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    Good morning. Crisp this morning. The weather gauge on my computer said 13F to start, but PDR's said 22F and I think hers was right as at the finish mine said 27. Anyway 10 easy miles for, picking it up near the end. Workout: 9.1 miles, 8:34/mi, AHR 145 Overall: 10.1 miles, 1:26 Good runs.

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      Good morning WRFB and others......nice 10 miler Smile 10 mile tempo (ish) run for me last night after work - 1:25:22 - 143 HR ave 161 max. I actually felt a lot better than I thought I would with 3 days running in a row, and my HR was super low with the effort. Nicer temps too at about 27 degress but still super windy out though. Have a great day and runs all, Tim Suppose to be back down to 0 again in a couple of days Cry

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        It is warming here in NC. 27F at the start 29 at finish. Tempo day..luv it! 9.2 miles in 1:11:49 (7:48 pace,AHR 163). Inclluding 5 miles LT: 7:27, 7:34, 7:32, 7:21, 7:18 (avg 7:26, target 7:30) Cool down miles were at MP but felt slow. That always happens after tempo runs. (first 2.2 with Tory @8:24) Have great runs! Steve

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          Well, I was up at 5 a.m. to get my run in . . . then DD#1 says "you aren't going to run outside this morning are you!? Little did I know that we aquired about 6+ inches of snow over night and it is still coming down nice and heavy. Our roads don't get plowed until much later - and since I don't have running boots I decided to use my treadmill for the first time in over a year. That didn't work out so well. I didn't have any place to plug it in with the addition of a water softner and no extension cord to reach accross the room. So on to plan "C" - 30 minute stability ball workout. Last night was a 30 minute step workout and ab routine. Maybe, just maybe a few outdoor miles this evening. Happy 2's-day!! ~Mary


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            This will be a very low mileage week, as I have the Miami HM on Sunday. The long range forecast is not looking favorable for a fast race but we'll see. 4 easy miles at 9:08 min/mile pace. Just need to keep the legs loose. 69 degrees with 88% humidity at 6:00 AM. Ughhh. Bill

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              Good morning Everyone, 4 miles for me this morning in 38:37. I had to take my glasses off for the last 1/2 mile because they had too much snow on them to see through. Since I can't see without my glasses, I don't know which was worse. Cheers, Mike
                Good Morning, Good runs and workouts already today and winter warriors everywhere. Today's workout was a combined hills/road interval run. I live on a hill and can't avoid hills in any of my loops, so it worked out well. I ran at 5:30 AM/3F calm winds/partly sunny by the finish. The whole loop was 10.7 miles and included 6x7 minutes at 7:30 pace (reality----7:50,7:23, 7:38,7:56,7:13 (downhill section),7:41) the goal is even pacing and I was all over the place while trying to stay smooth on the hills and keep my neck gaiter from getting too soaked. The intervals plus warm-up and cool down all done in 1:18. Got it done, but need to focus on consistency if I want to hard code my pacing for the next marathon. See you tomorrow CNYrunner
                  Lou - nice long run in the bitter cold - good idea to pick up the pace at the end! Mary - sorry the day isn't going well so far - good that you had a plan C to fall back on. Bill - best of luck in your half marathon this weekend. It was 11 degrees with a stiff wind at 5:00 AM, so I opted to do my 6 miles on the treadmill. I'm settling in for some nice, slow base-building miles for awhile. I'm trying to decide on a new race to replace the Borgess half marathon in April. There are so many choices! Good runs to all!

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                    Comfortable 24F by the time I got out. 7 miles with 4 @ tempo (avg 7:20).

                      morning everybody, Lou, the weather channel used to do that. maybe someone forgot to hit refresh. I would still look, though. nice runs everybody. Mary, too bad about your best laid plans. Erika, my memory isn't what is used to be, (as far as I remember, Wink ) but is this business trip after a marathon becoming a tradition? 2 long flights for you. I think you need in-flight massage. funny about the locals reactions to your & dh's outerwear. callenetics, this morning, and some stability ball hammie curls. Mike, funny.

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                        Good Morning! Some nice runs to start us out already. Tim – I think I got your weather this morning. CNYrunner – is 7:30 your MP? Erika – Nice to see you tossing off another BQ - nice job, chick-let! BTW, I met my DH in southern Cal, and for our 2nd date we took the ferry to Catalina Island for the day. Lovely place. A relatively mild 26 degrees today and extremely windy when I started out this morning at 4:45, but the roads were dry. Today is hill-workout day, and I was concerned about snow in the forecast, so I made a beeline over to Big Hill Road. I don’t chance that steep incline (especially downhill) if there’s any snow or ice on the ground – bad enough that there are no streetlights on that wooded road, and even with my flashlight it’s very dark. Thankfully I was just finishing my last run down the ridge when the snow began in earnest. Within minutes it was blizzard conditions – howling winds and snow blowing in my eyes so thick that I could barely see. Not for the first time, I wondered about my sanity at being out there. I suspect most of the passing drivers wondered, too. I swung by my house at mile #7 to add a fleece hood and mittens, but after a while the winds died down somewhat into more comfortable conditions for the rest of my run. This was a tough workout for me today. We all have those days when it doesn't come easy. My legs/hamstrings were a little sore from yesterday’s weights, my legs felt tired, and the strong winds and light snow layer made me work harder than usual. I kept telling myself I got up extra-early for this run, and I was NOT going to quit early. Stubbornness wins out again. Smile 11.6 slow miles (ave pace 10:21) including 4 trips up and down Big Hill. I wanted 12 miles, but my slow pace ate up my time.

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                          4 miles with the Yaktracks this morning as I was not up for another treadmill run. The road was icy, but I ran down to a park and stayed on the dirt path there - nice, cold air felt good...crisp and refreshing. Trying to get rid of this rotten headache I have had for two days. Darn barametric pressure I think. Anybody else suffer from that? C-mom
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                              9 miles in pretty cold weather, starting at 4:30 am, Thankfully not much wind today. The first 8 were easy and careful, and I turned up the speed dial for a 9:06 final mile. Overall pace: 10:13.

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                                The weather forecast is for possible freezing rain this afternoon. With that in mind, I headed out for a noon time run JUST as the rain started. The temperatures are just above the freezing mark so far, so I got the run in.....3.08 miles. I am supposed to drive to Raleigh tonight for a hockey game, but maybe the weather will dictate that I stay home. Good runs everyone.