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    breger1 I saw the video and I am really glad to see how happy she was to get the cruise as a present.  Nicely done!


    Slo_Hand what a sweetie you are!  I hope someday the good karma from what you did pays you back in spades.


    tomwhite now you tell me!  Here I was going through small children instead of around them while running!  Are you telling me now, after all these years, that was not the right way to deal with them?  Confused


    mainerunnah we got lucky with the storm.  South-west CT was supposed to get 2-4" but as of now it looks more like 1" so perhaps you will come in on the low side as well.


    Tomorrow I hope to do a 1-2-1 walk-run-walk TM workout.  Unfortunately, there are no small children in my basement that I can practice running around instead of through.  I guess I could take a few stuffed animal toys we have and drop one on the TM every now and then . . . Wink  Yes, I do think I am funny!  Big grin

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    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

      2K - Big grin


      {{{Healing Hugs to all those suffering from the flu}}} knock on wood it won't hit us.  However, I view my bosses children as little petri dishes, and since they're around all the time, you never know when they're going to share.  Thus, I am back in the mode of keeping fingers out of eyes and nose.


      30 min on the stationary bike this a.m., followed by about 15 min of core.  I need to move the clock in my workout shed.  It's on the shelf under the TV front and center when I'm on the bike.  I swear I witnessed time go backwards this morning.

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        I took my 5 year old son Matthew and dog Ace out for a hike today.  The dog wanted to keep on going after an hour. My son I had to carry back on my shoulders!

        We went home to eat lunch,picked up my 16 year old son,then went sledding. I'm beat! Running up sledding hills in boots is a good workout!I

          Ye Olde 8 mile loop this morning...Over 40 miles for the week...Long run on tap for tomorrow...

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            Nice pics, Drake!

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