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A New Way to IRC Chat Room (Read 328 times)

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    Folks, I realized that all this time there was a way easier way to get into the IRC chat that so many have a problem with. Install any IRC client, I like MIRC but some people have tried Chatzilla and like it. Set it up with a user name. Close it. Copy/paste the below link in a browser address bar. Voila! You are in the chat room. irc:// Barb I was just informed this is confusing. Take note, if you already know how to get to the chat just ignore this Wink
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      There was quite a large group in chat last night. Dennis (Napthali) said he used my new instructions and got in easily. I am hoping that some of you who previously had trouble getting IRC chat to work will try again and make use of the space. I helped Mariposai remotely by connecting to her computer Saturday and she is now able to use it too, but I think with the new instructions anyone can do it themselves. Also, if you need an antivirus program (NOD32) which I highly recommend and order them from the guy who is letting use his space that would be wonderful as it helps him pay for the servers he runs the chat on.
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        Hally, I'm usually drun--uh, asleep by the hour these chats get going, so I've never tried it. However, you can't just paste the URL, right? (When I just tried it I get nothing.) There's software to download too?
          hally, it might be helpful to instruct people how to install an IRC client.

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            Yes, you need an IRC client. Once you paste the link it needs a program to open that is associated to the IRC protocol. MIRC is what I like, or if you use the Firefox browser you can get Chatzilla. One it's installed all you'll really need to do is setup a username in the options. Then pasting that in will open the client you downloaded. The west coasters do seem to chat more then us east coasters.....but there have been some earlier evening chats too. Econo, so far I don't think it was the installation part that was a problem, but the connecting part. That irc:// shortcut should solve that part.
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              The west coasters do seem to chat more then us east coasters
              I tried to chat with the West Coasters once but Labduck told me to bug off, there were already enough people on the chat and they didn't need any East Coasters. JK. Dark Horse
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                I use Colloquy on my Mac. Once I followed the shortcut I saved it as a favorite and now I think I'm good to go. Nice chatting with a room full of goddesses (and gods too Wink) last evening.
                  Got it. I googled MIRC and downloaded. Maybe someday. The basic problem is that I use these forums to goof off and avoid work. I rarely work at night... except when I have to catch up because I've been goofing off and avoiding work. It's a vicious cycle, really.