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3.9.13 Saturday's Daily (Read 49 times)

    yeah, i decided not to run the Shamrock race today. I wanted to run 17 today and even though I do like incorporating a race into my long runs when possible, I didn't get my registration in on time for the lower price and then I just didn't feel like paying a high fee, driving 35 miles to get in my long run.


      It was a good LR, Tammy.  How about that last split!


      I went to yoga this morning, and this afternoon we went to see The Hobbit at the dollar theatre, then came back and watched The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD.  DS & I have watched it together so many times but it was DW's first time.


      I checked the Swamp and I'm still ahead of the pace bunny, even though I didn't run.  I love it when that happens!

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        I'm with Tammy on DST.  I get tired of coming home in the dark.


        Anyone know why I have such a hard time uploading my Garmin to RA?  Used to be to Garmin Connect, too, but it actually worked there the last two weeks.


        Mike - I don't think you should feel guilty at all!  Maybe Engelbert will be out running, too. Wink


        My last LR with Karen this morning.  10 miles at the McKay.  It went by so fast.  Too fast.  Then to her house where we spent about 5 hours packing up her kitchen, then dinner.  She'll be living with her folks for awhile and putting all her stuff in storage, so I came home with a bunch of her food stuffs that she doesn't want to pay to ship and then store.  Sweet!


        It was a fun, but sad, but good day. Undecided

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          No run today, but cross training included shoveling, in addition to burpees.    DH is away, so I got to plow!   Have I ever mentioned that I love plowing?  We have a BIG dump truck, which makes it really fun.  But not so good for the trees -- I scraped the bark off of some aspen trees with the plow blade when I was backing up...  ooops....


          I finally figured out how to set the self timer on my camera.  That's Ladybug and Tazzie in the picture with me!


          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


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            That is an Awesome photo Wild!

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              Carolyn - greta photo!


              Gordon - your DD is a great singer!

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                I'd love plowing, too, if I had a bad ass truck like that!  I LOVE that photo!



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                  there should be a movie about that.

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