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Intrepid Racers - September 22 & ahead! (Read 205 times)


    And the racing continues! Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!


    ************This week and weekend*******************


    09/22 deez4boyz -  Lobster Dash, Ogunquit, Maine

    09/22 pfriese - Rock & Roll Denver Half Marathon, Denver CO (7:15 am)

    09/22 pfriese - Oktoberfest 5K, Highlands Ranch CO (12:30)

    09/22 SLOjim - Anaheim's Fest of Ales and Beer Run 5K, Anaheim, CA

    09/22 OrangeMat - Haworth 5k, Haworth NJ

    09/22 Opie - 5k Cross-Country Race, Oklahoma City, OK

    09/23 Coastwalker - Kittery Seaside 4 Miler, Kittery, ME

    09/23 TammyinGP - The Rogue Run HM, Medford OR


    ****** next week and ahead *********


    09/29 TammyinGP - Enchanted Forest Wine Run HM, Applegate OR

    09/29 Sarge - Covered Bridge 10K  New Waterford, OH

    09/30 henrun -  cheering section

    09/30 Marj - Smuttynose Half Marathon, Hampton, NH

    09/30 MilkTruck - Maine Marathon, Portland, ME

    09/30 StarrRuns - Run Crazy Horse Half Marathon, Hill City, SD

    09/30 Tetsujin - Kirkland (WA) Swim/Bike/Run Wimpathon (all barefoot)





    10/06 Opie - St. George Marathon, St. George, UT

    10/06 Ileneforward - Chapman Univ 5k, Orange CA

    10/06 marathon derrick -  Bruckelhaufe half marathon, GR

    10/07 Ileneforward - Long Beach Marathon, LB CA

    10/07 shadowrunner -Steamtown Marathon, Scranton, PA

    10/07 Coastwalker - USA 1-Hr. Racewalk Championships, Waltham, MA

    10/13 OrangeMat - NY Rock & Roll 10k, Prospect Park, NY

    10/13 fatozzig - Weaver Basin 50k Trail Run, Weaverville, CA

    10/14 Dave59 - Inaugural Lighthouse Half Marathon, Traverse City, MI

    10/14 Holly S - Dayton River Corridor Classic HM, Dayton OH

    10/21Twocat - Amsterdam Marathon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    10/21 Ileneforward - Huntington Beach Derby 10 miler, HB CA

    10/21 Sarge - Youngstown Peace Race  10K  Youngstown OH

    10/27 TammyinGP - Grants Pass HM, GP OR

    10/27 Noah, Avenger Doggie, SteveP - Zombie Run 5K, Traverse City, MI

    10/28 Coastwalker - White Mountain Miler's Half Marathon, N. Conway, NH

    10/28 Ileneforward - LA Cancer Challenge 10k, LA CA




    11/03 wildchild - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab, UT

    11/04 OrangeMat - New York City Marathon, NY NY

    11/04 Ileneforward - Santa Clarita half marathon, Santa Clarita CA

    11/18 HollyS - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN

    11/18 Ileneforward - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN 

    11/18 Orange Mat - Flying Monkey Mrathon, Nashville TN

    11/18 pfriese - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN 

    11/18 wildchild - Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville TN




    12/02 Fortunate One - California International Marathon, Sacramento, CA

    12/09 Ileneforward - Holiday half marathon, Pomona CA

    12/15 Ileneforward - Renegade Santa Run

    12/29-1/1 Dove - Across the Years 72-hour, Glendale, AZ






    04/15 Ileneforward - Boston Marathon, Boston MA  Smile




    05/05 OrangeMat - Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins, CO




    08/24 SteveP - North Country Trail Run 13.1, Manistee, MI


    Running is stupid


      Ilene, delete my HM for next Sunday. Not recovered enough nor trained for that distance. I' ll be cheering on Marj, her DD and my DIL's brother.


        Look at you, being all wise and stuff!   Heal up soon, Henry.  Smile


        Running is stupid

        MM #6177

          Um, another one for my dance card, if your calendar goes that far ahead, Ilene... thanks....


          05/05 OrangeMat - Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins, CO

            10/27 Noah, Avenger Doggie, SteveP - Zombie Run 5K, Traverse City, MI


            Participants are asked to dress like zombies. Noah wants to be a zombie carrot. He wants me to be zombie broccoli. We're doomed.


            MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

              Dear ilene -

              My name is tetsujin and I am a wimp.

              Don’t tell any of my fellow fitness runners who, as I have ever since I started running in 1977, if not the day I was born, always seek out the longest and hardest, if not weirdest, event possible for as much exercise as possible but my elation upon learning from Mariposai’s DH that there was going to be a replacement triathlon after all for the cancelled sprint triathlon (0.5/13/3.1) I did in mid-September last year (after being out-of-town for the super-sprint favorite (0.25/12/3.1) I’d been doing every August for the last 15 years) turned to abject fear when I realized it was scheduled for September 30, just when the water temps have dropped to the low sixties and fall storms could make conditions even worse than the choppy surfaces and rain in last year’s one-half mile swim.  Fortunately, they have a wimper’s version, I mean beginner’s version, with a doable (I think) one-fourth mile swim, even for someone (or two if Mariposai’s DS signs up too) who only swims once-a-year. That’s okay, I guess, but never, never tell anyone that it’s only one loop of the 13 mile bike course or I'll have to call it a double wimpathon.

              9/30  Tetsuwimp - Kirkland (WA) Swim/Bike/Run Wimpathon (all barefoot) \


              Wish me warm water and good luck.

              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."