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    OrangeMat  . did have one minor fall - just means she's a real trail runner now!






    I’ve never done a ribs anything before but did one this weekend saved $30 by having son and two granddaughters in town instead of DOR registration for the Torchlight Parade 8K. However, I did get to the start of the parade on time for once. Somehow, with such a busy weekend though, I can’t find that $30 I saved.
    Leslie - WOW!
    OM - OW!
    Troy - thank you again.

    Let us know if you need anything in Seattle.. 

    Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

    T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


    Bushrat Runner

      I am relieved to report that I avoided the Econo-whack by running today. That was too close to comfort. 


      Went 8 miles. With the sporadic nature of my runs, they are all turning into harder efforts, but when you have a couple days between each run I guess that works okay. When I get back into a rhythm this fall I'll be glad for every run I got during the summer. 


      Tomorrow I'm headed out to show a researcher some areas of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes he is interested in. So no runs, but a good hike, back on Wednesday. 


      Keep running!

        Just got back from 5 days in the Carmel/San Francisco area. My DH planned this trip for our 15th wedding anniversary and a "milestone" birthday for me.  I need to catch up on what everyone's been up to but congratulations to all for whatever reason!  I just had to say how sad I felt as DH and I rode down the elevator of the Westin Hotel at 4:30 this morning with a bunch of folks running the San Francisco marathon today that I wasn't one of them.  DH and I did walk the Golden Gate bridge into Sausalito yesterday but how cool would it have been to run the marathon today....

          While cooking on the grill tonight, two huge ass bugs were buzzing me. They stopped at a lilac tree and it was two baby humming birds! While DW is out of town, I put up a picket fence by her newly planted peonies. They started buzzing into our trumpet vine. I ran and got the phone so I could get this little clip. It's a little grainy but you can see how one of them is a curios little bugger.


            Awesome trail initiation for OM there! Glad you guys had a good run together. Carolyn's gone from hardly meeting anyone to being quite the social runner these days! Looks like a lot of fun.


            Yay for Leslie, and I hope she checks in soon so we know everything is ok. That's her first long race in quite awhile and I was probably more worried for her than she was!


            Nice 20 miler Holly, and then tennis to boot. I don't care how bad you played, that's still a lot of activity after a long run. Hope you got a nap later.


            I feel like I've been on the injured or borderline injured forever. Not really, of course, it just feels like it, but since late June, pretty much yes. I feel like I'm just recovering from races, instead of getting in real training. Add in work, house stuff and watching stoopid bears and man, it seems like there's never enough time. Roll eyes My long runs have sucked since Boston. But I decided today I really needed to run 14 miles, no matter how long it took. My legs feel pretty good (for a change) and it's not as hot today as yesterday, so off I went. I drank a big glass of water before I left and took a 16.9 oz bottle of Nuun that I carried for the first 3 miles, drank some then stashed it. Stopped at the Hampton at mile 5 for a slurp from their water fountain, then again at mile 9.8 (return). Picked up the Nuun and drank the last of it at about 12 miles, then headed back up the hill, in the full sun. Oy that was hard. Lots of stops, most to rest in whatever shade I could find. This is ridiculous, but I made it... 14.3 miles done. Lost 6 lbs (in addition to what I drank) so I think a lot of my no-oomph dead legs on the way back up was dehydration. Temp was 75° and full sun. I should learn to run the trails in the woods when it's hot (and yes, that's hot for us).


            The other night when DH and I took the boat out on the river, it was about 80° and we met a visitor from Scottsdale, who said it felt as hot as at home. And we don't have much A/C around here.... he said he'd noticed that.

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              Troy’s shopping trips are very different than mine.



              Yeah, different from my shopping trips too. And I thought  I lived in the middle of nowhere....


              I finally have some time to really read the daily, after driving OM and her friend up to Estes Park for their running camp!  We had a great visit – man, I love meeting my virtual running friends in real life!  OM is absolutely delightful in person – exactly like I’d pictured her all these years we’ve been on-line friends.  She and her friend Lucy were a little out of their element on my mountain trails, but they both did great!  Maybe they were cursing me under their breath, but they both said they enjoyed the run.  I took them on the same trail where I took Mike, Skip, Seemomgo, SanSouci, and Erika – I love that trail, and I figure if I take all my visitors there, you’ll all be able to relate when I take a new victim visitor there!


              Mike – congrats to you and Ryan for a greta race!  Hermosaboy and CamScam – you too!  Not only do you guys get to run with your kids, you get to win races with them too!

              Looking forward to Leslie’s RR!  What an awesome accomplishment!

              Holly – nice 20 miler plus tennis! Good job being tougher than your DD!  How’s the kitchen looking today?

              Jay – welcome back, and nice racing!

              Opie – loved your “being present in the moment” comment.  Good thing to keep in mind.

              SteveP – why do you think those are baby hummingbirds?  They’re all small.  Ours all look like that – and we have swarms of them!

              Erika – way to git ‘er done! 75F is hot  here, too.


              I had a really nice 20 mile trail run yesterday,  before I went to the airport to pick up OM.  I ran the same trail where I did my first ever 20-mile run in April of this year, when I was first training for Wyoming.   I looked back at my log, and I did it 23 minutes faster.  I thought I was really running better - but I read my log from April and it said there was still significant snow on the north-facing slopes, and I even had to abandon the trail and run on the park roads for a bit because the snow was too deep still. So probably no comparison.  Oh, well, I still love trail running - and it 's not about the pace.

              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                It's DEFINITELY not about pace... It took us 1:45 to cover 7.1 miles. Yes, and hour and forty-five minutes. And yes, I was breathing so hard on the uphill start, Carolyn probably thought I was having an asthma attack... Wink But man, it was totally amazing! Hard, yes, but we did it, walking, jogging, climbing, and even a little bit of actual running. We stopped often, just to make sure we were all caught up with each other, and that helped too. My friend Lucy was the one who was initially cursing us both under her breath when we decided the distance would be 7 miles today. Me, I had no idea how I'd feel, just that I had faith in legs to get me through it all, and whatever would be, would be. And yeah, I even tripped and fell a little. Broke in my brand new pair of Brooks Pure Grit with a little bit of blood. Pretty awesome, eh? And Carolyn was the BEST host! Beautiful home, excellent cook and totally a great chauffeur and guide! Can't wait to come out there again and run that trail again...

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                  Oh and major congratulations to Leslie, woohoo!!

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                    Yesterday I took my son up to the mountains for a good hike; lots of wildflowers. The view from the top was panoramic! MT Jefferson, MT (stoopid autocorrect) Washington, 3 Fingered Jack and the Three Sisters.




                    Pictures, please!  This sounds gorgeous!


                    Wildchild and OM - love the pictures!  I love reading about RA get-togethers, very cool.


                    Erika - even if your running is not doing so well, you're still going to kick my butt at Equnox.  By the time I get down the mountain, you'll be showered, changed, fed, and on your second glass of wine....

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                      SteveP – why do you think those are baby hummingbirds?  They’re all small.  Ours all look like that – and we have swarms of them!


                       The vid is grainy. We've thought there was a nest on the property. These have similar coloration, but softer hues of the slightly larger pair. These had a curiosity that isn't often seen in mature animals. While grilling, they were around my head, that's why I thought they were large bugs at first. While they were feeding from the trumpet vine, one was very much checking me out. The assumedly mated pair pay us little heed as they go about their business.