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Marathon Maniac #957

      It's supposed to start raining tonight at 3 a.m. and stop by noon (about the time I expect to finish!)  I don't look forward to running trails in the mud.  Spareribs


    Ribs - be careful out there.  Wet trails can be mighty slippery.  Better to be slow and finish upright than fast and go for a tumble on the rocks.


    Got to run - we're off to a wine-tasting event at a local college - a fundraiser, with good friends.  They had great food and wine when we went there a couple years ago, so it should be fun.


    4.8 miles for me this morning.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


      sticking in my toes again....  I was keeping up with lurking, but fell behind on that too.    but <smiling brightly>  I just read Wednesday!  : )

      Denise... ongoing thoughts & everythings for you & Justin & all involved.


      Tet's training?    are we on candid camera?


      Enke.... enjoy & yep don't rush.


      haven't run since the 11th but I don't want to talk about it.


      ok ok.... if you insist, I will just a little.... no big deal,  it's just peroneal brevis tendonitis....   which is better than the suspected stress fracture.   many reasons to whine, but far more reasons not to.        fwiw, we've had IRC for several weeks now....

      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

        Must have been the brilliant noontime sunshine coupled with such refreshing temps around sixty degrees having nothing to do with a second training run to try to keep up to enke in the salmon run this weekend that I went out for a lunch time run for the first time since a warm day in August 2006 couldn’t keep me cooped up inside either, to say nothing of divechief’s modified pfitz in consideration of another impending goddess run. <<<(ilene/ilene)>>>.   Even took a late season dip in Lake Washington at the end.  No wonder I like running so much. I hope I’m not overtrained though.
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        It’s probably too late but, in case anyone who’s never run a trail race before is being sucke.,.. I mean enticed into one by the presence of an out-of-town siren, it would not be a good idea if it is raining, especially if over 10 or 12K. It goes against the grain of basic road running rules but, if there’s no convenient DNS out such as bad knee, volunteering, etc., consider a brand new pair of somewhat stiff-soled trail shoes.
        For trail running, shoes are kind of like a new car that loses value as soon as driven off the lot, namely, the newer, and less worn the tread, the better for nonslipping.  Even the slightest running wears down the sharp edges of the best tread so most trail runners seem to have two identical shoes, one for training and getting their feet used to the inside and a pair worn only on race day.  Olympians and other elites do the same thing with their skis. NOTE: it is NOT like using a lucky baseball bat or glove year after year.
        In addition, especially in slippery, muddy conditions on rocky trails, a heavy sweatshirt tied around the waist will cushion the inevitable falls.  Lastly, to avoid too much blood, look down and watch your footing on the trail at all times, resisting the road-runner temptation to be gazing around enjoying the surrounding scenery, sometimes difficult for an ancient one still in awe compared to those days when the goddesses didn’t run that much. Good luck. 
        .oh, almost forgot to mention: to minimize risk of falling down that much and tumbles into the rocks, run as fast as possible, with as long of a stride as you can to reduce the number of contacts with the slippery surfaces.


        ps - don't forget lots of gels at right before the start, at least 3-5 plus ample pre-hydration of two to three bottles of water and/or sports drink or more.  Carry plenty of extras in a brightly-colored fanny pack to avoid bonking out in the middle of nowwhere to say nothing of emergency cell phone and extra battery.

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        denise - try taking off your shoes too and take a walk on the fall leaves.

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        Maniac 505

          RE: trail running,  from my limited experience from the few trail races I've done. One or two of the ultimate Direction hand held water bottle straps will do wonders for protecting the skin on your hands and cushioning you when  you fall.


          Mari,  I suspect I will almost certainly be able to make it up for your wine tasting event, and to you and Paul's hospitality.  Just let me know what time works.  I hope your race goes great tomorrow., wish I could be there.


          3 EzPz miles today.   Gosh I'm out of shape.


          I'm really glad I snuck in under the Goverment shutdown.  I just received my renewed NEXUS card in the mail Yesterday.  It must have been mailed just before the shutdown,  I still had to log in last night to activate the card.  someone must have been there to turn on the computer.  I was able to activate it.  Once again,  for the next 5 years I get to cut to the front of the TSA security lines at airports, and when returning from overseas I get to skip the customs and boarder patrol lines.  To me,  totally worth the $10/year

          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

            hey dave, if you’re not feedin’ ‘em at the aquarium on sunday, maybe run with the fishes 5K.(nee Rotary Days Salmon Run), enke and me too like all three of us did at the St. Pat’s in March.
            I checked out the Global one that doublecat has but it cost $100 and my on-line registration didn't go through, . . . and just has special immigration and customs lines, no avoiding them altogether.  I thought NEXUS was just Canada.  Thanks for the info.

            ps - I know several runners too who've been spared serious scraping by the hand-held water bottles.
            I’m not sure what’s going on but today’s occasional afternoon nap turned into a two-and-a-half hour PR.

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            ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990