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Rehab Thread - Starting it up again (Read 856 times)


    TW - sorry to hear, hoping it gets better soon.


    I did a run/walk outside today.  No idea on the mileage, or time.  But I do know I'm running more, and I'm back up to my big loop (instead of cutting it short).  It feels nice to get out there & run Smile   3 workouts 2 weeks ago/2 this last week.  Going for week three - at least 3 workouts. 


      Two sets of 10/2's this morning! And the weight machines too Smile Just had to share.. its started to feel good again. Yeay!

        Cool........Way to go RIN///////

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


          I ran 25 minutes straight today Smile     Hey, so where is everyone? 


          How are you doing TW?