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Wednesday's Daily, 6.19.13 (Read 45 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Right, Tramps: It's always something. Flies could be an improvement on cicadas, unless they are biters.


    Stumpy, just don't wear your running gear on the business ends of your trip, and visa versa!


    Welcome back, lurker-Lamerunner! The Notch was a great place to spend Father's Day, and I'm glad you beat the weather on the way down.


    Wildchild, I'm glad you decided to take it easy yesterday - was beginning to wonder if you knew how to do that!


    Sorry about all the rain, and the soupy running weather, Ribs. It'll pass, eventually.


    PBJ, only you would get someone Silly String for graduation - but it's a great thought! Congrats to PBJstr #1!


    OM, I agree that you shouldn't take your running too seriously: sluff off the bad days and races, and bask in the joy of the good ones. Congrats on your under-25 (even with the clowning around) 5K on Sunday!


    Good negative splits on your run yesterday, TSelbs!


    Twocat - Yes, you are funny! And yes, rubbery legs do help (to an extent). Waiting for repair parts to arrive is like waiting for water to boil...


    Steve, the Father's Day dinner sounds like a blast for you, Roman, and Noah.


    Dees, I'm going to have to look up lsagenix - I have no idea what that is! I'm glad you got in a good early-morning run yesterday.


    Mustang Sally - out of sympathy for your bkie crash(es), I'll stay out of summery dresses for as long as you do - and maybe a little longer... Apprenticeships (exploring new horizons), short or long, are almost always good for the body and brain. But try to limit the number of crashes, OK?


    Divechief, thanks for the MM info. Quadzilla - wasn't my favorite movie, but it was OK.


    Holly, it's always good to keep one's teeth in perspective (as well as in your mouth...).


    Too many meetings yesterday (including one in which we discussed a possible 60-acre conservation easement to be purchased by the town), and a late dinner (we hosted friends who are in the middle of revamping their French restaurant in Portsmouth). I really needed some extra sleep this morning, so I didn't venture out on the roads. But I (and those around me) will be much better off for that extra hour's sleep. We canceled our cable TV contract yesterday - we were paying way too much for the 2-3 stations that we watched. So now we'll get our TV on our laptops via Aereo and Hulu. Should be an interesting experiment.


    Have a greta Wednesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Great start as always Jay and Good Morning! We cancelled cable as well and with Hulu, Net Flicks, Apple TV and Roku we are completely happy (also plug into BBC with a region 2 cable). The lower bill (still have some payment for Internet) is welcome!

      heart hurts for you as you see Annabelle (sp?) off on this next chapter and I am sure you'll be visiting.


      I love Mustang Sally's posts. I know she is a math and science whiz (among other things) but what a beautiful writer too.


      Ran to CrossFit this morning (3.4 miles) and then the workout was a doozy---weighted lunges, pull-up practice--mine with a CNY sized rubber band assist, 1 mile run for time (7:02) on a loop around the CrossFit gym, 100 weighted sit-ups as fast as possible, 100 weighted good mornings as fast as possible and 1 mile run for time to close (6:56) Ran home 3.4 miles. 8.8 running miles and working my Olive Oyl arms :-)


      Glad to hear you are off the heart meds. Tallrunner


      Jaw still scraping the ground after reading about Erika's amazing runs!


      Off on the road again for work this afternoon...Be Well peeps!

         I love Mustang Sally's posts. I know she is a math and science whiz (among other things) but what a beautiful writer too.



        (Yes, I'm aware of the irony of responding to a post about beautiful writing with a standardized, overused "+1". )


        Jay, welcome to the no-cable club.  We haven't had it in years; in fact we can't get it down our sparsely populated dirt road (though that will change in the coming years).  No satellite either.  We do have an old-fashioned antenna to get broadcast channels.  The only thing I miss is hockey.  I only get to see games on network TV--like tonight!


        I just happen to have worked on something recently that required me to look up the numbers for US households:

        Broadcast TV only


        Wired cable


        Fiber optic




        You'll note that doesn't add up to 100%.  That's because there are now "zero TV" households (about 4% and growing), most of which  watch TV but do it using some version of Internet.  "Traditional" TV viewing---sitting down to watch something as it's being broadcast--is declining so fast that, starting this Fall, Nielsen is counting recorded DVR viewing and other streaming options as part of its ratings.  This is very controversial since many ads are time-sensitive and one of the attractions of DVR's is being able to skip the ads.  Advertisers don't want to pay for viewers who won't see the ad until after the sale is over, for example, or who never see the ad at all.  The TV industry business model is eroding fast, especially as younger people flee traditional television.


        Did I mention I ran 10 miles today?


        Bonus fun fact: Netflix streaming is so popular that it routinely accounts for about one-third of all North American downstream traffic between 9 p.m. and midnight.

            I only get to see games on network TV--like tonight and since the Bruins are playing that's all that really matters anyway!



          ftfy Big grin

            Ha.  It would be nice to see hockey more regularly.  I tried watching the last couple of games on my desktop, streaming from a European site that has many sports feeds but it's just not the same; I need the big-screen experience.

            janie b good

              tramps... that was very interesting.  hubby and I have been debating whether or not to give up cable... but I think we'd miss our sports.  and we aren't too keen on going to local bars to watch the games.  guess we could listen on radio.  it's a thought.


