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    Great race Erika, and a great time even though not a PR. 6 in 6 months is crazy, nice going!! I so enjoyed both your well written report and the nice photos that your husband took. I have one question, e-caps and s-caps? What are they, what's the diff? You've obviously had success with them, do you recommend them? How many questions is that? Sorry. CONGRATULATIONS! Chris
      Thanks everyone. Arf, it was wonderful to run outside in shorts! Add that to one of the highlights of the race, for sure! Miss you too! MC, I'm being careful... took some time off (forced due to lack of options) mid-week, and rarin' to go now! Working on working up a sweat and some speed work with hills on the treadmill... think that'll be good for Ragnar? And yes, Gu tips gladly accepted! Wink Chris, the electrolyte caps I use are the Succeed caps (hence, S-caps). I'd heard of other people taking them and never really thought about it, but had such bad cramping during this fall's Equinox I thought I'd give them a try. I used them in Bellingham and Seattle and felt much better, so take a couple before I start then a couple every hour or so. Not sure what the exact "dose" should be, seems different people take them differently (I think Tramps took a LOT during his race...?) but this seems to work for me.


        Erika, well thanks for the clarification. I've always been intrigued with electrolyte caps but never known whether or not they'd be good for me. Are they specifically geared for cramping? Thanks in advance and again, Congrats! Chris
          Great RR and pics. Six marathons in 6 months, WOW. And very speedy ones too. Paul
            Ahhhhhh, just super report and super race, Erika! I continue to be impressed by how strongly you run these things. I wasn't regretting my decision not to go to San Diego until I read your report and saw your photos.... maybe next year. Excellent work! Now, sheesh, rest up for Arizona will ya? You're healthy and strong and we need it. Smile

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              Erika - fabulous report and race, and I love the pictures, too. You have definitely earned your Silver Level, you Marathon Maniac, you - congratulations! And also congrats on another BQ! I can't wait to meet you in person in April. Smile

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                Thanks for the report. SUPER job......(as per usual). Congratulations.


                  Great job Erika, and fabulous report! The highlight of the weedend for me was also the masters meet-ups. Smile Excellent photos, you are gorgeous as usual. Smile


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                    Fantastic race & fabulous report. I was beginning to think that this boomer meet up thing was just something I had imagined reading about. Thanks for the pictures and details. huskydon

                      Nice job!

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                        Great race. I'm really impressed given that you do most of your training on the treadmill. No doubt it's because Fbks is one cold town this time of year. Congrats on your success. Cool

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