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Friday's Follies - Jan. 25, 2013 (Read 43 times)

    Tramps you beat me to it as that was exactly the visual I had, Pigpen (aka Ribs) running Boston and a trail of "ashes" instead of dirt all over his behind etc.  Absolutel too funny! Big grin


    Ribs - we will definatley keep in touch as I look forward to meeting you and any other Master's that might be running Boston this year.  I have met Robin here in Maine before and run into Deez quite often as she vacations in OOB. I've met Erika, Twocat and several others in New York and actually ran into Erika at the finish line in Boston a few years ago.


    Well I actually took off from work early and on the way home decided not to be a "wimp" and got my 9 miler in outdoors.  So much better than running inside on the treadmill as far as I am concerned.  9 Miles - 1:24:45 (9:26) - a balmy 22 degrees at the start and I wasn't cold at all. Wink


    Have a great night everyone, I have an easy 5 on the books for tomorrow and 17 in store for Sunday.

      left work a bit early, got to david's school with about enough time to run a couple miles before he was done running. 2.5 miles, 23 minutes, in the pouring rain.


        I've met Erika, Twocat and several others in New York and actually ran into Erika at the finish line in Boston a few years ago.


        Yeah, I wonder what the odds of that were? Fun times... Unfortunately I won't be at Boston this year. I said last year was my last year, and while I won't say never again (hard to, it is one of my favorite races!), it'll be awhile before I do it again. Too many other states I need to get!


        I do find it odd that Ribs has never met Perchcreek. I guess I've run into him (and with him, at Ragnar Relay and Boston!) so much I figured Ribs had, too. That is an appropriate way to honor Joe, but I had to LOL at the thought of leaving him on the bus!


        Nice run, OM! I'd be smiling about that one, too!


        Well, someone forgot to pay the heating bill, or close the door, or something because it's just obnoxiously cold. Not as bad as it could be, but bad enough. January is typically our coldest month, but so far this January has been very nice to almost too warm (we had rain a couple weeks ago!!). But that's all changed in the past couple of days. It's -23° here and -35° down in town. And that's not windchill (wind is unusual at these temps). And it's supposed to be like this all weekend, with lows tonight in the -40 range and tomorrow -50'ish. Needless to say, I came home tonight and ran 4 on the treadmill. I should total up my treadmill miles this winter... ah, no, maybe not. Too depressing.

          Erika, I think it would be fun to add up your TM miles.

          OrangeMatBig grin great running today!!!


          I too am surprised that Perchreek and the Wiseone aka Spareribs have not met. I think taking Joe for his last run is a magnificent idea. I like the idea very much! I wish I could be there to help spread the ashes.


          After a very productive day at work I headed to the gym for a 3 easy TM miles, then some upper body and some lower body XT to finish up a great fitness week.


          Go RACERS goooooooo!!!!

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            Psst...hey, Holly...did you know the average temperature in Loiusville, KY on April 27th is between 53o and 69o?  Yep...that's what it is.




            OM - that Turkish get-up looks like it would be so easy to hurt myself trying it.....


            Watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green with the family last night, very heartwarming.


            5 miles for me on the TM on Friday, plus planks.

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