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WEEKLY RUNNING AND X-TRAINING w/e 11/18 (Read 172 times)

The Goofinator

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    Evanflein - 41.1 running miles, 6.3 walking miles


    Lyndenrunner - 20.1 running miles (and lots of weight lost ~ Good job!)


    Jim L - 4.25 running miles around Reservoir 10:44 pace,  foot feels pretty good!


    fatozzig - 25.15 running miles, 2 hours core/strength training

    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

    The Goofinator

      Mon 4 Miles 4 Miles    
      Tues 4 Miles; Core/Strength 4 Miles w/Hill Work 1 hr  
      Wed Rest      
      Thurs 6 Mile w/Strides; Core/Strength 6 miles w/6 Strides 1 hr LB/Core  
      Fri 4 Miles 4 miles 1 hr UB/Core  
      Sat 9-10 Trail Miles 10 miles    
      Sun Rest      
      TOTAL 28 miles; 2+ hrs Core/Strength 28 miles 3 hrs  

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation

        Thanks Leslie...








        Sat-DT training


        Total=21 miles + training

        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          Thanks, Leslie! It was nice to get over 40 miles last week for the first time in seemingly ages. But... I was in Seattle and had time in the mornings to run pretty much each day. Now I'm back and it's snowy, cold and dark after work. Bleh. Gotta get back into winter running mode...


          Monday: 2.4 miles (21:00) Elliptical and 8 mins abs, .35 mile walking

          Tuesday: 2.7 miles (21:00) Elliptical, 15 minutes U/B weights, .35 mile walking

          Wednesday: 2.4 miles Elliptical (20:27 minutes), abs/core, 8 miles on the treadmill after work, walked 1 mile

          Thursday: 2.3 miles (17:57) Elliptical, 20 mins wts, 5.5 miles run and .8 mile walked

          Friday: Rest Day

          Saturday: 7.1 miles run, .7 mile walk

          Sunday: 4.7 miles run, hill simulations on the TM, .7 mile walked


          Totals: 25.3 miles run, 9.8 miles elliptical, 3.7 miles walked, 49 minutes weights/abs