Masters Running


Woohoo Wednesday Dec 4th (Read 34 times)

    C-R may all your flights land on time.


    lamerunner given what just happened in Detroit I imagine there will be a lot to talk about at the bankruptcy conference.


    Spareribs nice of you to volunteer for packet pickup duties.  Good luck in the race I will keep my fingers crossed for your near 1:50 time goal.


    deez4boyz wow, what a pair of back-to-back days with those two shifts!


    roachrunner and henrun in December any week is a good week to be heading south!  Some are just better than others.


    stumpy77 your tomorrow sounds does not sound like fun.  Waking up at Jay o'clock is nothing to take lightly!  Especially without any power!  Joking


    Holly S. I am going to second or third your decision to get a new dentist.  I know from family experience that they vary in their abilities quite a bit.


    tomwhite you need the cool pillow, or was that the warm pillow, or the acutemp mattress, or . . . Cool


    evanflein so after a week in Hawaii you are going back to Alaska?  In December?  If you are being blackmailed let us know and we will get the authorities on it right away!  Big grin


    CNYrunner man this post I am writing better not do one of those disappearing acts!  Man does that get me Angry!


    Dave59 yea this earn a living thing sure is a pain at times!


    Mike E I think the universe credits us with 2 miles for every 1 done on a TM.  So by my book that was a 20 mile tempo run!


    tselbs see note above, that is 8 road miles.


    No running for me today.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to do 11.  Constant weather checking for my marathon on December 14 continues unabated.  Like watching it all the time will somehow make it perfect running weather?  Roll eyes

    Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

      The day it is finally over for me and it seems like I missed a lot of fun postings around here.

      Cold morning turned into cold day and colder night around here. It supposed to get to 1F tonight, much colder considering the wind.

      Another TM recovery run today, 4 miles plus some awesome upper body training time. That was fun!


      Now it is time to find dinner and get a glass of red wine, I think I deserve it after tonight's Community Action Council board meeting.

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard