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Yakima River Canyon Marathon RR (Read 52 times)

    What beautiful scenery.  Congrats on beating your goal and enjoying yourself.



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      congrats on another one.  beautiful pictures, brings back some memories.   thanks for the RR and the pictures


        Hi Mariposai,


        Thanks for the greta RR! You had a terrific attitude, especially at that altitude. Thanks for the course photos - that place is drop-dead gorgeous. Congrats on approaching the race with good smarts, achieving goals, and catching sight of the big horns.



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          Congratulations!  This looks like a beautiful race. Love the pics.

            What an awesome race, beautiful photos!  I love it all. Your smart race plan, your goals, your determination, your final time.  I can't imagine driving 3 hours, running a marathon and driving home all in one day!  You go, girl.

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              The pictures are beautiful, and what a great report. Thanks for sharing, Mariposai. Congrats!

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                Beautiful pictures and report. Thanks for sharing this.



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                  Oh, Nancy - what a beautiful race!  You are so right that traveling that route on foot lets you soak in all the beauty in a way that you would never get in a car.  Wonderful race and report!


                  (I tell you what, though, running the first half at HM pace sure makes the 2nd half very difficult.  I think your time was excellent, given the givens.  Nice job!)

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                    that really was an excellent race given the amount of training, Nancy! This sounds like such a beautiful course and enjoyable marathon. The pictures, as beautiful as they are, probably don't do it justice!