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Tunnel Day! 7/14/2013 (Read 43 times)

    Can't wait to hear the news of today's Tunnel marathon! Sounds like everyone had a good time and best of all, Cecil finishhids is first marathon! Congratulations, Cecil!


    So glad Ribs had a good run today! I was concerned about the tired legs thing, but glad it seems to be a hydration issue. We do seem to get more sensitive to that as we age. I know I used to be able to do long runs in the heat with hardly any aid like water, Nuun, whatever. But the last couple of years I've had to closely watch the hydration/fueling business.


    Today was another hot sunny day, but I was thinking Ribs would think it was cool and IRC. I almost melted on my run! 11.8 miles done, far shorter than the original plan of 15, but got me over 41 for the week so it's all good. Taking tomorrow off so I can burn up some leave and enjoy the summer Some more.