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Registration warning (Read 34 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    A fellow race director sent the following message that she is posting about her race.


    York Parks and Recreation Department is issuing a warning to all York residents and possible patrons of a non-authorized possibly fraudulent website offering registration services for some York Recreation activities and classes. is believed to be posting York programs and offering registration through their site, however York Recreation has no business relationship or agreements with this entity.
    It appears that the website has been listing several York Recreation Programs and road races, claiming to offer registration services for certain programs. The site solicits personal information, including credit card numbers and charges a $2 processing fee for each transaction. Their website claims they are passing this registration information along to the town. This transfer does not occur. Other local municipal recreation offices have been notified by their customers that they registered through, only to find out they have been scammed.


    I also found, much to my surprise and dismay, that a couple of my races are on this site as well. I don't know how wide-spread this site goes, but do be careful about the sites you use for race registration.


    OK. Now I have to get out of here and get to a race I legitimately registered for!



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      Yikes. It takes all kinds