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40/40 Thread for week ending 2/24/08 (Read 656 times)

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    For those of you who are new, this is the 40/40 thread, for those who are over 40 years old who run or aspire to run 40 miles/week. We give Free Passes to those who come really close or try really hard... Here's what I have for last week's tally. I think I got everyone, but if I missed you or got anything wrong, just let me know.
    Twocat70.064 MLRs in a row – yowza!
    Hermosaboy64.6 Was that a triple you did on Wednesday? Wow!
    CNYrunner63.4 Very kindly slowed up her pace for 2 runs with me.
    Biketm61.0 PR for weekly mileage – congrats!
    Jim2431560.0 Happy Birthday!
    Perch57.2 Glad you foot and knee recovered.
    Holly54.7 Minor cold had me taking it easy, pace-wise.
    Evenflein50.2 Warmest temps in weeks (-4 to +7) – yikes!
    Wa5yom48.0 Topping off the week with a 20-miler.
    Predawnrunner47.4 With icy conditions and a 20-miler to top off the week.
    Ultrachick 46.52 Another new addition to the 40/40 – welcome!
    PeterNC46.2 And in only 4 days.
    Slojim41.6 With some racquetball x-rt
    Pfriese41.3 And in only 4 days.
    Tramps40.2 Work and weather havoc, but you still got ‘er done.
    Breger30.0 Not as recovered as he had hoped.
    Carnivirus 27 Forgot his wallet – drat!
    SirWalksalot Free Pass Pneumonia is nothing to take lightly.
    PJH Free Pass Working his way back after Achilles injury.
    Here's my plan for the week. I'm just hoping I don't catch the flu-like bug that DS and DH have.
    Monday0 miles0 miles Weights and abs
    Tuesday8-11 miles 10.10 miles Hill workout day
    Wednesday7 miles 7 miles On the treadmill because I didn't feel like facing the snow
    Thursday8-11 miles 0 miles Coming down with a bug, thought I'd take a rest day here: weights and abs instead
    Friday0 miles9 miles With (3 min HMRP/1 min recover) x 10
    Saturday7 miles 7.15 miles Easy pace
    Sunday12-15 miles 13 miles Slow
    Total42-51 46.3 miles

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    Marathon Maniac #3309

      Thanks again Holly Smile Mon - 1.5 hours on cycling rollers...running legs needed a rest!!! Tues - 10 miles - below 0 windchills - Progression run Weds - 8 easy miles - blisters hurt bad after mile 6 - 129 hr ave...super low Smile Thurs - 8 miles - mile repeats - fastest in 6:53 - blisters hurt bad Fri - Rest day - helped for feet to heal up Sat - 13.5 miles - Ankle deep slush which made for a shorter / slower run - no blister pain Smile Sun - 6 easy recovery miles Total - 45.5 Tim

      Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

        Thanks Holly! This helps so much. 2/18-------Off 2/19-------8-10 mile dynamic run------9 mile dynamic run in 1:19-----core/abs and weights 2/20-------10 miles with 10-12 strides-------7 miles in 58:43 (8:24 pace)----10 strides in last 2 miles 2/21-------12-14 miles at easy pace/hilly course----15.2 steady pace on hilly course 2/22-------8 miles with 2 at 10k pace----10.4 miles skipped the 2 at 10k pace 2/23-------8-10 miles at easy pace------9.2 easy 2/24-------10 mile race with 2 wu/5-6 cd (17-18 total)----2 mile wu---10 mile race in 1:15:04 (official results not up yet)--6 miles cool down----18.2 total Weights and core 3x week------done Still working on more sleep------work in progress Give chocolate away!-----ate half---gave rest to neighbor Total-------69 miles CNY
          This week is going to be as much about amnesia as it is about running. The weeks are a wastin' though and I'm going to get right back at it ....
          MondayPlanned Rest Day0 miles
          Tuesday6 miles easy6.1 milesNice and easy 9:21 min/mile pace. Nothing fancy.
          Wednesday10 miles negative splits10.25 miles9:50ish first 5 miles,8:45ish last 5 miles.
          Thursday6 miles recovery6.1 milesNice and slow 9:58 min/mile pace
          Friday12 miles w/ 10x3 min. Mod. pace12 milesExactly as planned with 10x3:00 Mod. pace
          Saturday4 miles recovery4 milesRecovery treadmill
          Sunday17 miles Pfitz Progression run17.35 miles9:19 min/mile overall
          Totals:55 miles55.8 milesMission Accomplished!

