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Saturday 3-23 and Where is Everyone (Read 47 times)


    Good crew here today!


    Stumpy - no it wasn't a donation from the (in)famous Zumba lady I turned down. I think she was pocketing all her money, when she was dressed and had pockets...


    Stumpy and Milktruck - Do you remember the metal grate bridge at the bottom of a rather steep hill at about mile 1.3? That is the one that is being replaced and is causing us such course anguish. We'll keep as much of the original course as we can while we create a work-around for the next 2 years. Sorry, Stumpy, but your 'favorite' hill at mile 12 will likely remain.


    Great time for your half, C-R! I've dreamed about going that fast...


    Sorry the thunderbolts chased you in early, Ribs, but as Tramps said, it gave you a good speedwork op.


    Nice 20, Tramps!


    Good to hear from you Slo, whatever the subject matter.


    Good luck in your half tomorrow, Stumpy. Watch out for the winds, which are kicking up 'round here.


    Nice run for you too, Holly, especially with the geese obstacles.


    Don't you hate it when your shoes give up on you, Shadowrunner? But at least there's a fix for that problem.


    Congrats on getting rid of das boot, CNY! I'll bet, once you get back into it, that you'll be as quick in the pool as you are on the roads. Once a competitive swimmer...


    I'm glad you got an outdoor run yesterday, Evanflein, even if the elements are forcing you back inside today.


    Excellent run today, Robin! It seems the only downside was that you missed Henry at the table.


    Deez, it is easy to see that you are loving that new baby - congrats!


    OM does it again: New PR and AG hardware on a tough 1/2 marathon course! You are doing some spectacular racing!


    I went out at 4:20 this morning, and thought I'd try for 10, even though I was on a tight time schedule. I kept changing my route as I went along, so I lost any good sense of my mileage. I had my Garmin on, but I rarely heard the mile beeps with mitten cuffs and my windbreaker covering the watch. I can't read it without my glasses, which I don't wear on workouts,so I never even tried to check my mileage. So I was just cruising along, exploring new streets, guessing at how far I'd gone. I was still out after the sun rose, and knew I had to be back home soon for the next activity, so I turned my intended final 3 miles into a 2-fer, which was just as well 'cause I was starting to get a little tired. After I got home and got the specs on, I saw that I had gone 11.6, which was my longest workout since early Dec. Not long by most of your standards, but long enough for this guy. Oh, and my hip behaved, for the most part - I'm still not back to where I want to be, but am clearly making some progress.





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      Excellent HMs for Norm and OM!  Congrats to you both!  Good luck to Kevin tomorrow too!


      I've been busy tapering, and visiting my in-laws and parents on the east coast.  Not much time to post or run, but I did get a 10.7 miler in today with a fast finish;  last 2.7 miles were at 8:54, 8:30, and 8:54.  I had to run on pavement because that's the only choice around here, but very hilly and pretty, and not too much traffic in the old 'hood. We're going to a Philadelphia Orchestra concert tonight, and I'm flying home tomorrow.


      ETA:  Just started checking the forecast for my 50k next Saturday, and it looks pretty good!  Low of 45, high of 66, partly cloudy!  Just thought you'd all want to know...

      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

        Whoosh!!! C-R! and OM!

        Just didn't find time to run last week.  Two kids' concerts to go to, a new dishwasher to buy, and last night I spent at least 2 hours assembling a new gas BBQ.  I'm a bit afraid now to see if it works.  Then mountains of laundry as DD10 - wet the bed!  She hasn't done that in a few years.  Oh, and never mind about the dog puke on the carpet.  When I replace this once cream coloured carpet, I'm going for a shade in between coffee and dog puke, then I will have most bases covered!


        So, 5 sluggish miles at a muddy Cougar Mtn.  And very tired after.

        I might run to the Mercer Island Half tomorrow to watch.  8 miles round trip on a bike path.

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          (((Enke)))  I'm with you on the carpet color.  A couple weeks ago one of the dogs had the runs and pooped on the cream colored carpet NINE times!  And of course the rest of the family just stepped around it, waiting for me to clean it up....Roll eyes  Good luck with DD.  It happens.   My DS had bedwetting problems at times, mostly during growth spurts I think when he was just sleeping so deeply.


          OM - Rockin' race!


          Carolyn, next week, right?  Can't wait for your report.


          Leslie - we getting a report from your recent race?

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            Mike, that's really a downer about your company and how they're dealing with health insurance.  C-R, nice, speedy, half.  ribs, good job on the "lightning" speedwork.  OM, congrats on your half with one minute PR and AG award.


            Nice long runs for Mike, Tramps, Holly, shadow (longest of year), DocRobin, Jay, and wild.


            This morning, it was in the high 20s and there was a little wind.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:35 pace.  When I checked my Garmin after the run, I was surprised to see I'd had negative splits by 4:21.  I suspect that had something to do with it feeling especially hard near the end.


