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40/40 Thread for Week Ending 3/2/08 (Read 632 times)

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    For those of you who are new, this is the 40/40 thread, for those who are over 40 years old who run or aspire to run 40 miles/week. We give Free Passes to those who come really close or try really hard... Here's what I have for last week's tally. I think I got everyone, but if I missed you or got anything wrong, just let me know.
    CNYrunner69 Giving chocolate away? You are stronger than I.
    Twocat68.66 Nice running in Vancouver this week.
    Hermosaboy63 No days off, but at least no doubles this week.
    Jim2431561 Lots of track-time this week.
    Breger55.8 He’s back and looking good!
    Ultrachick54.5 Joining us in the table madness…Big grin
    Perch53.1 Including excellent 20K – 1st AG!
    PeterNC50.2 Snuck in a 20-miler to top off the week.
    Carnivirus504 nagging injuries? Careful now…
    Holly46.3 A step-back week to get over carpy cold.
    Evenflein45.6 Getting ready for the relay – you’re going to have so much fun!
    Biketm45.5 Does cycling really give your running legs a rest?
    Tramps44.5 Starting to get into that rainy season.
    Btb149043.5 Training through sickness – hope your antibiotics work some wonders for you.
    Slojim41.65 LR on a Tuesday – that’s different. Smile
    Wa5yom40 Nursing shin splints, wise choice in the Cowtown HM.
    PJH40 He’s back! Glad the Achilles is better.
    Predawnrunner33.3 Taking a step-back week.
    Pfriese Free Pass Grandson wrestling gets my vote every time. Smile
    SirWalksalot Free Pass Kid-time and convalescing.
    Here's my plan for the week for me:
    Monday0 miles0 miles Some ab stuff and carpet cleaning
    Tuesday8-11 miles 10 miles Intervals on the TM
    Wednesday7 miles 7.15 miles Easy pace
    Thursday8-11 miles 11 miles Hill workout day, but in a half-hearted way
    Friday0 miles0 miles Weights and abs
    Saturday7 miles 8.25 miles Easy pace with a few striders
    Sunday20 miles 20.10 miles Easy pace
    Total50-56 56.5 miles

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Ok, I'll see your placeholder and raise you one! Here's my preliminary plan for this week. Getting excited about the Relay!!
      Day Plan Actual Comments
      Monday XT Day0 milesSorting, cleaning, filing, packing...
      Tuesday5 w/2@10k pace5.4 miles2@7:30 w/.5@8:34 in between, other miles @8:49
      Wednesday10 miles w/5@MP10 miles4@8:49, 5@8:34, 1@8:20
      Thursday"Rest Day"2,639 MilesAll day on a plane is rest?
      Friday4.7 Miles4.7First Leg of Ragnar del Sol Relay (Garmin said 4.5?)
      Saturday13 miles13 milesLegs 2 (6.8 miles) and 3 (6.2 miles) total
      Sunday20 miles14.25That was enuf, early afternoon flt home
      Totals:52.9 Miles47.35 miles actual totalRemains to be seen...
        Hey Holly! Thanks for doing this with everything else you have going on---you amaze me. Erika---have a blast at the relay. You will have a super time and just go with it, no pressure other than to have a great time. I have no doubt you will more than contribute when it comes to speedy running. I can't get the table to work even when I enable macros, so here goes with my free-form structure....This keeps me going---Thanks everyone! 2/25-----11 mile choose your pace run----11.1 in 1:34--chose 8:30 pace 2/26-----Off-----Done! 2/27-----15 mile (1 mile wu, 2x12 minutes @ 7:40 pace with 2 minutes rest,10 miles at 8 pace, cd)----15.6 in 2:17:19 overall--12 min. segs at 7:45,7:43---10 miles at 8:03 avg. 2/28-----8 mile recovery run----8.8 in 1:21--9:13 pace 2/29-----10 mile hilly run with 6 at tempo----traded for Sat.--4 miles in 35:45 3/1------4-6 recovery or pace---22.3 ---1st 10 at 9:00 pace, next 10 at 7:50 pace, final part easy 3/2------22 fast finish run (last 3-4 progressively faster down to 7:30)----10.4 in 2 parts---9:00ish pace easy Weights and abs/core 3 x week----Done! SLEEP----much better this week, Friday and Saturday night not so much with so much knee hockey played in hotel hallways and yelling kids Total---70-72---72.2 miles!

