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Sat 12/8 - Am I worthy to start the Daily? (Read 342 times)

    An easy 5 this morning.It was like running in a snow globe,gotta love the first big fluffy snow flake snow of the year run(atleast I do).Hope everyone enjoys their runs this weekend!



      Anybody can start the daily????  Surprised  I learn something new all the time!


      Sorry about the plank, Ribs!  Sad


      I slept in!   Now for some Christmas shopping and a run this afternoon.  I'll call this my taper.   Cool


      Running is stupid

        Thanks for jumping in and kicking us off today Drake.


        I slept in a little longer than usual, went out to breakfast with Cindy (my wife for those new people), and then around 11:00 I got out in the snow for a slow 6.87 miles.  We got about 1-2 inches of wet snow this morning. 


        It probably says something to my poor character, but I love these weekends when my daughter and granddaughter are both gone. My daughter is in Florida meeting her boyfriend's parents and friends and the kid is up north with her other grandparents for the weekend.  I like doing what I want when I want.  I wonder if I would get bored if it was always this way.  

        And so it goes

        janie b good

          4.21 miles (untimed) in light rain, 54* temp.


          and my jones sugar-free black cherry soda is flat.  and i just opened it = seriously sad day.


          i've never in my life started the daily.  ever.  THANK YOU to those who do!

          goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

            bike, you did a good thing.  Based on Twocat's commentary, I also think it's a good thing you and the lady involved kept it a secret.  Mike, I got a kick out of Eric's adventures.  I'm so glad that everything turned out well.  My thoughts are with you and Eric as he continues to grow.  I look forward to more good stories.  Holly, I imagine your daughter is excited about being on the float, to say nothing of you and your husband.  Good job on the 2nd in AG for Slo.


            Nice long run for Mike.


            This morning when I went out, it was in the low 30s and there was a light wind.  There was also a light rain which changed over to a light snow and then a medium snow during my run.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:59 pace.


            A good day and good runs for all.



              Went for a 9.5 mile run around the lake with friends this morning instead of running the 5K race this evening. 


              Happy Hanukkah.



              King of PhotoShop

                Back from working packet pickup and wow am I tired!  Saw Jim Chaney (remember jjchaney from Coolrunning?) and Tim Vandagriff (remember wa5yom, from Oklahoma?) and had a super time.  The race is huge of course and I've done this job for years and I love it.  I hope  a few hours on a cement floor doesn't get in my way.


                I did buy a pair of gloves that are neon green however, but I won't need them tomorrow.  I'm a bit worried about the high temps, low 60's and humid, which is not great news, but I will put negative thoughts out of my head once the alarm goes off. I am so pumped about this race.  Spareribs


                  Late post for me today. Pretty busy at home. Things are improving every hour but of course there are lots of adjustments for everyone. Thankfully we have lots of family close by and some really great friends. One of which brought dinner tonight. Roast, candied carrots, egg noodles and made from scratch brownies. Wow.


                  I did manage to get a long run today on the treadmill with some intermittent stops to help DW. 13.5.


                  Great stories today and way to jump right in Drake.


                  Now for movie night with the kids. Astro Boy is on the marque.



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                    Timbo, you warm my heart.  Thankyou.

                    Mike E, I can't wait for the next installment of Eric, the new driver.  It is great hearing how he has become responsible.


                    I had a most glorious 5.1 mile run today.  My goodness, the SUN came out for just a little while.  Smile  It was actually shining on my face while I ran, yet was still so weak and low in the sky, that I wasn't squinting at all, but I'll take it.  I don't think I've seen the sun in a month!!!  Definitely NOT while running at 6am!


                    I wore my new tights that I bought Thurs night.  I had to get out of that running store real quick before I blew even more money!  It was almost too warm for tights (42F?), but I wore them anyway.  And ran faster than I expected.  Indeed a great run.


