivalent workout is a time trial, particularly useful for track.


                          I really don't know all that much about the program, but my coach does, so she's leading me through the training. Eventually I'll catch up with all the books on my reading list on this topic and finally have some idea of what I'm actually doing.


                          So today's run was 1 mile warmup, 5 miles at tempo, and a mile cooldown. Stats were as follows:


                          <colgroup><col span="4" width="64" /> </colgroup>
                          Split Distance Avg Pace Avg HR
                          1 1 10:05 150
                          2 1 8:51 166
                          3 1 8:44 172
                          4 1 8:30 176
                          5 1 8:28 177
                          6 1 8:30 176
                          7 1 10:08 164
                          8 0.25 9:52 162


                          Yeah, I rev high, I know. 7.25 miles total, 9:04 avg pace. I averaged 8:36 for the tempo miles instead of the 8:50 to 9:00 I was supposed to. Interesting how my HR was so much lower for the first tempo mile, and that one felt the hardest. A one-mile warmup is rather short for me, I know, but I think the purpose of this run was more to establish a baseline of how my numbers present than anything else.

                            I hope I didn't overstep my bounds with starting a new challenge thread. I knew you were not personally participating anymore OM and understandably so.  and looking at the timing of when Holly asked if you were still going to do it and when I actually started the new thread, we seemed to have almost overlapped each other - I was probably in the midst of creating the new thread and searching for pics of the glute bridge when she was asking about it ( yeah, it probably took me about 15 min to create that thread. that's how slow i am) Roll eyes.


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                              No, that's perfectly fine! I feel bad that I didn't step up when I was supposed to... thanks for taking over, really. Smile

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                                three easy miles after an hour cleaning underwater windows at the aquarium.  Sure glad my work week is over.  it was kind of a rough one but I have 3 weeks off to play now.