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Sunday the 27th Runs, etc. (missing Miami ...) (Read 453 times)

    ummm, my 10k race pace was slower than rbb's 22mi pace. Shocked ran negative splits, time 39:49-ish.(6:24) legs, etc felt good, but my heart rate is still on the high end... averaged something near 165bpm, peaking at 169... yikes. it usually takes 3-4 weeks after a marathon for my aerobic system to recover, so i'm still in the process. anyway, a neg. split race is always more fun... so i'm looking forward to some faster stuff during the week too. we avoided the rain, just some breezes; a humid, tropical run... really sweaty. met the new fast master's guy in town and chatted. oh, and my 11 year old pal walter didn't show... he was part of a hard relay race yesterday, and the whole squad of uber-kids skipped the race today, thank god. Wink
      15 miles, it felt pretty hard. I had one of those moments at 13 miles thinking, ok, now if I was in a marathon, I'd only be half-way right now Sad Tall, peanut butter pie sounds absolutely REVOLTING to me. I will have to take your word for it. The pizza however..... Breerger - sorry to hear you are still sick. Just bad timing. Good runs, walks, x-cross training all of you!

      "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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        ....and what was really running buddy and I (after a few miles) noticed that the hair on our legs were frozen and white....
        Big grin But seriously, you were in shorts, and it was 26 degrees?!

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          It sure would be nice to see roller skating pictures.....Hint


            Larry, I know how you feel... my run wasn't a PR on the TM, but it was long! Ray... WOW. That's an amazing long run. Test yourself, indeed! Holly, how was the skating party? I haven't done that in ages. As I recall, my ankles always feel sore afterwards. And today was even colder than yesterday (-39 this morning, -19 now as our "high" temp for the day at 5:23 pm....). I need to get gas for the car and we haul our drinking water from my parents' house (our well has very hard, iron-rich water that even with all the treatments we do it isn't tasty...), so I'll be heading out in a few to get those chores done before the week starts up. It should warm up to almost zero tomorrow and Tuesday, so that'll be nice. DS1 had soccer this afternoon and DS2 is at soccer now. Tall... yum. I don't know what Enke's problem with PB pie is, but it sure sounds good to me! I'm sure it has some chocolate in it... right? And homemade pizza... I've been meaning to do that for ages. 12.25 miles today... on the treadmill. A little over 11 of that running: Miles 1 thru 5 at 9:05 Miles 6 and 7 at 8:57 Miles 8 thru almost 11 at 8:34 Last 2:30 minutes at 8:20 just because. Listened to the first disc of our German language series... stopped after an hour and started it over again. It's been so long since I practiced German! Was nice to do a little over 4 at just over marathon pace. Hard to believe a week ago I ran a marathon in the sunshine next to the ocean. *sigh* Oh well. Got my relay legs and van assignment today (thanks, MC!!)... Woo hoo! I am sooooo looking forward to that. Turns out that my first 20 mile run is scheduled for that Sunday after the relay... Maybe I'll try to squeeze something in Sunday morning before I leave, or just skip it. Heh.


              Ray, that gets my vote for RUN OF THE DAY. BAP and MC, way ta rip. Breger1, bummer about the half. GWS Ran with Beth from down the block. She's a natural born runner, her late 20's now. In 10/05 she's started running at a friends urging. She was somewhat athletic but no intense interest in a sport, had done some aerobics. In 11/05 she ran her first 16 mile trail race. BQed in 4/06 at her first marathon. Rarely runs over 40 miles a week. Runs basically "when she feels like it". We biked to DAMascus, and ran the AT south, then biked home. It took all day. 18.67 by bike 20 and change by hoof on the mountain. the middle 6 miles still had the same 2" of snow and ice from 10+ days ago. Beautiful hoar frost above 3400' Afterwards, DW and I had Chili, beer, and brownies with Beth and her manDan. Fun but hard day, JJJ
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                Hi everyone, Just read through today's thread to catch up. It's been a while since I've posted, but have tried to read up on y'all every so often. Some boomers are missing and I may head over to kickrunners where I see alot of familar faces. It's been too dang cold to run here in MN, but I've been to the gym a few times. Just got back from another bridal shower for DD2 in the twin cities. Breeger, good choice to not race today. Your training will carry through to the next race. Mc, I’m sure you had a great race today, will check later. I’ve gotta swap out some solarmix 2 & 10 for something else…. Thanks for the music, though. DaveinAA has some good stuff too that I have to download. Stumpy, I like to make those first tracks in the snow too, and am sometimes tempted to make a snow angel or two! Holly, so you’re doing another marathon, good luck to you, you’ve got the guts to do the training in this cold winter training season. I guess Boston has lots of boomers out in this inclement weather. I remember Robin posting about how hard it was to get out to train for Boston the last couple of years. Dale, you’ve got great weather for the outdoor party! 30F is just perfect for making snowballs! BAP, nice hilly run (or race, how did you place?)… I usually can’t find many hills here on the plains, but in the Twin Cities today did a 3 miler with several long hills,,, nice workout. Then I went to yoga class with DD2 at Liftime Fitness. I bailed after 30 minutes and went to the weight room. My right foot is so painful due to arthritis, or an injury or who knows what! I can’t bend it to support my weight doing the yoga poses. At least I can run, swim, bike, waterski, scuba dive and walk. Hi Arf! Long time no see. Mary, 2 hours for 10 miles isn’t bad! I’d be happy with that time. Spring is coming…..Congrats on the lucky win of health club memberships, they cost a fortune, don’t they? Nonoruns, you can run on the beach as long as there is snow… otherwise that’s torture for us Northerners to listen to J. Hey Tim in OK, we ran in the same temps today, it was 25 at 9 when I went out in MN! What did YOU wear? DH, good run with that bum knee, what did the Doctor say? Hallar, 10miles on the TM sound like torture, good for you though. Ray, you always amaze me with your runs and pace (and on your lunch hour often). Wow, what are you training for, Boston? Hi Paul! Mc, you are a slacker (just kidding). Erika, I don’t see you crank out those miles on the TM either, good running. What relay are you running? SteveP, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I have kept you in my prayers these last weeks and pray that the healing process has begun. It does take time. Well, I have 12 weeks to the half marathon in St. Cloud, MN if I choose to run it. My son lives there, and I think we can make it a family affair. They have a 5 K also.... I just need to make a commitment.
                  Finally got out for a nice recovery run before dinner. Halfway through I was on the new rubberized track behind my son's school to get in another mile, running it easy in the dark, just a distant street light to help me see. The white lines between the lanes glowing. Surreal effect of feeling pulled along the straightaways. Like I was standing still and the lines were moving. Very cool. Could have run forever. Some nice positive splits on the way back. Big grin
                    Hi Starr! Good to see you posting! The relay I'm doing is in Arizona, with a motley team put together by mcsolar. I'm so looking forward to it, even though he's projected me to run at 9 something pm and 4:30something on Saturday morning! Shocked Oh well, it's all good. Less chance of sunburn that way, right? And the treadmill is just cuz it's so damn cold out now... I could do a few mile in -20, but not 11.... which is what I ran today on my treadmill listening to the first German lesson CD...

                      Hi everyone, BAP, nice hilly run (or race, how did you place?).
                      1603/4989, 161/385 in AG. 5,000 people in freezing temperatures in January on a tough course is pretty amazing, even in New York. There were 2,777 finishers last year. There's another half in the Bronx in 2 weeks but I'm going to run it as a training run again and target the Brooklyn Half in April. Thanks for asking Smile

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