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Friday's Daily, 4.25.14 (Read 35 times)

    Nice summary of the day, Jlynne! Hope you got some rest before the grandkids started in on you!


    Gorgeous day here for most of the day. Took today off work (yay!) and puttered around the house a bit. My favorite activity! Then did some yard work to start the cleanup process. We didn't do a good job of getting all the leaves up last fall and will pay for that now.... ufda! Then donned my running duds and took off down the hill. 9.1 miles total, and a nice steady run with far fewer breaks on the way up the hill than Wednesday. I was trying to beat the rain and I did!


    Just after my shower, we got a heavy dose of hail... or is it sleet? Whatever, white pellet things came down hard and fast. Covered the ground in a most depressing way. But, 20 minutes later, the sun was out again and the white crap was gone. Now it's just a little wet with clouds covering the sun now and then. Amazing, we had about a 15° temperature drop when that white stuff was coming down.

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      Hello everybody!


      I had a pretty good run, tonight.  I'm helping my brother move tomorrow, so I wanted to get my long run done, tonight.  I had a pretty stressful/frustrating day at work that just wore me out and I thought about just blowing it off.  But I drug my butt out the door with the goal of doing 16 miles at 7:17 pace.  Surprisingly, the first few miles felt really good and I had to hold myself back from running sub 7's.  Anyway...if it had been an 11 mile run, it would have been a great run.  But, since it was ended up being a pretty good run.  I still ended up with 16 miles in 1:54:40.  Boy, once the sun went down, I got pretty cold.  At least there wasn't any hail.


      Okay--I guess that's all I've got.  DW is a little annoyed with me because I spent her Friday out running, so I suppose I'd better go and sit with her while she watches some dumb movie.  I know--I'm a jerk.


      Oh--good luck to all the racers!  I think we have two marathoners.  OM and IBUB...I think that's what I read.


         Run those kids ragged Tammy.


        Mission Accomplished!


          AamosY next Sunday.


          Today it was up before dawn to run 8 miles around the Colorado River.  They have a great hike and bike path here in Austin!  After that I had to book to get to the conference I am attending in time.


          I am getting prepared for the Cincinnati marathon next Sunday by checking the weather report every hour or so.  Hopefully if I obsess over it enough it will force nature to produce perfect running weather.  Well that would seem to be my plan.  At one point I was freaking out when the report called for 80 degree weather.  Then it went down to a high in the upper 60's!  Yes!  Then upper 60's and rain!  Rain?!  Who ordered that?    What good is looking at the weather forecast every few hours if nature is just going to ignore me like that!

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            Twocat - the weather forecast will change drastically at least six times in the next prepared for anything....

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              holy poetic posting Jay


              The dog and I would also love to be at Mariposai's race.