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            Thanks Holly Smile This weeks plan.... about the same as last week.....
            Sunday7-8 easy7.5 easy Tightness in my knee after hard work out on Sat.
            Monday Rest yes
            Tuesday10-12 long12 long
            Wednesday7-8 easy7.15 easy
            Thursday Rest yes
            Friday7-8 easy 7.5 easy
            Saturday7.5 progressive 7.5 progressive
            Total40-42 41.65
              Amazing how fast Holly gets this thread up each week and then just how fast people get their plans in! I have to spend the later part of the week on the road which means I need to squash my longer runs into the beginning of the week. The good news is Pfitz has this as a cut back week -- well cut back if you are Pfitz. Wink
              Monday99.63 w/ 6×600m@5K pace. Barely survived! Fortunately, a running friend of mine came out with me which is the only reason I am still breathing.
              Tuesday1112.43 TP plotted out a route a bit longer than I had originally planned. Worked out OK though.
              Wednesday10 67.01 Figured out I have time to run prior to my flight on Saturday.*
              Thursday15 19.44 Hopefully my plane into Vancouver will arrive early enough for me to do this run there. It did! Beautiful day. Great running trails. Decided to go a bit longer than scheduled to see more of the city.
              Friday6 0 0
              Saturday0 10 13.1 All day on a plane. Yech! But with an afternoon flight I managed to get a run in during the morning.
              Sunday8 7.05
              Total59 68.66
              *Since I can run on Saturday (and have little else to do prior to my flight) I decided to make some major changes to vastly improve the week's schedule. The new plan moves Friday's 6 mile run to Wednesday. Wednesday's 10 mile run to Saturday, and Saturday's 0 mile run to Friday. Got it? Confused Hmm, maybe not. The nice thing about this is that instead of having four fairly hard runs in a row I now have two (Monday and Tuesday) followed by an easy day (Wednesday), followed by a hard day (Thursday) followed by a day off (Friday), then a somewhat hard day (Saturday) and then an easy recovery day (Sunday). Much, much better! Smile

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                Cutback week... but really I think it's only Sunday that will be shorter...Getting excited about the Relay!!
                Day Plan Actual Comments
                Monday XT Day0 MilesParent Teacher conferences till late!
                Tuesday5 w/3@10k pace5.5 miles39F so had to run outside, that means hills
                Wednesday9 miles w/4@MP10.82 miles10k pace and MP pace mile repeats... 2 10k pace miles in a row! (3.5 total @7:30, 3.5 @MP, 3.82@8:49)
                Thursday5 miles EZ5.2Outside on slick soft snow and hills again
                Friday Rest Day0 miles
                Saturday9 miles10.1Tempo and hills, great run at 20F, IRC!
                Sunday12 miles14 milesTough run with new snow on uneven trail, 15F
                Totals:40 Miles45.6 miles actual total

                i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                  Thanks, Holly! Even lower mileage (47) this week as a mini taper for 20K race Saturday
                  DayPlan Actual Comments
                  Monday REST0 mitotal rest
                  Tuesday6 mi GA6.2 mi 8:01 avg with 2.2@ 8:43 and 4@ 7:38 AHR on target 160
                  Wednesday9 mi w/ 6 x800m@ 5K9.2 mi@ 8:05 incl 4x1000m @ 7:10 avg
                  Thursday6 mi recovery6 mi9:30 pace, AHR 144 new shoes, silky smooth. but did have that sore spot after when flexing leg
                  Friday6 mi recovery6 mi33F rain and puddles 9:34 pace AHR 151 (high?) knee good (again)
                  Saturday14 mi incl 20K race15.7 mi incl 20K race 1:34:19 (7:36 pace, 1st M55-59, Age Grade PR 70.1%.. sweet!)
                  Sunday6 mi recovery10 mihilly trails at 9:30 pace AHR 150, felt great to run without hurting Big grin
                  Totals:4753.1great week after all with solid race and no soreness

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                    Thanks Holly... Week beginning February 18 Week 9 of Pfitz (modified 24 week/55 mpw) Schedule Mesocycle 2, Lactate Threshold + Endurance, Recovery Week Goal Race - Boston Marathon, April 21, 2008 Weeks to Goal Race - 10 Short Term Goal – Cowtown Half Marathon February 23 Weeks to short term goal - 0 E Pace - 9:26 - 11:12 (1-2 minutes slower than MP) LR pace - 8:26 - 9:12 (110%-120% of MP) MLR pace - 8:26 - 9:12 (110%-120% of MP) GA - 9:00 (Getting in the miles) MP - 7:40 (Based on current VDOT), revised 7:48 Tempo - 7:13 - 7:24 (15K - 1/2 Marathon pace), revised 7:30 VO2Max – 6:46 (5K race pace) Monday Rest – Complete Tuesday 5 Recovery – Complete, 5 easy, 3 tempo Wednesday miles 8 VO2Max miles + 5X600@5K pace; jog 90 seconds in between – Complete, 8 easy miles Thursday Rest,- Complete, rest, went to Texas and saw The Spirit of the Marathon Friday Rest 11 MLR – Complete, rest Saturday 7 GA + Speed miles with 8X100m strides – Complete, Cowtown Half Marathon, Ft. Worth, Texas Sunday 13 MLR – Complete, 10 easy miles Weekly Mileage Plan – 44 miles. Weekly Mileage Actual – 40 actual miles This week’s goal – Recovery, recovery. I will have modify my schedule to accommodate the Cowtown Half Marathon on Saturday. Weekly Summary – Developed a mild case of Shin Splints on Sunday, the tempo run on Tuesday made it worse, SO I am iceing after each run. I decided to not race the Cowtown Half Marathon and make it an easy training run (to give my shin a rest). The goal was to finish without making matters worse. Looks like it was a success, the shin feels fine and I still averaged 8:42 with a 7:30 for the last mile or so.


