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Saturday, March 2th Daily (because someone had to do it) (Read 39 times)

King of PhotoShop

    Well done Opie, a fine race.


    Holly and OM too.  OM you analyzed that perfectly. Hills sap you.  Good job.


    Today at the race guess what volunteer job they gave me?  I separated bunches of bananas with the Kroger food store team so runners could grab a banana after the race.  A zillion of my friends stopped by to make helpful comments.


    But I did manage to run almost 3 miles and cheer on several others, and had a great time.  Was warming up with a guy in my age group and told him after the race I was going over to this private school in Dallas to watch my son's track meet. I knew his daughter went to school there.  So I get to the track and it has a huge sign on it that says "(Name of my friend) family track".


    So I text him and pull his chain a bit.  "You any relation to the guy whose name is on the track?"  He writes back, 'That track cost me $250,000."


    My RP strained both hamstrings in the tenK, so we limped on out of there.


    I have the brisket on the smoker and am now simmering a big pot of drunken beans for tomorrow's feast.  Twocat, I don't do the brisket in the conventional way.  It will get 6-7 hours of smoke this afternoon and tonight, then I'll take it off the heat and refrigerate it. Tomorrow I'll put it in a 225 oven for 3 hours, covered in bbq sauce and foil.  This way I'll have the smoke infusion and the tenderness from the long slow heat.  I think C-R and I also talked about this as a useful way to do it.   Spareribs

      OM, happy birthday to your mom on her 98th.  opie, fantastic 15K race with PR and even pace.


      Nice long runs for deez, Twocat, mari, DrRobin, and OM.


      This morning, I did the 4th race in a local winter series.  I did the 5K option in 29:14 for a 9:27 pace.  That got me 1/1 in my AG (65-69) and 45/70 OA.  As the only one in my AG for the entire series, I got a trophy for winning my AG for the series.  A mile warmup and 1.9 miles after the race gave me 6 miles for the day.


      A good day and good runs for all.


      MM #5615

        Nice job Tom!  Congratulations!

        Bushrat Runner

          Made it out for my weekly run. I need to get out a little more than that...but at least I manage one run.


          This week the kids were supposed to have a swim-a-thon to raise money for their travel to swim meets. And I was going to finally get two swims in by going both Tuesday and Thursday. But the pool had to close Tuesday to deal with a salinity imbalance, so I only got in the one day Thursday. But I swam some more butterfly. It is really fun for about half a length, after which I totally die and have to just coast it in...but I am doing the fly...even when tired I can still do it...


          The smart-alec DS and DD both swam 64 laps in an hour yesterday at the swim-a-thon. I couldn't even do that with fins on. I think with fins I might be able to do mid-40's though. The fastest swimmer put in 86 laps!


          So today I finally got out for a run, with my friend Neal this time. We covered 7 miles at 3F and a light breeze, which was really nice. We were both surprised after we arranged to run this morning, to find it was so cold, because it was forecast to be 38F. Well, it's getting there. In true King Salmon fashion, a day that started actually well below zero is at 34F and climbing, with wind blowing 36 mph now. Good thing we got out when it was nice...


          Good runs all.

            Great race for you, Opie! I love it when you just feel you've got a good race going.


            OM, those hill runs will make you stronger, but be careful with the "springing" on them. You noticed the strain it put on your sacrum. I have friends who tried that and ended up injured. I'm sure proper technique has a lot to do with it, but just a reminder of caution... Nice long run for you today!


            Holly, I hope you figure out the camera and can post some pics! Good job on your run, too. Your paces are just fine. What's the date of the race? I've gotta remember that one for whenever I get around to running a KY marathon.


            Hey Ribs, any job is important, right? Funny about the track... Have never done brisket at all, but that sure sounds good.


            Enke, good for you on getting out there. This was a practice run! Next week you'll be all ready.


            Troy, a run a week is better than none. And add a swim or two and you're doing more than most folks. Your kids have fins (or gills?).


            Ok, so I have actually had a pretty good week of runs. Given that most of my runs are still on the TM, and I'm really getting weary of yet another TM run, I managed to keep the miles up while work has gotten really busy, including a two-day trip to Anchorage this week. Tuesday's after-work run was 9+ miles outside in mid-teens temps and daylight (yay!) so that was good. Today was 8.3 hilly miles on the roads around my house. Felt really (really) hard with the new snow we got yesterday, but found out afterwards I was making things difficult for myself by running sub-8:25's for most of the miles. Geez... I felt like I was running in place in spots, too. Beautiful sunny day here, hardly any wind at all and 20° temps. Just gorgeous... All I need is just under 9 miles to hit 40 for the week (but I'll try for more than that, looking at 12 or so).

              Congrats, Opie!


              Last long run in the bag today.  25 miles in about 6 hours out at the McKay Tract that sufficiently wiped out my legs.  They are T-O-A-S-T.  Tackled a 7-mile loop twice, which on one side is up, up, up, then a snotty, slippery mess down the other side, then some out and back.


              My legs haven't felt like this since Mt. Hood last year.  However, I've schedule a 1.5 hr massage for Monday that should help get them back in working order.  It's gonna hurt like the dickens, but it's gonna be worth it.  The darling hub worked on my calves this evening, and all I can say about that is O-U-C-H!!  . . . . But thanks, Hon.  I REALLY needed it.


              So - my brother lives 4+ hours away.  There's a message on the answering machine when I get home saying he's come up to my dad's place (about half an hour from us).  He brought fresh eggs for us, if we're interested.  Here are the kickers: (1) I had no idea he was coming to town, and (2) My 72-year old dad works the graveyard shift as a security guard at a hospital.  He's usually a mess on Sundays and not moving too much 'til late afternoon.  Did my dad even know he was coming?  Who knows.  Brian gets a wild hair up his butt, and there he goes.  Unfortunately, I have a ton of transcription I have to work on tomorrow.  Not sure if he's expecting us to have him and dad up here for a visit or what.  If I'd known he was coming, I would've done some extra typing during the week to make up for not being able to tomorrow.  Now, I HAVE to work tomorrow.  Sometimes all I can do is Roll eyes.  I'll see him in two weeks when I stay with him to run Rodeo Valley.

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