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Tuesday - Good Heart Day (Read 50 times)

    yikes - skip a few days and so much to "ketchup" on!!


    Erika - CRAZY, AMAZING, AWSOME!!  you certainly earned those 5 maniac stars!!

    Carolyn - your ultra makes you pretty amazing in my book too!!

    Tall - glad to hear you're off the blood thinners ....keep a close eye on how you feel!!

    Hope graduation went well PBJ!!

    OM - congratulations on your AG win!!


    I was up and out early yesterday morning to get a run in before work .....I've been using Isagenix products and cant believe how good I feel and how strong my running has been.  Don't even need the morning cup of coffee anymore to get me moving --- hope it continues!!

    Monday - 4.7 miles in 43:05, walked one mile to the hospital and again on the way home.  No run today but walked the mile both ways again to get at least a bit of exercise in!!  Tonight had to dodge all the fans in the streets waiting for the 2nd game of the Red Sox double header to start since the rain delayed things a bit --- would have loved to stay and see a game, but also glad to be home and heading out to the hot tub to unwind!!


    Happy Tuesday!!


    mustang sally

    Bad faerie

      Great googly moogly, Erika.


      You're understated enough about that stunning adventure to be annointed an honourary Canuck.  Smile


      I did, indeed, go mountain biking with the boy last night and only crashed twice.  No shorts or cute little summery dresses for me for another couple of weeks Sad My mother and my best friend separately told me today that I'm too old for this nonsense and need to find another hobby.  I blustered and said that I'm not moving fast when I crash into trees and rocks, but neither seemed to be mollified.  But I wonder a little.  I also wonder whether they're ganging up on me when I'm not looking.


      I amazed myself by getting out of bed for an 0600 ride with my road club.  Tuesday is Sprints Day, so we rode multiple laps of a box around the university, racing hell-bent-for-leather for the Magic Mailbox on every other lap.  (I am pleased to note that although I was in no danger of winning, I didn't get dropped, either).


      I wonder whether that mailbox, which looks just like every other one of Canada Post's mailboxes, has any idea how special it is for about an hour once every week.


      I find road racing so difficult.  A lifelong endurance athlete, I'm not at all used to having to think and burn lots of oxygen at the same time.  This may be a long apprenticeship.


      On deck tomorrow, a nice easy little run, I think.

      Maniac 505


        divechief how do you pull off 4 marathons in 4 days?  I can see three over a long weekend somehow.  But four?  One Saturday, one Sunday one Monday and ?  Is it really possible to find two marathons timed just right so you can do two in one day?  Confused

        Drat.  I wrote a lengthy reply.  I guess I forgot to press send.


        Tall: so glad you got off the meds.   I hope the Doctor is wrong.  and Erika,  did I tell you are amazing.


        It is absolutely possible.  In the early days of the maniacs, when there were only a couple hundred members, there were only maybe a couple opportunities each year for a Quadzilla.  The first one I heard of was the Lake Tahoe Triple (Friday and Saturday, family and friend supported) Sunday is the main Lake Tahoe Marathon.  After a three day lap of Lake Tahoe,  the Bizz Johnson trail marathon used to be held on Monday.  The date of the Bizz Johnson changed several years ago and that is no longer an option.


        For the Maniacs to count a race as official it has to meet the following criteria.


        -Be at least 26.2 miles (it doesn't have to be certified)

        -Have a race director

        -be advertised at least 30 days in advance (I think a web page and submission to the maniac calendar probably qualifies)

        -have at least 5 starters and 3 finishers

        -publish results


        there are other minor requirements, these are the main ones.  the fifty state marathon club is a little stricter.


        With there now being over 7000 maniacs there are usually people willing to set up quads in different parts of the country.  These often have 10 to 30 or so maniacs doing the quad, and maybe a few "civilians" doing any one or two of the races.  logistically the easiest quad might be the Seattle Quadzilla  I think our Dove ran this a couple years ago,  I know she ran more than one leg.


        As a PS,  in Maniac speak,  Erica just ran a triple,  Saturday and Sunday races are a double,  marathons on consecutive weekends are "back to back"

        Maniac 505


          Have you talked to Dove about bike racing?  She used to play with some big kids.  I think she could tell you some stories about crashing.

          Marathon Maniac #957

            Tall - great to see you in here, and good news, too.


            OM - nice PR! Glad you are feeling better.  I was wondering where you were.


            Dive - do they ever have triples or quadzillas in the Midwest, or just on the west coast?


            No run for me on Tuesday.  7am appointment with a periodontist instead.  My teeth, the bane of my existence.  (sigh)  Then at the end of the workday I visited a client in a nursing home - a 62 year old stroke victim.  After that I decided not to complain about my teeth.

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."