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    OK, I'm a little confused here. Does everyone think I made a claim that being older is an excuse for not being able to run better? If so, I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't clear with what I said yesterday, because I absolutely DO NOT believe that. What I meant (and I'm realizing that it must've been from what I said) was that because of the way I personally was raised, at the time I was raised, I wasn't encouraged to want to compete athletically. My upbringing was definitely "old world", and I was encouraged not to hope to aspire to any sort of greatness in life. I suppose my parents and grandparents were hoping to minimize whatever disappointments I might have in life... being Holocaust survivors do that to a person... so anyway, that's all I meant, when I said my age+gender has kept me from wanting to experience fierceness.


    Yeah, and I've probably overshared, as I've done before, but hey, that's how you get over these sorts of things, right?

      OK, I'm a little confused here. Does everyone think I made a claim that being older is an excuse for not being able to run better?


      ..Yes OM,

      we all believe that and were planning to have you taken to the Edge of Town and Stoned........




      .....well, Something

      was said about getting Stoned,

      then I kind of went away for awhile





      but I digress........


      I learned the Correct Sequence is ''Hiking THEN poolrunning''

      as opposed

      to ''Hiking THEN BikeRiding''..................which turns out to be a BadIdea


      120min hike,,,,,,,,,20minBiking



      ....................................good running guys......................Throw no stones, if house is made of Glass........

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      The Goofinator

        Well thanks for reminding me I have to call the dentist... and I still think you should come join us at the Monkey. Big grin



        You're welcome . . . and I wish!


        Keep your fingers crossed, folks.  My friend, Kate, has thrown her hat into the Western States lottery again.  For very selfish reasons, I hope, hope, HOPE, she gets in.  When she ran it in 2010, Karen and I had a blast crewing for her. Smile


        OM - I blame my slowness on age, lack of ability . . .  and age. Wink  Oh, who am I kidding.  I'm just slow, but that's okay.  The farther back you are in the pack, the more interesting it gets - at least in trail running, i.e., lots more chances to experience and/or witness destruction.  Not meaning that in a bad way, but things do get interesting back there.

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          "You've got murmurs all over the place," he said, putting down the stethoscope. I can't help but laugh with the guy.  He's very good and tries to keep it light. What he explained was that yes the MVP is now a 3, but don't worry about it.  We're going to do an echo in December and he'll have another look. Meanwhile he explained that with the murmur and the artificial aortic valve, naturally there is a lot of inefficiency.  Long and short of it is, for racing, I lose a lot of oxygenated blood, but as I have no day-to-day shortness of breath or other symptoms, just shut up about it.  My kind of cardiologist!  He's also upped my Crestor dose as he wants the LDL lower, which is the cause of all this stuff in the first place.


          Of course as I am not a doctor I can't give anyone else advice, but if I learned ONE thing from this past decade of heart crap, it would be this:  1)  If there is family history, you're jobbed.  2)  If you have high LDL, no matter how much higher the HDL is, you're also jobbed. Disregard that "risk ratio" number.


          So I'm still working at it. Just wanted you to know what happened today, as you were so kind yesterday to comment.  Everything okay so far. Spareribs

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            Oh, one more thing. It's been a couple of years since I've seen the cardiologist. So I say to him, "You probably don't remember me."  He says, "Of course I remember you. Are you still winning those bike races?"   Yeah, that's me, Spareribs the biker.   Spareribs


                Everything okay so far. Spareribs



              the best kind of news!


              just remember if you're slower you get more bang for your buck in race fees - my philosphy...



              Trails are hard!

                Oh, one more thing. It's been a couple of years since I've seen the cardiologist. So I say to him, "You probably don't remember me."  He says, "Of course I remember you. Are you still winning those bike races?"   Yeah, that's me, Spareribs the biker.   Spareribs


                you and Lance often get mistaken for each other, right?

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                  Nice to see Jlynne and lamerunner today!  Hope you both post more often!  

                  Lame, I loved your comment "though I also believe you should never leave home without your excuse...!"  Smile
                  Glad your DD is doing something productive with her year off.  My DH works for NOLS and teaches WFR and WEMT courses.

                  Enke, your run sounds awesome!  I hope your race this weekend goes as well.

