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    but whatever you do, DON'T flap them 13 times.


      Hey kids! TW....oh. my. I am laughing so hard, I snorted and woke up Hudson (snoring on my lap---all 75 pounds of him!) He crawls up onto my lap whenever I sit on the futon couch, but never any other chair. Love this furry child of mine.


      Layering is key to getting through the winter runs and i do whatever I can to avoid treadmills.  I run outside as much as possible (bearing in mind that I grew up in Upstate NY's snow belt, was a hockey mom, and worked for several years in Northern, NY where the air temp. in February is -20 for weeks) Anyhoo---go for light layers if you do layer---heavier is not better especially if you sweat a whole lot. Dress for your last mile and not your first. Sometimes I throw my socks and mittens in the dryer for a few minutes before I head out so my hands and feet are toasty. Keep your core, extremities, and head warm and you'll be fine.


      Ran 6 miles this afternoon---sunny and crisp at 23 degrees.


      Sorry about the lack of rest for you C-R, but so glad to hear your wife's care was great and she got some sleep.


      Hang in there Mike with the flight and good luck with the running. wildchild's advice is the best.


      Back to NYC tomorrow, but just for the day, so no CP run tomorrow.

        I've done a few big-event races, and I don't need to do them anymore. I much prefer the smaller, simpler, friendlier races. In most cases, if I can get a banana and some water after a race, I'm happy.

        Amen, brother.


        Take it easy, Mike.  I'll be driving all day on the 13th, so I think your odds are better than mine.

        We're heading up to northern NH for a quick family holiday visit.  Two of my siblings work on christmas so this was the weekend that worked for us.  I see Saturday's high is forecast for 7F, so maybe it'll be a running holiday, too. I really don't want to pack a whole suitcase of running gear just for one or two short runs on icy roads.  Call me a wimp.


        I'm wrapping up old work and transitioning into my new job (which starts in earnest Jan 10), which means I've got quite a bit on my plate right now.  I've decided some down time from running might be in order to maintain some balance, so it's been minimal miles for me.  A nice 5-miler this morning, though.


        Hope everyone's well.

        mustang sally

        Bad faerie

          Just back in from a couple of days in Edmonton.


          ZOMG, -22C, snowing, windy.  Who the hell knew it was this cold in Canada in the winter?  It's never like this in the part of Canada where I live.  Whose stupid idea was that?!  As I sat at the airport yesterday, watching the snow and wind howl across the prairie, the only colour in the scene being the neon green de-icing fluid they were spraying on the aircraft, I might as well have been on the moon.  I was so glad to come home to mere rain.


          I'll be even gladder if we land this contract and I find myself sentenced to six weeks in Edmonton in February or so, but that just speaks to how much I want the business.  I hope I look fetching in a fur-lined parka.


          In the meantime, swam hard this morning and hope to ride with my club tomorrow.  I have a string of out-of-towners visiting between now and Christmas, including Mr Impossible and my mother (not overlapping - I'm not ready for that yet), so must tidy up and plan fun things to do in the rain.  I'll certainly take him running at Thetis - I hope the mud and crazy trails delight him.  If not, it's probably doomed anyway.


          DS leaves for three months as an intern in NYC in the new year - am trying to think of a good gift for a young hipster who's packing light.  Suggestions?


            Thanks for all the good advice folks! Layers and throwaways it is then. Although, if it's anything like today, none of it will be necessary, thankfully. Well, at least not for the race, the mountains in a week from tomorrow is another thing altogether.


            I actually do hail from colder climates and recently received an early Christmas gift from Ye Olde Country: a long-sleeved running shirt made out of merino wool. I have worn it twice already and discovered fast that a) I need to wear a shirt underneath or them nipples are gonna bleed, b) wet wool smells like wet sheep, and c) it's really nice on top of a shirt when I am not sweating too much. I like the color and the idea of wearing a natural, renewable fabric, but, alas, it's not the most practical shirt I own.


            Mike: don't worry about it being the 13th. Superstition brings bad luck anyways!


            C-R: hope your wife recovers fast and well.


            Ran my 4x1600 and surprised myself a bit with the pace I could keep (7:13, 7:16, 7:11, 7:07 w/ 400 jogging in between; all in all 8.7 miles). Not sure I can hold that pace for all 13.1 miles, but since it's downhill and I'll be more rested, I may just give it a try 

            MM #5615

              You guys scared me for a seat 13 on the way down, but on the way back I'm in seat 13C...but that will be on the 15th...but I don't even think about the trip back until I make it down there.


              Okay, I have to get up a little past Jay in the morning, so I'm heading to bed....oh, crap!  I gotta pack.