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Sunny Sunday 9-16 (Read 403 times)

    I've been lax in replying here, but I see lots of great long runs this weekend - tomselbs' longest this month and a great week too.  OM with 23 and pictures, nice! Leslie, you'r recovered and back to the running machine you are. Wild got 1st place, and so did SpareRibs, I like the way you worded that... and Opie, RW wants you, wow!  Say, if anyone has the August RW issue with Run Crazy Horse written up, I'd love to read it.  The September ones were on the newstands when I went to buy a copy.  My email is starrmae at if you could scan it.


    Thanks for the uplifting comments on my race yesterday everyone, it really, really means a lot to me.  Hallar, you made my day!  Now I can concentrate on the half marathon in two weeks.  That's the main reason I ran to finish the 10K, not really race it. I kept thinking about the 11 mile long run to do today.  I left the house at 5:30pm and MrStarr asked if I was running 12 miles and I said, "No, only 11". I ended up with 12 though and it was dark when I got home.   I took a GU along, but didn't try it.  Our pastor, age 33, actually ran the 10K yesterday too. During the sermon he asked the racers to raise their hands and then threw packages of GU out to us.  He was using it to make a point, but I can't remember exactly what.


    Anyway, the first 10 miles I averaged 12:34, then slowed to 13:00 or so, mainly because of a hill, a walk/beverage break and darkness making the footing unsure.  I also hade a problem with my Garmin 301.  It beeped at 10 miles "Lap data is full, delete oldest lap data."  I stopped the workout, lost mile 10 and then started it for the last 2 miles.  If I delete old stuff on in will that do the trick.  I'm not sure I'm going to run another 10+ miles before the Half, so want to make sure it will work.


    Well that's enough from me.  Thanks again for your encouragement, wisdom, comradarie and fun! 

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      I ended up beating the 2nd place guy by about 15 minutes.




      This is awesome - well done!


      OM - your marathon isn't until Nov. 3, right?  Why are you doing your longest run now?  Happy Rosh Hashanah, btw...


      Mariposai's son Daniel - you are so brave! Smile


      Mariposai - are you able to use the gym TM, or is it bad indoors as well?


      Folks, I just want to say that I have been so spoiled during my stay here in Alaska.  Erika and her DH have lavished the most lovely hospitality on my, letting me relax, cooking the most delectible meals and treating me like a queen!  This has been the most wonderful visit, with a beautiful, challenging race, but also a wonderful visit with a dear friend.  I am so blessed.


      2.5 recovery miles for me today, as Erika and I loosened up the kinks in our legs.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        It's late, and this is my first chance to get in here today.  Will have to peruse more tomorrow.


        5 EZ miles after church, then worked on priming the spots Shorty's been sanding on the house.  First he was saying he wasn't going to get too hot and heavy into the sanding.  Now he's getting anal about it.  Total soon we'll have enough primer on the house, we can just say we painted it white!  I think it's weighing on him that he let things got as bad as they did, but he needs to consider where his head's been the last few years.  Once we get to start painting, it should go fairly quickly.  I can't wait.

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          OM - your marathon isn't until Nov. 3, right?  Why are you doing your longest run now?


          Nov. 4, yes. No idea on the timing (nor distance) of my long runs, I just do what my coach tells me. But you're not the first to have asked, so I'm going to ask him myself this week about it all. Though I get the impression his answer will be "because I decided that would be best for you"....