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Sunday's Daily, 2.24.13 (Read 50 times)


    Mornin everyone.


    Some wonderful stories yesterday from Dave, TomS, Mike, and Steve! I especially like Tom's "small town" story, and I'd love to spend some time in that coffee shop.


    Good luck today to Spareribs and C-R!


    Denise, congrats on getting a # for Boston - very exciting!!


    Sorry about yesterday's blister, Tammy. Holly is right - once one starts to set in, the run is dun.


    That photo sure looks frigid, Troy!


    I'm glad you had such a good birthday, Leslie - you deserve every bit of it.


    Lots of impressive long runs yesterday - greta work, everyone!


    The 6-10" of snow that we were supposed to get today, that forced the cancellation of a half marathon here, has devolved into nothing more than some rain showers at 40F. What a shame that the forecast was that far wrong.


    I got nothing today. I felt twinges in my hip every time I rolled over last night, so it seemed to make sense to take yet another day off (sorry, TomW). I'll also be wanting a nap later on to make up for the sleep that I lost.


    Have a greta Sunday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Keep fighting Jay. It will clear up.


      Denise - Boston. Yeah!


      Those are great small town stories. Still makes you see there are lots of good people around.


      Race did not go as planned for timing. Ran a 1:38:15. As I understand most of the males were placed in Corral C. They wave started with 5 minutes between corrals. I was dodging traffic for 8 miles until I got a clear line. Probably ran and extra 1/4 mile and it used up lots of energy. But I had fun and it was a nice race as they all are down here. DD gets her medal and I got a great workout. Everyone wins.


      Now its off to Magic Kingdom with DW to be a kid again. Can't wait to get on Peter Pan's Flight. Oh yeah.


      Have a wonderful Sunday and good luck Ribs.

      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

        ...Hang in there Jay//'ll know when it's time.......



        tselbs story made me Smile....I love small towns.....




        20's with the windchill today,

        saw two DieHard Runners out, we all spoke Encouraging Words to each other


        55min BikeRide...........very nice


        ........Back and Leg are much improved, so back to Regular WorkOuts next week


        ......................good running guys

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          Good morning guys.  Sorry you're still hurting Jay, and sorry your race didn't go as planned Norm. I did a Disney half a few years ago and I remember how crowded the first few miles were. Not much room for passing either. Enjoy your day in the "Magic Kingdom"!  I was glad to hear you're doing better Tom. Sometimes a little rest isn't a bad thing.


          Loved the stories yesterday from Tselbs and Dave. Sounds like you had a great birthday Leslie. Mike, glad you enjoyed your run with Ryan. Deez, congrats on getting into Boston!  Dave, good luck with your stress test. Ribs, be sure to report in.


          The doc who did my back surgery put me on a Prednisone pack which I started yesterday. 3 pills in the morning, 3 at night the first day, then gradually tapering off until day 5. One of the side effects is sleeplessness. I don't sleep well anyway, but last night was the pits. I watched so much HGTV I saw people buy houses in Nassau, Dublin, St Louis, Maui, Chicago and Philadelphia. Then I watched houses get remodeled in Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Denver. Finally shut the television off at 3:45 but couldn't get my mind (what's left of it) to shut down. It's been 4 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours since I last got to run.  Tuesday DH is having surgery to repair a full tear in his left rotator cuff. Wednesday I'm going to have an MRI done on my back to see if I blew out another disc. We're both a little crabby. But we'll get through this....

            I’ve been more busy than usual and keeping up here has been one of the things I’ve had to let go.  I’ve still been reading as much as I can, but not posting as much.  Not today though!


            It’s been fun reading about an experienced runner like Ribs trying something new.  I hope there’s a real race report.  I’m sure we could all learn from it.

            A Walt siting! Yes, you need to check in more often.  Though, honestly, I was never into palindromes.  Wink

            TomS—that was a great small town story!  In my neck of the woods, someone would have probably shot him.  2nd amendment rights and all.

            OM—good job getting it done.

            Dave—best of luck on the stress tests—both of them.

            Carolyn—you make a 25-mile run sound so casual!  Yowsa!

            Deez—see you in Boston!

            TW—great cartoon.  I hate those little guys.  (sorry)

            Mike—I’m kinda glad I didn’t have you as a co-worker.  (Why 24?)

            Troy—I can hear the wind howling in that photo…big flat, open spaces.

            Steve—I’d definitely have been freaked out if I was Myioshi.

            Hope you get some improvement soon, Jay.

            C-R—Not what you were hoping for, but that’s still great racing in those circumstances.  (Interesting observations yesterday about feeling out of place.)

            Jlynne—hope you and the husband are both feeling better soon.  (Surgery on a Sunday?  I didn’t know they did that.)


            I ran our local rail trail half this morning.  It’s a small 200-person race on an out-and-back gravel/dirt/some stones trail.  Slopes are all gentle but nothing’s dead flat.  Yesterday’s rains ended about an hour before the race started and we had a dry day with the sun peeking out from time to time.


            My goal was to keep my pace in the 7:30’s, preferably on the low end.  Mixed results; I managed 7:30’s but not the low end (7:39 pace).  It’s always harder than it looks, isn’t it?  That was still good enough for 3rd in the 50-59 AG (I would have won either the 30-39 or 40-49 category!  I’m doomed in the fast old guy AG.)


            I had the 2nd place guy in my sights less than a quarter mile ahead all the way back from the turnaround point but for the life of me just couldn’t reel him in.  It made for a fun race, though, and afterwards I thanked him for the motivation.  Turns out he remembered me from last year when apparently I beat him in similar fashion.  Who knew?


            Nice bonfire afterwards and socializing amongst us old guys.

