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Overwhelming Tuesday, 1.29.13 (Read 45 times)

    Jay - I hope you figure that hip thing out I know how annoying that can be.


    CR - I envy you for being able to run in 70 degree weather and for getting to meet up with Ribs and his running group on the track, watch out for that rough weather he's talking about though...


    Ribs - I do hope that fatigue goes away, in the meantime get some rest.


    Slo - A trip to Alaska sounds like a great time, I'm sure you'll have a great time, I hope those nagging injuries heal.


    Stumpy - glad you were able to find your misplaced Yak.  I recently lost one of my gloves, i had placed it in my jacket pocket and thought I had zipped it up only to get home and find it unzipped and one glove missing...bummer!


    tselbs - nice 8 miler!


    Tall - getting serious with a schedule posted...I see some speedy races in the future.


    I got in a 9 mile LT run today with 4 at HM Pace, really pushed the last one I was tired but felt pretty good overall - 1:06:48 (7:26)

    Oh and I got in my planks too I've been doing them just forgetting to post em.


    MM #405

      What a day, what a day, what a day!    Still plan on 3 treadmill miles tonight


      It's sooooo cold out!   Why do I live here?  Erika, I don't know how you tolerate it!


      Slo_Hand and Stumpy - Shirtless?  Really?   I don't believe while I'm at it,


      Tramps - 72 F?  You better be shirtless too!  I think we had a shirtless Cool Running thread.  Anyone remember?


      Butterfly Girl - How did the London broil turn out?


      TwoCat - bread mmmmmmmmmm


      Good-night all you sleeping beauties...



        It warmed up a bit today so that was nice, but still not warm really. Hoping for above zero in the next few days. Work is crazy these days, I feel like Holly in a lot of ways, but most days feel like low-grade panic. Today was no exception. But after work I came home and ran on the treadmill for a bit. 8.2 miles with 5 x .5 miles @ 8:00, then 3 x .25 miles @ 7:30 pace with most of the rest at 8:34. Good run considering the elliptical and weight work out I did earlier.


        Hoping to get out for some outdoor runs this weekend, but we'll see what happens with snowfall and all....