                      Here goes-my first time making a table.....
                      Monday4m 5.5 Easy pace, low HR-went longer then planned
                      Tuesday7m 7m5 x .75m at 7:30 pace,warm-up & cool down
                      Wednesday4m4measy run to recover from big workout yesterday
                      Thursday12m6mTummy issues so turned around early
                      Friday6m8mLong, crazy day with work, skiing and going for run at 6:30pm
                      Saturday04mto make up missed miles from earlier
                      Sunday20m20MLong and slow today
                      Long run didn't go as well as I hoped. My left shin started bothering me about 3 miles into it. I was hoping it would go away but it didn't. Beautiful day that I over dressed for which didn't help either. I've been pushing the miles and the exercise a lot over the last few weeks so my body is telling me it needs a break which I will do starting by no running tomorrow-I'll be skiing all day instead withthe kids, they're on vacation this week. Great job everyone! Kelly
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                        Holly, Thanks for doing the 40/40 thread. CNYrunner is exactly correct in how much this thread (and also lyndenrunner's weekly x-training thread) helps with motivation for the week and for reflection on the previous week.
                        Monday8 miles8.15 miles - done9:08/mile pace
                        Tuesday8 miles5.35 miles - done8:46/mile pace; short of time to do full 8 miles
                        Wednesday5 milesrest day - doneI thought I could get a run in before company arrived. I was wrong.
                        Thursday5 milesrest day - donetoo much grandson wrestling to get in a run
                        Fridayrest dayrest day - doneat least this one was on the schedule Smile
                        Saturdayrest dayrest day - doneonce again, glad it was on the schedule cuz there was no time for running
                        Sunday16 miles13.3 miles - done9:20/mile pace; felt good, but not enough time to go the full 16
                        Total~42 miles26.8 miles - doneI knew that I'd be short this week, just didn't realize how big the shortfall would be.
                        I'm going to need a pass on 40/40 this week. Paul

                        Marathon Maniac #3309

                          Thanks Holly! This helps so much. 2/18-------Off 2/19-------8-10 mile dynamic run 2/20-------10 miles with 10-12 strides 2/21-------12-14 miles at easy pace/hilly course 2/22-------8 miles with 2 at 10k pace 2/23-------8-10 miles at easy pace 2/24-------10 mile race with 2 wu/5-6 cd (17-18 total) Weights and core 3x week Still working on more sleep Give chocolate away! Total------- CNY
                          Wish I was more specific with my week as you are....I just kinda wing it as I feel. But my races don't start till June (Triathlons) Tim

                          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                            Tim, I have the benefit of getting a training schedule from my coach from college. She sets up training based on how I am feeling and how hard I want to push it. She sends the workouts and I can adapt the mileage based on travel and all that. She knows me and knows when I'll get too intense and when I need prodding. I competed lots in high school and college and then ran without much structure for most of my mid-20s to early 30s. In between marathon training cycles I run for the pure joy of it and often without a watch. Your winging it looks good and as long as you love it and it feels good----that's a plan! My real goal is to be like my grandmother and still walk a mile a day and take tai chi at 97. Karin

                              What I learned last week: After NOT racing for awhile - I forgot to pack EVERYTHING I would need for a race. Sure, I remembered pins and TP and racing shoes and gloves and a hat and three different shirts to wear depending on the weather- but forgot to throw my wallet into my bag. Not usually a fatal mistake, unless you're running low on gas, or want to stop to eat or buy Gatorade . . . or your race is held on a military base Cry I consoled myself by throwing myself into all sorts of house and yard work Saturday and Sunday and tiring myself too much to even get in a long run . . . but I found another HM this Saturday (2 hours away - I really want an idea of my fitness!) I'm counting last week as a stepback week so I can hit 50 this week. That's my plan anyway . . . Here's what it looks like:
                              Day Plan Actual Comments
                              Monday 1010Hearst Bluff Trail
                              Tuesday5-6 XT6 Nice and easy and no one gets hurt
                              WednesdayIntervals (8-9)94 x 1 mile
                              ThursdayRest XT0Strength & abs
                              Friday 5-6 easy 5
                              Saturday13.1 + 4 wu & cd14BTC 2 Halves Make a Whole HM Bakersfield, CA
                              Sunday5-6 easy 6Easy: Hamstring and PF hurt
                              Totals:50-55 Miles50
                              Thanks for keeping tabs, Holly! I'm actually up to four nagging injuries - so training is going well. Steve
                                Stepback week, so I'll need a free pass.
                                DayPlan Actual Comments
                                Monday Rest Rest-
                                Tuesday5 mi 5.06 mi sproinky! 9:11 pace
                                Wednesday8 mi 8.1 mi10:13 pace
                                Thursday5-8 mi 6.0 mi9:13 pace
                                Saturday4 mi4.0 mi10:10 pace
                                Sunday10 mi 10.16 mi10:26 pace

                                aka Mrs. WillRunForBeer, MD, USA

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