        Marathon Maniac #3309

          Thanks again's soooo nice of you to do this for all of us Smile Hope this bug of mine goes away quickly, so I can at least get 40 miles in... Mon - Sick Tues - Sick Weds - 10 mile progression run - good to be back out there Smile Thurs - 6.7 easy miles - getting back into the groove Fri - Rest Sat - 16.5 Miles - felt better than my 16.5 a couple of weeks ago...brought water and gels with me this time. Sun -7.0 easy miles - little futher than planned to hit 40 miles this week Total - 40.2 - Whew, barely made it Smile Tim

          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

            Thanks Holly! This week is going to be much the same as last week, with a slightly longer LR. If this week goes like last week did, I'll be very happy.
            MondayPlanned Rest Day0 miles
            Tuesday6 miles easy6 miles54 minutes with 5x100m striders
            Wednesday12 miles, 3 @ tempo pace12 milesMiles 8, 9, and 10 at continuous tempo. 7:50, 7:49, and 7:46 min/mile pace.
            Thursday6 miles recovery6 milesRecovery 9:44 min/mile. Avg. HR 127
            Friday10 miles negative splits10.1 milesGarmin lost signal, but this was a definite negative split run
            Saturday4 miles easy4 milesTreadmill, recovery pace.
            Sunday18 miles Pfitz Progression run18.25 miles1st 10 miles at 9:50 pace. Next 2 at 9:30. Last 6+ at 8:45.
            Totals:56 miles56.45 milesA very solid week!

            "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

              Thanks again, Holly. M--5.03, 52:04, a heavy-footed stomp begins the week....10:20's? Ugh...what a trudge. T--Rest (yippeee) W--0 T--0 F--7.56m, 1:17:37--a chilly, hilly, post-work run S--7.62m, 1:08:06, a couple of MP miles thrown in
                Thank you Holly for taking the time to do this, inbetween throwing out stuff and cleaning carpets! Nice runs last week gang! Week 5 of 12 of Boston training.
                Monday Rest Rest That was easy!
                Tuesday1414A bit sluggish, but still a great run
                Wednesday6 ez6 ezthe pace said ez, the effort did not.
                Thursday10 w/ 6@mp8 ezswapping workouts around. Got lost in the trails
                Friday6 ez10.3 w/ 6@mpnice run, held mp pretty comfortably
                Saturday6 ez7+ ezjust what the doctor ordered
                Sunday1819last 6 miles progressing to MP
                Total6065cutback week next week. Yay!
                  Updated Big grin So, I'll try posting the plan in advance...
                  Sunday1818 in 2:11 GREAT run! 5 fast miles in the middle!
                  Monday4.1 6.00.0 8.0 in 1:01:40 Slept in Nice evening run
                  Tuesday4.1 6.03.15 in 26:28 8.02 in 1:00:47 Running with the dog Just miles
                  Wednesday4.1 0.00.0 0.0 Slept in AM and went to see the Fighters of Foo in the evening!!
                  Thursday4.1 6.00.0 3.5 in 26:36 Sleepy time Snowing and windy – dog liked it!
                  Friday4.1 6.05.05 in 43:05 5.00 in 37:43 Dog run TREADMILL – ARGH!
                  Saturday12 11.92 in 1:23:10 A high quality workout! 1.25 wu/cd then 4 downhill half miles at a solid effort. 1/2-mile uphill recovery. Then, went into a two-mile tempo run. Mile one mainly uphill. Mile two mainly downhill. 3 more of the hill repeats to finish it off. Felt a lot better than the last time I did this workout!

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                  Marathon Maniac #3309

                    Holly, cycling really does rest my running legs. Most here wouldn't know this, but I cycled a little over 8500 miles last year....which is more than I drive, I think, lol. And some of my best runs were after cycling 100 to 150 miles the day's the triathlon thing. The main reason I am focusing on running right now is because I normally bonk on my runs in a 1/2 swim and bike are good, but I have little left on the 13.1 mile hilly run. I think I have made great strides in correcting that problem this off season....hope to do a full Ironman this coming first. Again Holly....thanks for the time you spend doing does make a difference when we are out there pounding the pavement. Tim

                    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                    Hill Runner

                      Holly, I didn't deserve to be on the 40/40 this week as my 20 miler starts THIS week..My week starts Sunday and ends Saturday... I WILL be on 40/40 this week Sun 20 Mon Tue Wed THur Fri

