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Running and XT Thread W/E April 28 (Read 19 times)

Old , Ugly and slow

    I will  start off this week. My busy season is over now since  I am a CPA so I plan on running more.

    My plan now is to run 3 days and lift on the 4th I would like to get to 30-35 mpw by fall


    Mon - 4 trail

    tue -  4 trail

    wed  weights

    thur 5 trails

    fri-  0

    sat 7 road and trails

    sun weights


    total 20 miles

    first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


    2018 goals   1000  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

      Thanks Tom...










      Total=34.5 miles

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

        Thanks, Tom! This thread is sort of like the "It takes a village" concept I guess.


        This week has some travel at the end of the week so my weekend runs will be all messed up. Gotta see what miles I can get in this week before Friday.


        Monday: 8.2 miles hilly run, .3 mile walk c/d

        Tuesday: 1.8 mile walk at lunch, 7.3 mile run after work with .3 mile c/d

        Wednesday: 5.2 mile run on the TM, .7 mile walk (legs tired)

        Thursday: 2.4 miles (20:35) elliptical, 15 min wts, 5.3 miles on the TM, .8 mile walk

        Friday: (day trip to Anchorage)

        Saturday: All day travel to San Antonio




          Thanks Tom.


          M - 1.25K swim, 7.7 mile run

          T - rest

          W - 1.25K swim, 8 mile run

          Th - rest

          F - 1.5K swim

          Sa - 10.3 mile run

          Su - rest


          Totals - 26 miles running, 2.5 miles swimming



            Hi everyone,


            Mon: strength training chest/triceps/shoulders

            Tue: 1.7 kilometer try-out run with a very happy Spooky. Legs were up for it, but I got out of breath easily, so despite the short distance, I needed a couple of walk breaks.

            Wed: strength training legs + abs + 20 min yoga stretches

            Thu: 2.17 kilometers on the TM - much better than Tuesday, though TM running is cheating a little bit + a 20 min boxing workout

            Fri: I had a boxing w/o scheduled, but I did that one yesterday, so I had a day off Wink

            Sat: 2.66 kilometer doggie run + strength training bis/tris. Will be off later this afternoon to meet up with henrun and mrrun in Amsterdam.


            I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

            Run the day, or the day runs you.

            Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle