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Saturday's Daily, 9.29.12 (Read 299 times)

The Goofinator

    Sounds like fun, TK!


    5.5 hours of transcription - stick a fork in me!  I'm done!!

    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

      No time to read the daily, but wanted to add my own run today which was more than I was bargaining for! Thanks (I think!) to Ilene for suggesting the Crystal Cove State Park trails, but I think she was thinking the beach-side trails. I headed up the canyon trails, and figured there'd be water at the campgrounds near the top where the map indicated "restrooms" were available. The restrooms at the start had toilets with an outer rinsing shower, faucets and drinking fountains. I figured the ones at the top would have at least drinking fountains. Nope, totally dry campground with outhouses. NO water or anything, including shade. So I struggled on, and had a dismal finish with the surefire signs of dehydration (dizziness, weakness, etc) but made it to the end. A good workout, I just wish I'd been better prepared. A Gatorade or Nuun at mile 3 would've been awesome.


      DH and I both got a little sunburned today, but it's been so nice to spend some time in the sun and warmth before we start getting much colder temps at home. We head home tomorrow afternoon, and back to work on Monday. *sigh*