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Happy Monday 4.28.14 (Read 41 times)


    Hi All.


    WTG Jay. You scared off the AG competition. Cool.


    I like to think runners in general are optimistic based on all of the people I've met through this sport. It's pretty cool actually.


    Got my usual 10k at lunch. I need to find a race. Soccer is taking all of my weekend space right now. Ah well patience might be rewarded. I hope.


    Well, back to work before Tet starts to bully me. ;-)


    Good luck Ribs. Fingers crossed for ya.

    "He conquers who endures" - Persius
    "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

      Runners are the happiest people on earth. We all know that. Even bad runs are great!


      Not a lot of time (or energy) but I did want to pop in to wish Ribs the best of luck tomorrow - and I hope the prep today wasn't too gruesome. Prayers that everything goes well and your recovery is speedy.


      First day of getting up at 3:45 AM (or Jay o'clock as we all so fondly call it) to be to work by 4:30. Why is it so much harder to go to work at 4:30 than it is to get up and run at 4:30?   The morning was quite eventful as one of our senior members fell off one of the cardio machines and hurt her leg and back.  After icing both spots, she was eventually able to get up on her own and one friend drove her car home and another took her home. Sure hope she's okay. Anyway, I'm afraid to sit down because I'm sure I'd fall asleep. One day down, four to go.....


        Well, back to work before Tet starts to bully me. ;-)


        ...I love it........

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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          I was just thinking that there are probably NO 100 mile runners who are pessimists!

          You should have seen me wondering what in the world I was doing there with all these seasoned athletes at the start of last year's Pigtails 100, . . . or any Ironman, or any triathlon having a deep water swim.  However, being scared isn't the same as pessimism and I wouldn't have been there if I wouldn't have thought there was a chance, no matter how slim, of finishing. Though I wasn't able to finish last year, I must be an optimist after all as I've signed up for Pigtails again this year.  thanks for the great perspective.


          ps - let's try to time an amy visit to the PNW with one of your possible Ultra 50's

          out here or something. Just don't tell her it's 50 miles, not km.


          pps- maybe I'll sign up C-R, tomW and ribs for the Pigtails too.

          just tell 'em it's a Pigtails 10.

          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

          T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


            When you balance your checkbook with your foot, Robin, we can take the act on the road. We? You'll need a manager.


            Love your reeling them in Jay. Take the AG. As slow as I've gotten, the last time I was the only one in my AG, I still took 3rd place.


            Warm fuzzies to ya Ribs


            Safe journeys on you trip North Bill


            Sitting around a campfire last summer, I heard an ultra runner say say, "The last 12 hours of that race kicked my ass". I guess he's an optimist. Every time I think of it, I laugh.


            It's nice to have an occasional 8 hour work day. Tag and I got out for a couple of miles.


              Just wanted to come by and wish Spareribs all the best with the surgery and recovery.


              Since I am here, back to weather reality. It was 40 when I left for a 9 mile run this morning. I so miss Austin weather! Sad

              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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                Darn!!  Jay I dont know how I missed you were coming down to North Andover for the 1/2 yesterday -- that would have definitely swayed me into getting myself over there!!  Kind of kicking myself in the pants all day -- oh well ....can't keep crying over spilled milk -- or missed opportunities I guess!!


                Working 3 12's in a row, so most likely will only be getting in my 1 mile walk to and from Fenway and the Brigham!


                Good luck tomorrow Ribs -- thanks for turning this into an opportunity for others to learn!!



                  Ribs - may everything go well during surgery and recovery


                  Biked today in the 40's.  totally unprepared for this half but optimistically looking forward to meeting some new folks and seeing others.


                  Happy walks/runs to all and ((ailing parts)))


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                    Hello everybody!


                    Ribs--you'll be in my prayers, tomorrow.  Good luck.


                    You know...I think if anybody deserves to be bullied, it would have to be C-R.  I really don't even know why I said that.


                    It's really good to hear your foot is getting better, Robin.


                    Tramps--it really stinks to hear about your foot problems.


                    Jay--I love hearing about your races and the way you race them.  I know how I feel when I'm able to pass people near the end of a get to do that all the way through yours.  You know...a thought just came into my head (and that's a fairly rare event) but I wonder how bad those runners must feel when you pass them...does that ever make you feel bad?  Some poor dad has to explain to his son how an old guy--who was walking--beat him.  Yeah...I love hearing about your races.  Oh, that kid...


                    Bhyll--congratulations on your retirement.  I really hope your hamstring settles down for you.


           mission for tonight--which I chose to accept--was to run 3 x 2 miles in 13:10 with a 1/2 mile recovery between each.  What made this mission almost impossible was the 22 mph wind and the driving rain.  After a 2 mile "warm up", I went head on into that wind and rain...which turned to sleet for a couple minutes.  I struggled big time!  Luckily, I was able to turn North after a mile and had a cross wind for the next mile.  The damage was done, though...I worked my butt off to get 13:21 for that first 2 miles.  After a 1/2 mile recovery...and turning back into that East wind, I was able to keep it together for the 1/2 mile until I got to turn North again and then hit my turn around and another 1/2 mile going South--and THEN, I got to turn West--woo hoo!  13:07 for that second 2 miler and then I had a cross wind or a tail wind for the last 2 miler and did that in 13:06.  So--with warm up and cool down--I ended up with 11 miles in 1:22:02.


                    Okay--it's almost 9:00--I gotta go!  See ya!

                      Mike, why do you hate yourself?


                        Spareribs, we love you!

                        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                          5.3 progressive pace miles, starting in the 8:30's (or thereabouts) and ending in the 7:57's (or thereabouts). Took advantage of terrain and wind to make that happen. Heh.


                          Best wishes to Ribs tomorrow, and ongoing for an uneventful recovery. Loved the DMN article.


                          I don't think anyone should be bullied, cyber or otherwise. Never would believe that about our Tetsujin. Smile


                          Amazing spread of weather you get, Carolyn. I think I'd hole up and eat ice cream too.


                          JLynne, I don't think there's any way I could do that schedule.


                          Easy week this week, may be lucky to hit 40. Made my 200 miles goal for April today, and have a 5k race on Saturday that I'd like to do well at. I've messed this race up several years in a row, whether it's running Boston the week before, overdoing the yard work, riding my bike to work the day before, arriving at the race late... you name it, I've done it. So this week, no long runs, no yard work and get to the race on time! We'll see how that does.... Short of actually training for a 5k race, of course. 

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                            Yeah, Erika, I never train for a 5k either.  I figure--what's the sense--I'm gonna lose anyway.  Crap!  wild is right...everybody who runs 5k's  really are pessimists!