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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING w/e 01/20 (Read 139 times)

    Here we go folks...just like the old days...


    Last weeks totals...


    Dutchie- 8.95 K running + 4 X-Training Workouts...Including something called Body Beast...Well Done!!


    Evanflein- 22.3 miles + 2.4 miles elliptical + Walking and weights...Nice!!!


    Pfreise- 25.7 miles + 58 bike miles + 3450 swimming...I swim like a rock...Great Work!!!


    Lyndenrunner- 37.3 miles...That's it...

    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip





      Thu-Off Sick

      Fri-Off Sick

      Sat-Off Sick


      Total=26 miles

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

        Thanks Gordon! It has been awhile, but just like old times! I sure hope to be able to get some more miles in this week, but it's going to be a busy week at work, again...


        Monday: Rest Day... have a cold and went to bed at 6:15... bleh

        Tuesday: 5.3 miles progressive pace on the TM, .7 mile walk

        Wednesday: 2.5 miles elliptical, abs/core, .3 mile walk

        Thursday: Nothing...

        Friday: More Nothing....

        Saturday: 5.4 miles run on TM, .7 mile walk

        Sunday: 7.1 miles w/ intervals, .8 mile walk


        Totals: 17.8 miles run, 2.5 miles elliptical, 2.2 miles walking, abs/core and too many rest days

          Thanks lyndenrunner.


            Run plan Run actual  Bike plan Bike actual Swim plan Swim actual  Comment 


          0 miles 45 min    14.8 miles 



          5 miles easy

          4 miles 


          0 miles 


          0m  Treadmill  


          0 miles easy 45 min

          17.2 miles  


          Thursday 8 miles easy   8 miles 


          0 miles 




          0 miles  none 0 miles  1500m easy  0m   
          Saturday rest 0 miles   rest 0 miles    rest 0m    
          Sunday none 5.8 miles  35 miles easy  15 miles  none 0m    
          Total  ~13 miles 17.8 miles   ~60 miles 47 miles 
           3900m 2400m   



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            Well I just committed to the 40x40 thread, so why not copy and paste here too? Thanks Gordon!


            day plan actual comments
            Monday 8 aerobic (10:00) 8 miles, 6:15 core 9:56 avg
            Tuesday 4 easy w/fartleks (10:20), swim class 4 miles, 1 hr swim, 7:00 core 10:04 avg
            Wednesday 7 aerobic (10:00) 7 miles, 8:40 core 9:42 avg
            Thursday rest/swim 9:45 core bagged the swim
            Friday 7 out & back (½@10:30, 6@9:15, ½@10:00) 7 miles, 12:45 core 9:17 avg (9:02 avg for the O&B miles)
            Saturday 13.5 long (10:00) 13.5 miles, 7:30 core 10:08 avg
            Sunday 3 easy (10:45), swim 3.75 miles, 6:50 core 11:04 avg, skipped the swim again
            totals 42.5 miles 43.25 miles, 1 hr swim, ~1 hr core  

              Thanks Gordon Wink


              Better get my week up. Winging it this week because of hormonal headaches.


              Mon: nothing, nada, nix

              Tue: 5.01 kilometer run in precisely 34 minutes + unexpected 13 hr workday

              Wed: up late and studying all day/sitting at my desk

              Thu: another unexpected 13 hr workday

              Fri: and yet again, didn't think I'd have a  13.5 hr workday

              Sat: phew... rest

              Sun: boot camp workout + UB strength training

              I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

              Run the day, or the day runs you.

              Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

                Mon 4 Miles 4 miles      
                Tues 30 Min Stat Bike; C/ST      

                I could say I was a woos and didn't want to go out in my cold workout shed, but let's face it - I was lazy.  Got up early anyway 'cause of the cats and went to work an hour early.


                Planks before going to bed.

                Wed 6 Miles 6 miles     plus planks challenge.  Some mild foot pain.  Have figured out which shoes are causing problems for now and will have to resort to wearing only my running shoes for awhile.
                Thurs C/ST        
                Fri 5 Miles        
                Sat 12 Trail Miles        

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                  Tue 5

                  wen  weights  + 2

                  fri 2

                  sat   6


                  total 15 miles

                  first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


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