            A good day and good runs for all.


              Paul and I have been running and racing together for years.  One time I told him, "Just once I would like to beat you!"  Today was the day and he was kind enough to write a little race report on Facebook:

              "Opie 1:22:51
              Paul 1:23:18

              Opie and I pretty much ran together until the 7.5 km turn around. Opie's speedwork paid off there as he shot around the cone accelerating away from me. He ended up about 250 meters or so ahead of me. It took about 6 km before I was able to catch back up. At that point I passed him and let him draft off me into a brisk north wind as he was saying he was 'out of gas'. With about 400 meters to go, Opie put it in 5K gear and blasted past me. I had nothing left to give chase with. Moral here is not to let Opie draft off you and plan for his big surge at the finish. Great race Karl.

              Oh yeah, we both finished 3rd in our respective age groups."


              My chip time was 1:22:40.

              "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey

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                Hello everybody!


                Nice half, C-R-very nice.  I've gotten the watch to stop like that in training runs, but never in a race.  It will be interesting to hear what the official time was.


                Yeah, Ribs, I've been chased home by lightning a few times, too...I'm, actually, shocked I've never been hit...


                Nice to see you posting, Slo...oh, and nice to see you running, again, too.


                Good luck, tomorrow, stumpy!


                Holly--the thing that always gets me is--we work so hard at scheduling our runs around our family's other activities (like you did, today, with your DD's softball practice)--and then we still get that "all you ever do is run" crap.  Believe me, I've heard it more than just a few times and from more than one of my family members, so when you mentioned that, yesterday, it kind of hit a nerve...mainly because I know how hard you work at keeping your family together...anyway...nice run, today, and good luck with your 20 miler, tomorrow.  You are going to be so ready for Kentucky!


                Nice 16 miler shadow...shirt, or no shirt?


                Good luck with your recovery, sounds like you have a pretty good plan.


                evanflein--my son was up your way for the Junior National Ski Championships--he's one of the coaches.  Alaska took home the cup!


                Nice 18, Robin...and thanks for posting those pictures for deez.


                It's nice that you can fit in your workouts with all your work, Dave.  I don't know how I would survive work, without my workouts to look forward to..and burn off some steam.


                Good luck with your 20 miler, tomorrow, deez.  Oh, and that is a beautiful baby...and a beautiful family.


                Congratulations OM!  Very nice half!  You are one of a few on here that really have no idea how fast you really are.


                Umm...Jay...11.6 miles is long by anybody's standards...not to mention walking like just looks so painful.


                Hey, wild--I should have guessed you were away someplace.  Have fun, tonight, and have a safe trip back home.  Then TAPER!  And, yes...I woke up this morning, and the first thing I thought of was, "I wonder what forecast is for Columbia River Gorge, next Saturday", I know...thanks.


                Enke--I wet the bed until I was 14 years old.  I was always very thankful my mother never made a big deal out of it.  It was not fun.


                Tom!  Very nice 8 miler, today.


                Congratulations, Opie!  That was a very nice write up by Paul.  Thanks for sharing it with us.


                As for me...I did 10.3 in 1:18:51.  Then rushed to choir practice for our big performance tomorrow.


                Okay--gotta go.  I might add something later.

                  Alright..... there's no way I can comment on all of these wonderful runs, races and dog pukings today. Big grin


                  Apparently everyone in my area's getting ready for the Hamilton Around The Bay 30K road race tomorrow.  They bill that race as "Older than Boston!"  Only 3 people showed up on the trails today.


                  It was icy and cold, but I was thrilled just to be out there and get in an easy 3 miles.....and that's pretty much the limit of what I can push the foot to these days.  DH and I got another 2 miles walking late this aft.....and am happy to say the foot is still OK.

                  .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!


                    Wow. What a great day in the Masters club. It's been a great read today.


                    official time for my race was 1:29:56 but the watch thing was really cool.


                    hey slo - if that helps motivate you I am happy to help. Btw - I have another HM next month and the following and I'm planning to drop some weight and some times.

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                      What an inspiring thread!

                      The sweeties to me is that of Karin, hurrah to the news of your upcoming 5k. Why am I not surprised that you were once a competitive swimmer!


                      Running I did today. 20 miles, which will be the one and only 20 miler I will run before my upcoming marathon in two weeks. With only 10 weeks of training, the Yakima Valley marathon is just for the fun! Wink.


                      I am really looking forward to reading about Wildchild's race next weekend!


                      Ohh the highlight of my day was to be the support crew for my son Daniel and his friend who are training for their first marathon in May. My son will turn 21 in May and chose to run a marathon as his birthday celebration!


                      Enkephalin, I know what yo mean about the carpet.  Go to Home Depot. Ask for Folex instant carpet spot remover, it works wonders.

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