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Wednesday pre stuffing day (Read 41 times)

    (waving hi)

    enke!  i am interested in hearing about your...doors.  I give mine descriptive nicknames, so that others may follow along.  Currently I am missing Mr. Awesome but Lives in Korea (alas!), being annoyed at Mr. Road Rage, and wondering if I might go out a second time with Mr. Boat Pilot Who Avoids Eye Contact.  No run for me today -- I am battling a cold.

    mustang sally

    Bad faerie


      mustang sally

      Bad faerie

        I am so impressed by Enke.  It takes strength of heart to be open to meeting different people like this.  When on my own, I tend to hunker down under a carapace of pride and introversion, probably seeming a little prickly and aloof from outside.  Oddly enough, this does not attract many candidates.


        Went out for a spin session with New Coach's group and quite enjoyed myself.  One more little brick in the fitness foundation.  Tomorrow, I'll swim again.  Just one day after another of Doing Something.

          Yes Econo, I do give them nicknames!  It is the only way to categorize and identify them among all the others!  And easier that way for my friends to remember who I am talking about.

          Door#1, aka "the bounty hunter" - he really was a bounty hunter!

          Door#2, aka, "ultra trail runner guy" - needs no explanation

          Door#3, aka, "Mr. Jewish Ambition, Mr. Urban, BB (his initials), Mr. Broke My Heart"  yeah, I had a lot of names for him as he evolved in my mind and in real life.

          Door#4, aka "the short surgeon"

          Door#5, aka "the tall Urologist"

          Door#6, aka "the boring accountant", who turned into "Mr. Vain"

          Door#7, aka "the Asian-Canadian"  aka "Frank - the most un-Asian sounding name I've ever heard", Who I just spent over an hour talking to on the phone.  We have extremely similar pasts (where we grew up, went to school, and how we ended up out here), same cultural identities (Canadian, eh?), etc, etc.....he will be a keeper as a good friend.  That is for sure.

          I still pine for door#3 though....must get over it already!!


          Have a wonderful holiday everyone!


          "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

            (put this on the wrong day....)

            Humanity runs on coffee.