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3.5.13 Tuesday Daily (Read 44 times)

The Goofinator

    . . . so every third pickup truck that went by had a plow attached to the front of it.  I came vary close to being hit hit by one of them, too.  The guy passed a car on the shoulder--the shoulder I was running on.  I could feel the plow blade almost touching my was kind of scary.



    Shocked  Glad you're alright, Mike!

    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

      Leslie, I am sorry to hear that your running buddie and friend is moving away. I know that it is the hardest for the one who is staying behind, but with modern technology one can stay connected as one desires. Praying for another running buddie for you in your local area.


      I am thrilled to see how many people from here were able to sign up for the Light at the End of the Tunnel today. I understand that the race was full in 7 hours...unbelievable.

      Those of us who were away from our PC due to work were not able to get in. Cry. My next move is to sign up as a volunteer pre-race and hope I get in.


      Ohh well life goes on. Regardless of me racing on not,. I will be there at the finish line with champagne and food.


      Running, I did run 8 miles with 8x1 mile reps with 800m slower pace. I did not know that this was a Hanson plan. I just thought it sounded easier to run than running 5 at tempo since I had a long day at work and I was sorely dehydrated.

      and this was all on the TM...Zombies eat brains? Approve


      Mike, I am glad you are OK!!!

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      Bushrat Runner

        Swam another mile. I actually finished it after only 40 or 45 minutes, but I was pretty much thrashed so I called it good. I was trying to keep a rhythm and just get up and down the pool, and after a while I realized two things. First, it was working and I was really ahead of where I usually am. Two, I was dying, and my strokes were getting ragged. So I took a little break, stretched, did a couple easy laps, then swam the butterfly!!! It kills me to do it, but I love that stroke, now that I can actually do it. But that was it. Swam a cooldown and out of there.


        Two of my coworkers were over swimming in another lane. They were taking a break when I swam fly, so I got an ovation for that lap!


        We grasp at all avenues of encouragement, don't we. Fun though.


        I think this is the first time in my entire life I've enjoyed any sort of upper body workout. I always just did them occasionally because I thought I should. But fly is fun. And boy is it an upper body workout.


        Sorry, back to the regularly scheduled running program...good runs all.

          Good job on the butterfly, Rhoon. My brother used to do that competitively and qualified for All American with that. He reminded me of a porpoise in the water when he swam, just incredible. My sister also swam competitively, and my dad swam for U of Minnesota in college. Me? I take after my mom. I can swim, but it ain't pretty. Or efficient. But I can get to point B from point A eventually.


          Nancy, I can't believe you didn't make it into that race!! Is that the fastest it's ever filled? Wow....


          Mike, I've had drivers swerve toward me, forcing me up onto the snowberm or into the ditch. Really pisses me off, but drivers don't seem to think you have a right to the road in the winter. The attitude here is, you should be on the bikepath! I say, sure, let me see you run on that mess and then I'll do it! I can't wait for spring.... Glad you're ok.


          I got out a little earlier today for my run, trying to catch the last of the warmest part of the day as well as more daylight. Still cold down by the lake, but it was in the mid-20's for my run today and felt great! 6.2 miles, around 8:29 avg pace with several hilly bits. It's going to be colder tomorrow, but I'm still going to try the after work-from work run again. It seems to help the evening go so much better to have the run out of the way before we get home.


          Went to Lincoln tonight at our favorite bar/movie house. It's a good thing we don't go to movies much more; it's the only time I order a burger. But it was really good, and I ordered a salad instead of fries, so I won't be too upset with myself tomorrow morning. Oh, the movie was really good, but what a terrible time in our history.