                    But.  Before I went for my run, I made the kids run a mile with me.  I gave them a choice, I will sign you DS12 up for lacrosse this spring, and you DD10 up for a running club (unlike me, she is a natural), OR, you have to go running with me whenever I tell you to.  They chose the running with me option.  So we all went trucking down the street, walking, jogging, sprinting, and again, a lot of walking.  It was so joyful for me.  DD wants to do 2 miles tomorrow.  She kicked my ass sprinting up a hill on the way home.

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                       I am so pumped about this race.  Spareribs


                      Us, too!  Can't wait to hear about it!


                      Enke - awesome dragging your kids out. I can't keep up with either of mine in the short distance, either.  I have gotten DS15 into audiobooks, and it made me laugh to hear him say the other day, "I tell myself I won't listen to the next installment unless I am on the TM."....Smile


                      DD's basketball team won 37-12, but what made me most proud is how, once their team had a good lead, DD spent all her time making sure the ball got to those girls who don't normally get a lot of play. Her show of sportsmanship was more powerful than the 10 points she made.

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                        Another 5 on the swimming to go...


                        And by the way Drake...we don't bite...

                          6 miles today with my weekend running group...hoping for 9 tomorrow....Light at the end of the Tunnel is starting to look promising...really starting to enjoy myself running again.

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                            Drake personally I was not all that sure you should be considered worthy of the very great honor of starting the daily.  But anybody with a teen driving story that can top mine is good to go in my book!  Wow!  Are teenage boys stupid or what? Wink  Personally, I think it is a miracle I am alive!  Heck it is a miracle any number of people I knew back then are alive.  Roll eyes


                            Mike E what did you do to raise somebody that skipped being a teenager?  Whatever it was you could make millions by patenting it!


                            runr_nut sorry but no I do not!  Snow, snow stay way.  Come again to a ski resort out west but stay away from CT!  Okay, it does not rhyme but the sentiment is right. Joking


                            I had a very happy first night of Chanukah!  Now, I have to confess (Editor:  uh . . . wrong religion there . . . Twocat:  Hmm, good point not sure what word to use . . .) that I did not really observe the holiday properly.  But, I did get an absolutely awesome present from my SIL and her DH!  (To boot, neither of whom are members of the tribe!)  Somehow my SIL's DH scored a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon!   Now, I bet few here have any idea what that means.  But this stuff is impossible to get.  Just impossible.  The Wall Street Journal even had an article announcing its coming fall distribution to retailers.  Personally, I have been working on getting my local distributor to sell me a bottle for over a year now.  No dice.  Distributor's get maybe a half dozen bottles and they generally sell them to their very best customers (read a restaurant). For an ordinary consumer to get a bottle, well that is like a Chanukah miracle!  I still cannot believe he did it!   If you have any question about how difficult this bourbon is to get take a look at the retail price and compare it to what a bottle sells for on eBay.  How the heck did he get a bottle . . .  A very happy Twocat here in CT today!

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                              got in a 3 mile run this morning with my dogs. They just love the wknds when they've figured out I'm not going to work, which is usually about 7:30 a.m. They are going to overjoyed when I'm off work for 1.5 wks, starting the 21st.


                              Originally, I wasn't planning on taking the 21st off, but then got to thinking that if the world does end, I probably should be at home and not working. but then I won a pair of tickets to the symphony and a gift card to a restaurant for that evening, so now DH and I are going out while DS stays overnight at my parents house. So, I guess if the world ends that night, I'll at least have gotten in a good meal and some beautiful music.  I still plan on wrapping Christmas presents the next morning though.


                              DS, DH, my dad and three of my sons friends are having a boys night out tonight to celebrate my son's bday (tuesday). they are at a hockey game. So, I made his bday cake tonight for the family bday celebration we will have tomorrow. A track and field themed cake. Probably not one of my better attempts at a bday cake though.


                                Hi Drake. I'm another runner with a carp shoot schedule. 




                                Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it!


                                And to all a relaxing weekend!