            Trails are hard!

              DW and I are in Rochester visiting FIL for the weekend.  Very easy drive in on Friday and hope what snow does arrive will be taken care of by the time we get back in the area on monday.  Sorry your race got canceled, Jay, for bad forecasting, not bad weather.


              4.2 miles for me yesterday and 8.25 this morning.  Nice area to run through with a bit more in the way of hills than I'm used to.  This is a good thing--I need to get more of those guys in my training.  Today's run was along lake Ontario on a nice paved trail.  Very nice area and enjoyable run.  Hoped for double digits, but had to be back in time for breakfast with BIL and SIL.


              Very nice half--Tramps.  I'm hoping one day for a mile at that speed.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                Dave, good luck on the health front and your work trip to West Virginia.  deez, great you get to run Boston.  C-R, nice racing for you and your daughter.  jlynne, best wishes for you and your husband with your respective health issues.  Tramps, good job with 3rd in AG in your trail half.


                Nice long runs for wild, deez, Mike, arf, fatozzig, and Tammy.


                This morning, it was in the mid 20s with a light wind and packed snow/ice.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:57 pace.


                A good day and good runs for all.


                  4 mile run this morning on the trails. Bailey loved it and must have thought she was in trail heaven!


                    Jay - sorry that hip is still bothering you!!  So many people disappointed with Hampton cancellation!!  WHere is the indoor farmer's market you went to yesterday?

                    Hope the crowd at the Jones 10 miler is doing ok!!

                    Have fun in the magic land C-R!

                    Healing vibes and prayers Jlynne

                    Great race Tramps!!


                    7.1 snowy miles for me - some spots were a little slippery but not bad - it was a great run overall!!

                    I am very excited to run for the Matty Eappen Foundation - I ran Boston in 2006 for Team Brigham which fundraised for Passageways/Domestic Violence and Prenatal/Postnatal care for low-income women.  I volunteered at Boston for past 6 years on the medical team, packet stuffing and at the starting line and have been thinking about running again for awhile now.  Thanks for all your encouragement and support!!  Big grin


                    MM #5615

                      Hello everybody!


                      I sure do hope your hip starts feeling better soon, Jay.  I really miss your sunrise descriptions.


                      Nice 1/2, C-R--dispite the dang crowd...I know how irritating that is.


                      It's good to see you're feeling better, tomwhite.


                      Oh man, Jlynne--you guys need a break.  I've had both rotator cuffs surgically repaired, so I can sympathize with your DH, but I've never had any real issues with my back.  I hope everything turns out good for you both!


                      Nice racing, today, Tramps.  It does kind of stink to be in our age seems like it's that way wherever I go.  As far as 24 miles go...when I first started running marathons, I went by Galloway's plans which had me going up to 30 miles.  But, after, spending the rest of the day sick in bed after a few of those long runs, I decided I had to find another way.  I read that 3 hours is the magical time that you should run and that anymore than that, doesn't do a whole lot of good.  So...I decided that 22 miles was a distance that I could comfortably complete in 3 hours...and that is what I have done for the past few year.  But, I realized that, many times, I would have 2 or 3 miles to go and realize that I could run 10 minute miles for those last few miles and still get under 3 hours...which I really didn't want to do...but seemed to do anyway.  So, last year, I started trying to get 24 miles in under 3 hours, which kept me pushing myself all the way for 3 hours.  So--while my plan may call for 24 miles, I really just want to see what I can get in 3 hours.  It's probably dumb, but it makes sense to me.  Now, aren't you sorry you asked?


                      Nice runs for you, too, stumpy...even though you didn't quite get what you wanted.


                      Okay--I guess I'd better get out there.  This run ain't gonna get done on it's own.

                        ...check it out//........Ribbs took 1st in his AG...............AN ULTRA-RACER IS BORN!!!!!!





               to ''Ultra'' ''male'' ''65'' keeps resetting for the Marathon Results

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        King of PhotoShop

                          Tramps, it's a bit misleading to think of a "Half" and the expected pace and time, then see it's a hilly trail run, bound to be slower. You did quite well.


                          My ultra went just fine.  My column tomorrow, as Tramps suggested will be on lessons learned., but overall I was pleased with it.  I thought somewhere between 5:10 and 5:25 would be about right, and I ran 5:16:29, winning the AG by about 23 minutes.  I also now have the course record for 65-69, although to be very fair here, a friend of mine at 70, ran 5:09Tight lippedx.  I was trying to match that of course but to no avail.  The Saint and my RP came out to see me, and Riblet ran me in the last 7.  Thanks goodness for that as I was pretty tired after 28 miles.


                          Skip and others pointed out that ultras are not normally run on pavement and this course in Ft. Worth was very hard and hilly. I'm not a trail person but I did commit to doing more trail stuff this year.  People keep telling me it's fun, so I'm going to go there.   Spareribs

                            Congrats, Ribs!  That's really impressive.  I look forward to reading the column.  (Thanks for the comment, but I have run this exact race nearly 2 minutes faster, so it's a good reality check on my fitness level.)


                            MIke--that's really interesting that you figure out your long run by time.  I"m not at all sorry I asked.

                            Marathon Maniac #957

                              ...check it out//........Ribbs took 1st in his AG...............



                              But, I'm not surprised at all....Smile


                              {{{Jay’s hip}}}


                              C-R – nice racing in spite of the crowd.  Hope you and your family have fun down there.


                              {{{Jlynne and DH}}}


                              Tramps – congrats in the 3rd AG placement in a tough crowd.


                              13 miles for me today in 28-30 degrees.

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                                Oops, double posted.....


                                as you were.....

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."