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                        Holly, I didn't deserve to be on the 40/40 this week as my 20 miler starts THIS week off ..My week starts Sunday and ends Saturday... I WILL be on 40/40 this week Sun 20.02 miles Mon Tue Wed THur Fri Sat

                        Upcoming Races:

                        Boston Marathon, Boston,MA 04/15/13
                        Grandfather Mountain Marathon,Boone NC 07/14/13
                        Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte NC 11/13


                          Thanks, Holly! It helps to have the plan for all to see . . . And I actually like to have 3 - 4 niggling injuries - then you're just about guaranteed to avoid any major ones Wink The PF is the only one that has daily attention needs. My tight hammie is just that - a little too tight. But I'm recovering nicely from the HM effort and looking to recover this week with easier but longer running. The LR moves up to 19 this week, too. Good luck on the runs this week everyone! Hope you relayers have a nice time - it really does matter the people you have in your van. I did the Green Mountain Relay in Vermont a couple years ago and had a sleep-deprived blast! Steve
                          Day Plan Actual Comments
                          Monday5 - 66 recovery milesMorro Bay Bluff Trail
                          Tuesday1111Hearst Bluff Trail
                          Wednesday5 - 66Morro Bay Bluff Trail
                          Thursday8 + XT82.5m uphill/mountain
                          Friday Rest 0
                          Saturday19 LR0Wine tasting - family in town
                          Sunday5-6 easy 19nice long run on trails
                          Totals:53-56 Miles50Good week
                            Thanks Holly, Since last weeks plan went so well, I don't think I'll set up a plan this week.
                            Monday7.9 miles GA8:47/mile pace
                            Tuesday3 miles E10:00/mile pace (treadmill Sad)
                            Wednesday10.5 miles MLR9:30/mile pace
                            Thursday5.1 miles E9:37/mile pace
                            Fridayrest day
                            Saturday2.1 mile warm-up, then a 10K race7:53/mile avg pace for a 10K PR of 48:53 Big grin Big grin Big grin
                            Sunday14 miles LSD10:32/mile pace
                            Total48.8 milesDone
                              If you actually have to work every now and then you wind up waaaay down the list! If I had the time tonight to post on the daily I would be on page 4! Page 4?! I can hardly believe it. In the interest of adding some variety to the tables I am tossing in a fourth column with a smiley that pretty much summarizes how I felt post-run. Not sure how long it will last but for this week at least . . . As always, thank you Holly for taking up the task of running the 40/40 thread.
                              DayPlanActualDay’s SmileCommentary
                              Monday2222.77 Dead Longest run in the Pfitz torture plan over and done with!
                              Tuesday6 8.07 Sad Bad weather may kill this run. Made it out. See the daily for smiley explanation.
                              Wednesday10 10.39 8 Ball6 am, 4 pm. Changed plans to 5am, 5pm. Since some friends are running 5 this afternoon.
                              Thursday12 12.26 Black eye Only 20 out! Needed a freezing smiley. This was the closest I could come up with.
                              Friday5 5.21 Black eye This time it was only 14!
                              Saturday0 0 Big grin It is only Friday and I already know I am going to make it!
                              Sunday15.5 15.53 Smile20K race. Tired but relatively happy with how I did. 1:48:49 for a 7:00 pace.
                              Total70.5 74.23
                              hermosaboy the concert should be great! I love the Foo Fighters. What exactly is a Foo that they are fighting anyway?

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                              i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                                Thanks, Holly! Wierd week with 24 hr AZ desert race schedule Fri/Sat
                                DayPlan Actual Comments
                                Monday 2 mi Recovery2 miAHR 138
                                Tuesday6 mi Recovery w/ 6x100m strides13.0 mi [swapped with Wed] first 5 mi @ 9:18, Next 8 mi @ 8:06 with AHR 152
                                Wednesday13 mi m-LR6 mi with strides
                                Thursday6 mi recovery6 miAHR 148
                                Friday6 mi recovery am, 5.2 moderate @ 5pm12.6 miincluding 5.4 mi at 10K race effort in AZ at 5pm
                                Saturday7.2 mi very hard@ 2am + 5.2 mi hard @ 9am13.1 miincl 7.2 mi uphill at 10K race effort at 2 am and 5.2 mi at 10K race effort at 9:30 am
                                Sunday6 mi recovery pm3 mislooooow
                                Totals:5755.7incl 3 x 10K race equivalents within 17 hrs

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