                  4 mile RAL.  Beautiful day here!  I'm starting to think about tapering for the Monkey. Not that it will help.  Joking

                  I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                    Lame, good to hear from you.  I also enjoyed your phrase about leaving home with an excuse.  I figure mine for Saturday will be that I didn't factor in the elevation profile of the race into my predicted finishing time.  But I want to win that turkey so I'm going all out!

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                      Ribs: RE: where you were a couple years ago, glad it sounds like mostly good news.

                      TomW:  Maybe bike then hike instead?   kind of a Brick which I am told is an important part of ironman training.


                      No run for me today,  I am working nights on pretty much a different boat every day.  I get off early in the morning and go to work a little later tomorrow night so I should be able to get in a few miles tomorrow.


                      Looking forward to hearing all the monkey reports from the upcoming weekend.  Monkey 2 was one of my more memorable races.


                      Back on Stride

                        you and Lance often get mistaken for each other, right?


                        Well, he is wearing a yellow jersey in his profile picture here...


                        OM, this will teach you to mention the "a" word in a forum full of aging runners. Frankly, I sort of like using it for an excuse instead of admitting that I just plain messed up! And I do understand where you're coming from and have an idea of what you've had to overcome in terms of outlook, ambitions, etc. Like I said in another post, you've certainly come a long way.


                        Ribs, I agree with your two points. My dad and his brother both died of heart conditions at a younger age than I am now. My brother and I both live pretty healthy lives, but he's already had a mild heart attack (makes me wait for the other shoe to drop sometimes). Fortunately, my LDL has been easy to control -- I just went back on 10mg of Atorvastatin (generic Lipitor), which has been working well. And let me know if you want any cycling tips.

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                          Good Evening!


                          It's late (for me) and I'm tired, having had a full workday, two parent-teacher conferences, and 45 minutes of teaching my SD how to use the cellphone we just got for him.


                          So, keep in mind that I just read the whole daily, but have already forgotton half of the comments I was going to say...except for these...


                          Lamerunner - hiyah!


                          Leslie - thanks for taking DD to the dentist!  And that is no excuse - get your butt down to the Monkey!  Or at least come out for a spring trail run with me...we have several local 50Ks that are only $25, you can stay with me for free, all you need to come up with is air fare...just saying....


                          Spareribs - thanks for keeping us in the loop.  For a cranky old guy, you have an awful lot of love coming at you from this group......Smile


                          TomWhite - you never, ever, fail to make me smile.....Big grin


                          8 miles for me this morning on the TM watching Erin Brockovich....

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                            Good to hear, Spareribs. I'm also glad you don't have asthma.

                            Just 4 miles today. Nothing special other than my friend drove by and tooted at me, and later texted and said she saw a cute little runner in an orange jacket. I think she meant old, slow little runner. Smile

                            It's almost Monkey time. I'm excited and I'm not even going.

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                              refuse to blame a poor performance (of which there are many...) on my age.

                              I'd much rather chalk it up to poor strategy, or it just not being my day.

                              Good luck Jay.  I didn't have to use it for 32 years.

                              Fortunately, being slow isn't necessarily a poor performance anymore.

                              My IM mentor made it to 78-yo before admitting it was happening to him too.


                              That's nice paavo, enki and all.


                              too bad Lance didn't have sparerib's ethics.  


                              Good luck Leslie.


                              ps dave - go celebrate your retirement in Hilo HI

                              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."



                                It was so perfect, 49F, that I didn't need a jacket so I wore my reflective vest, which I haven't worn in years.  Reminded me of Ragnar.  No wind, no rain, just an amazing IRC run.  6 miles.


                                 I thought of Ragnar and RTB relays tonight too as I wore my blinky vest to run for 3 miles in the dark after I have ran 4 miles at the gym and felt like running some more when I got back to the house. So, 8 miles total with 4x200m hill sprint by my house (I have to putting them hills to good use again)


                                Great comments today, but I am just plain too tired to comment on them. Long day at work today and yet another longer one tomorrow. It is a good thing that I really enjoy the work I do!.


                                Now off to drink a glass of wine to celebrate Sparerib's great news from his heart doctor!!!

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