              4.22 miles for me in sunny, 68* weather.  got out early (for me) this morning 'cause I have a paint guy coming to give me an estimate on painting the exterior of the house-- one of those jobs that I leave to the professionals.


              tomorrow I have a trail run planned (maybe).  I have new dining room furniture being delivered and still have yet to hear what time they are coming.  good news is that y'all can come for thanksgiving dinner this year now that I will have furniture!  Big grin

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                I went to the gym for a session with a trainer.  It's been 2 weeks since I did any kind of run or workout and I almost canceled today but I gave it a shot and I survived.  I get a little better every day.  Just a little headache and sore throat lingering.  My biggest issue is how little I've been able to sleep the last 2 weeks so I am just plain old tired.  Normally I crash for a solid 8 every night.


                I still like my cable so I'm keeping it.  AT&T U-Verse which I guess is technically fiber.  Gives phone, TV and internet,  I also have a Roku with NetFlix and Amazon Prime.  Probably could save something by cutting back somewhere.

                Humanity runs on coffee.


                  I'm on the DL again-same old low back pain and L ITB. Started acupuncture this morning and felt much better-was able to walk over 1 mile to get groceries afterwards. Plan on another session next Monday before our Canadian driving trip at end of week.

                  we have basic cable which we get at a senior rate. Don't watch much tv except for news and PBS- and the Bruins on network tv,of course!

                  King of PhotoShop

                    I agree about Mustang. I love Mustang.


                    Chicago would be my sentimental favorite but for the fact that Doug Jarvis is now with the Bruins, so I am rooting for them.  Last night the Heat looked to be in big trouble and their fans streamed out of the arena thinking it was over.  Then when the Heat came back, so did the fans, trying to get back in. But they were not allowed to.  Serves them right.


                    Eighter from Decatur with a mess of 400's mixed in. I was dead by the time that was over.  Spareribs.

                      janie b good just need an address!  Do you want all your RA guests to bring wine, flowers or other items that need no cooking?


                      coastwalker I have thought about doing that.  My DW and I watch very few channels and very few shows.


                      No run for me today but tomorrow I meet up with my old training partner for one.  It is so nice to have somebody to run with again!  Next month I will start marathon training for the fall.  Now I just need to pick a race.  My rule is to try to avoid repeating states.  So I am looking for one outside of NY, CT, MA, DC, FL, NJ, WI, and MT.  I also want to avoid marathons people call a "challenge."  I find running 26.2 miles challenging enough thank you!  Any ideas for a well run race that meets these requirements?  I know Chicago is a natural pick but I am not sure I want to do a 20k+ person race again this year.

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                      Maniac 505

                        Holly wrote:  "Dive - do they ever have triples or quadzillas in the Midwest, or just on the west coast?"


                        Holly, I know there are some on the east coast but I don't  pay much attention to them.  I think you will find that most of them are races that barely meet the criteria to qualify for the maniacs.  You will probably find the race director really only expects a few of their friends to show up so they can get more spinney stars.  I suspect these were never what the main maniacs intended, but it is what it is.  The Seattle Quad, and I think one in Oregon are I believe the exception, as each of the four races are quality races. and at least for Seattle, each race has a different race director.


                        I think your best resource to search for them would be the Maniac member only bulletin board.   Also, You could maybe contact SR Lopez.  He is the keeper of the Maniac calendar and he is a walking encyclopedia of all things marathon.



                          I must've posted my post right when RA was going down for a scheduled downtime, because it's not here! What I meant to say, briefly, was...


                          Thanks for the comments on my weekend. It was fun, a little crazy and I'm glad it's done. Went into it a little unprepared (IMO), but it was a true testament of what you can do when you put your mind to something. Longest runs had been 17.5 and 17, but both done in mid-80's temps so good heat training. Good quality high mileage weeks though really carried me thru, sort of "ala Hanson's" in a way. I'd messaged Dove about it earlier, and she said the second one would be the hardest (well, probably but mostly because the first was so grueling), and the third would be the hardest mentally (yeah, probably because it was 6 mind-numbing laps around Lake Merced), but I just kept thinking about what I had to do to finish the current race rather than think about the others.


                          Couldn't have done it without DH, who drove all over to meet me with Nuun, water, Gu, S-caps and pick up the layers I shed as each day warmed up. Thanks to my running crew, extraordinaire!!


                          Dive, I don't know about the Quadzilla thing...but then again I didn't think I had a triple in me either. We'll see.


                          Dave59, I hope you feel better soon and good for you to get to the gym. One day at a time, that shingles is a bear to deal with.


                          Henry! Get better!


                          Hi Lamerunner!! Glad to see you're still out there running when you can. Yes, 14 year old knees are awesome, and the killer is their owners have little appreciation for them!


                          Holly, we all knew you'd rock your review. That's just the way you are. And looks like a really nice weekend with the family with lots of hiking in beautiful settings.


                          We got home late last night, and I just had to (as in, had to) do some clean up before we went to bed. No run yesterday or today, which is fine but I'm wanting to get out there soon. Got the Midnight Sun Run 10k on Saturday at 10 p.m. and the forecast is for mid-70's with a chance of rain. We've been having a heat wave here, with temps in the upper 80's and 90 and the garden is very thirsty! No rain recently, but probably thunderstorms this weekend which means possible forest fires. Oh boy, here we go!

                            I love your running crew Erika.