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Monday 2/25 Daily Thread (Read 47 times)

    Good morning, folks.


    Mike—that was some awesome run.  I’d be a little concerned about burning out but it sounds like it wasn’t a grind for you and you’ve got plenty of time until your race, so it’s all good.


    Yesterday’s race replaced the usual Monday speed work.  A nice slow healing 5.3 miles this morning instead.


    Have a great week.

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      1.9 walking, the some stretching at the Y. I feel very good.


      Heading off to C-R country today, for a one-day workshop on prospecting skills in Indianapolis.  Not bringing my running shoes. Will wear compression sleeves on plane.  See you all Wednesday!  Spareribs

        Good morning Tramps, good morning ohhh new ultra king Spareribs!


        Huge congrats to the wiseone on his first ultra adventure. Remember when I ran my first ultra and I called you after I finished the darn thing? Remember how excited I was about my conquest and how surprised you were?Clown.


        Deez4boys, great news about your Boston entrance!!! You go girlfriend!!!! BTW, when is grand baby coming?


        Well, No running for me since Friday, but I sure had a blast downhill skiing at Red Mountain, BC on Saturday and Sunday. Perfect weather conditions, a lot of new snow to make even a "not so good skier" like me look good, a lot of laughter with great friends, and tons of fresh air made this trip a very fun one.


        I hope each one of us sail through this week!

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

        King of PhotoShop

          Here are some random observations about the race. No real lessons learned here Tramps, but a story of bad advice on how to run one!





            Congratulations, Ultra-Spareribs!   Smile


            Running is stupid

              Wow Ribs - congrats on your first ultra, on doing so well and for feeling great today!!

              Posai -  very excited!!  granddaughter due 3/9 so really any day now!!


              3.1 miles on the treadmill today just to break in and test out new kicks!!  Felt great - I was running in Saucony Fast Twitch - too light weight for longer than a 1/2 marathon for me -- switched to Saucony Progrid Guide 6.


              Happy days my friends!!


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                Good eveing!


                Went to the eye doc this morning and am trying out some bifocal contacts.  So far, not thrilled.  I can see the computer at work and close-up stuff great, but cannot read street signs when I'm driving.  (not good) Basically, everything more than 8 feet from me is blurry.  Hmmm.  Going back tomorrow to pick up a different lens.


                No run for me this morning, just 30 minutes or so of core and weights.

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  Mike - I will echo what Tramps said, that was an AWESOME run!


                  Tramps - Congrats on the AG placement, I know what you mean about our age group.  Even when I don't place my times would often times be better than many of the younger age groups.


                  Ribs - What a great job on your Ultra, I never doubted you would do well, congrats on winning your age group.  Oh and I read your Blog too, very enjoyable read as always.


                  Deez - Congrats on getting a Boston bib, hopefully I'll see you there.  I am also volunteering again this year and should be at packet pickup on Friday.


                  Holly - Good luck with the new contacts, I'll be watching with interest in how you do with them.  I currently wear tri-focals and have no issues, but I am trying to decide on contacts or the possibility of lasic surgery.  I only started wearing glasses about 5-6 years ago...gotten much worse...freaking old age sucks!


                  We are rapidly approaching some record annual  snowfalls for southern Maine this year.  We could get anywhere from 6 to 12 inches again with an approaching mid-week snowstorm.  Howecer, we could get a good mix of rain along the coast.  This has been the touchest ear for running on the roads since I've been running the last 10 years.


                  Friday I got in an easy 5 miles in preparation for my long run on Saturday - 49:38 (9:56).

                  Saturday - 16 miles with 12 of my good running friends - 2:22:40 (8:56)

                  Sunday - three rounds of shoveling and plowing - rest day - NOT!

                  Monday - 5 miles east - 47:19 (9:28)


                  Hoping to run a nice 14 miler in York tomorrow with my buddy Matt, the weather is looking nice...midweek looks like treadmill weather.

                    Pretty thin daily today.  Where is everybody?  Maybe some of our (EST) late posters arf, evanflein or rhoon phast will show up to get us to another page.


                    rhoon phast I get cold just looking at the pictures you post of the tundra i where you live!  My DW and I are discussing yet again going up your way this summer.  But, as in the past, I suspect it is just talk.  One day though.


                    Spareribs I see from you article you did not take my advice to go out as fast as possible.  Wise man you are!  Wink


                    I ran 9 today.  I am scheduled to run 14 on Wednesday.  There is, however, one little problem with my plan.  On Wednesday it is supposed to rain all day around here.  If I have to run it on a TM . . .  Dead

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                      Hi folks,

                      Everyone must be snowed in today.


                      Ribs, congrats on the Ultra and the AG place.  Deez, congrats on Boston.


                      Jlynne:  good luck to DH  tomorrow,  hope your MRI shows no bad things.  get some sleep.


                      Re:  glasses and eyesight.  I just  took my every 5 year physical for my Merchant Marine credentials.  (probably for the last time).  The Doctor couldn't stop talking about my eyesight at my age (59,  20/20)  10 years ago I was 20/15 so I guess age is catching up with me Cool.  I told him I had to wear dollar store (I almost said Dime store Wink ) cheaters to read, and they have to keep getting stronger.  He said "Who Cares"


                      Just got back to Seattle today.  I had an interesting 4 nights in Las Vegas.  saw one interesting show,  ate some good meals,  did lots of people watching.  that was about it.    easy 3 miles this afternoon.

                      The Goofinator

                        TwoKitty - Are you like a real cat?  Hate to get wet?


                        Dive - The Hub wears dollar store cheaters.  Took me a long time to get used to seeing him in them.  Now I make fun of him every chance I get.  . . . . . . . not really . . . . . maybe . . . . . .


                        Great job yesterday, Ribs!  Congratulations!!


                        Was suppose to get up and do 4 this a.m., but battled a bad headache and being really tired all day yesterday, so I slept in.  So 4 EZ this evening in cold, windy conditions.  Now I'm just waiting for Coach Gary to get me my schedule for the rest of the week.  Think I'll go sit in a hot bath for awhile then check again.


                        Nite All ~


                        PS - Anybody know why some words in our posts are highlighted as links?

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                          Yeah!!! UltraRibs really impressed us all today.

                          Twocat, just be glad you are not in Seattle where most day is a rain day.

                          Fatozzig, good luck with your training schedule Clown.

                          Welcome back to Seattle, divechief!

                          Glasses, ohhh please let us not talk about it!!! I just finally realized that I am destined to use glasses ALL the time Dead.

                          Abuela Deez4boys, how exciting! We can't wait to meet the new addition to your family via picture.


                          Well, my DH picked me up from work and recruited me for his 4 miles run as the sun was setting over the mountains. After I gave him detailed instructions on how to grill salmon, I continued for an additional 2 miles to make this lovely run as a 6 miles recovery run.

                          When I returned home I devoured the salmon, mushed potatoes with lots of garlic, broccoli, green salad and some yummie roasted beets with fresh goat cheese...yummie!

                          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard