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Sunday's Daily, 12.1.13 (Read 43 times)

    Breakfast settling here, too! Loving all the fresh fruit we have here. MIL is good at keeping us stocked with papaya, mango, pineapple and more. Today we're going to the east side of the island where there's a new bike path with some outstanding views going up the coast. DS1 will use his "go pro" cam to do a timelapse on a bike. I'll run while he's doing that. We say good bye to him tonight, and then it's a few more days with DH and MIL before we head home Thursday.


    Tramps, when I ran Dallas White Rock marathon a couple years ago, it was so cold that I didn't think I'd ever warm up. A long hot shower and a nap under lots of covers brought me back to normal temperature. I think that's the coldest I've ever been after a marathon... and in Dallas!

      Hey friends - can't believe the weekend is over!!  Well, I did work a busy 12 hour shift yesterday so I guess my weekend isn't really a full weekend anyway - still managed to squeeze in a whole lot of fun!!


      Have to brag just for a minute.....ran the Pentucket 5k this morning as the last race of our running group series and honestly if I didn't need the race for a point to get to a prize level I never would have gone -- my car slipped on the black ice twice as I came home from church and my friend's car slipped twice before she came to my house to pick me up!!  Anyway we arrived safely and met up with about 15 other MVS runners!!

      Oh ya, the brag part ... I came in 1st in my AG!!!!Smile  I was so excited - I have never placed in my AG before, never mind come in first.

      Their official time had me at 24:04 (I could swear the clock said 24:01 as I crossed)!!  I was 1/19 in AG and 13/106 in gender - so happy!!

      On top of that I won a 3 month membership to a health club in the raffle!!  A great day overall - then I raced home to shower and head out to a baby shower for a co-worker --- lots of fun today!!


      Tramps - great marathon!!

      Holly - love your photo!!

      CR - you sound like a great dad and husband!!

      Erika - so glad you are enjoying some warm temps before you head back to the frigid tundra!!

      ((TW))  - don't like that your hip makes you use un-church like language Sad  dumb hip!!


        Great photos from you guys! I don't have good turkey trot pics to share (I always look like I'm miserable and walking across the finish line), but I'll share David's because he actually looks like a real runner.  He finished the 2 mi race in 12:08, 2nd AG, 12th OA (out of 665).  I finished 105th OA, 1st AG (of 29), with a gun time of 17:09. Garmin time was 16:52 though. I started pretty far back in the pack and it was so bunched up for the first 1/2 mi or so.



        and he even remembers to turn off his garmin when he crosses the finish line.




        heading back to work after a week off. I must be ready as I not only slept in but then took a 2 hr nap this afternoon with my dogs. yep, I must be bored.


          Jay – thanks for getting us started and keeping me up to date!


          School ends 12/10/13 and then I have some work deadlines, but hope to start training for Avenue of the Giants mid-December. In the meantime I continue to run my life.


          Running my Life


          No time to go joggin’

          No miles was I loggin’

          On the way to employment

          I chose to run – for enjoyment


          An easy 2 miles or so


          Stop & Shop to get cheese

          I’ll just run it if you please

          The ophthalmologist to see

          Clearly on a running spree


          Each journey 2 miles or so


          To the lab, class, or gym

          To the pool for a swim

          By the end of the week

          I’d logged quite a streak


          On trips of just 2 miles or so



          perseverance is TW's middle name.  I always thought it was perseverence, but the spell check on this site corrected me.




          Yeah Tramps!!!


          Holly – thanks for posting your pic. As I have met you in person on a few occasions, I will agree, it is a little dorky … but so nice to see where you run. By the way, there is a woman to your left with he coat tied around her waist.


          Congrats Denise! That is fabulous!



          Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

          Groucho Marx

            11.1 miles on the Eastside Trail (eastern side of Kauai, from Kapa'a State Park). Nice bikepath, beautiful views of the ocean the whole way. Got a little hot at times, and could've used more water on the course, but overall a nice run. Took a view stops to gaze out at sea... someone said there were whales out there by the horizon, but I didn't see any. DS1 and DH rented bikes and went out ahead of me. Overall a good outing. Came back to the condo and showered and "chillaxed" for awhile (DS1's term), then took him to the airport. He'll be home in time for classes tomorrow. Poor kid.


            We've got 4 more days here and will enjoy every minute.


            Denise, you rock! That is excellent! And I love La Tortuga's commuting runs. That's the way to make it work.

              ...thanks for the encouragement guys////........

              as to


              I had some good RoleModels in the 1960's





              ....jylnne, I have the guy I want to use



              unfortunately I will have to sell my drugstore first, and have this done afterwards,

              the margins are so tight in Pharmacy right now,

              I can't afford to pay someone to run the store for 2-3 months while I recover.


              Life always has these decisions to make.


              THE GOOD NEWS-

              I already have my routes picked out for SpeedWalking


              I think I can goto HeavyHands again

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....