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    Ran the 8.2 miles to main street in town today sans the dog, she can get in enough trouble close to the farm. Started out slow but not feeling too bad. I gave Lynda a head start then caught sight of her about mile 5 and finally caught her about 6.5. I noticed by my lap pace I had a progressive thing going on pretty well, first 2 miles about the same next 2 a little faster so set that as a goal and pushed just a little and did the last 3 each about 30 sec per mile faster than the previous. I was tired but felt really well and no particular issues. We had ferried a pickup into town previous to our run and by the time I threw on some warmup pants and a dry tee shirt Lynda was just getting to town.


    Stumpy nice ten spot. I agree take the time to enjoy your first marathon and make a mini vacation, it will only be your first full once.


    Arla I have a hiking friend that was going through his pictures from hiking in Rocky Mtn Nat Park saw something and zoomed in was the head of a mtn lion half hidden by a rock with one eye looking directly at him. But ya dogs probably are the more likely threat and with the pepper spray I always try and get upwind and hope it actually stops them. Anyway nothing like an adrenaline rush to push the pace.


    Leslie hope you survived the week ok.


    'Spose Joe and Ev are taking in the big game and this bizarre power outage. I don't have a dog in the fight as the Ravens took out my Broncos.

    Hiyas to any others out there.

    MTA and speaking of the SB thanks Dodge!

    The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

    Support Ethanol, drink the best, burn the rest.

    Run for fun? What the hell kind of recreation is that?  quote from Back to the Fut III

    Trails are hard!

      I was thinking of you during that commercial.  Always liked Paul Harvey, even from beyond the grave.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


      Queen of 3rd Place

        r2 I was thinking about you, too. Hear, hear on that commercial. Too bad about the game from the left coast point of view, but SFO has had its day this season and, can you imagine the outcry if the niners had won after that power outage? Yikes. 


        Tried just a few 800m repeats today and they felt really good. Think I'll be clear to race next weekend but - DANG! - some of our 50+ gals are fast! I need to go about 21:00 to win the 5K, don't think that's going to happen, but I'm a shoo-in to place. Does anyone else think 21 is fast for 50 yo women in a small local race or am I just lucky Joan Benoit doesn't live here? Smile

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          I'm so far behind here!  But gotta say I loved the commercial with Paul Harvey.  And I'm glad the Ravens won!


          Last week was a wreck work-wise, this week isn't going to be much better, but I'm getting my miles in and it's keeping me sane.


          Sunday signed up for Headlands 50 set for Sept. 14.  First 25-mile loop has 5,017 feet of elevation gain.  Mt. Hood in July has 5,630 feet of elevation gain for the whole 50 miles.  . . . . . .  *gulp*

          Hopefully after this week I'll be back in the game here.  'Til then ~ keep on movin', folks!

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          2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

            Hey all. Been off the interwebs lately and not much lurking.

            Been getting a taste of crossfit and a healthy dose of raquetball. Both are quite challenging. It feels good to be moving in different directions.

            I have been averaging only about  15 mpw running, and feel really good when I do run. This will be increasing soon, if only to decrease the increase in my waistline since cutting back.


            Good to see you peeps are at it. Leslie Good luck with your 50. Gulp.


            Arla- Good Luck with your 5k. I guess 21:00 is pretty good for our age group, but I also guess that you could get there.


            Jim- you're the farmer I was thinking of as well. Do you or any of your buddies drive a Dodge? Great going on your mileage.


            Hiya Stump and Ev.





            Queen of 3rd Place

              Leslie - life balance is good, kudos for you for getting your miles in during some tough work weeks. Headlands will prepare you well for Mt. Hood, but 5000+ feet in 25 mi is TOUGH! What is the second loop like? BTW, how is your foot??


              Joe - crossfit, interesting! I've thought about it and as a former iron-pumping gal (including olympic-style lifting) would probably take to it, but can't shake the running bug at the moment. How are you liking it so far? Don't you think it's normal that you might gain some weight doing that?


              Used to have a Dodge truck, a V8 Dakota. That thing could go! Big grin Horrible fuel economy.


              And now for the rest of the story (ha)...Did a cautious track workout yesterday, 3 x 800m at about 3:50-ish each, per Nobby's suggestion. That sounds slow but it was hard enough to be, well, just about right I guess. Normal bread and butter 6-er today.

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                Arla - Glad your AT is better.  How'd you get the bump to go away?


                Joe - I've mostly been sort of lurking, too.  By the time I get home at night, I just don't feel like getting on the computer.  But I miss all of you.


                I've thought about Cross-Fit.  It sounds tough and would probably kill me. Smile


                Arla - Headlands is after Mt. Hood.  Mt. Hood will be a tune up.  Sort of.  The 2nd loop of Headlands is a reverse of the first loop, so over 10,000 in total elevation gain for the 50 miles.  Wanna come run it with me???


                Yesterday was 9 miles with fartleks that didn't go too bad (I still feel as slow as molasses), and today was about 50 min of core/strength training.  Tomorrow will be an EZ 5-6, with 18-20 trail miles on Saturday.


                It was another rough day at work, and tomorrow looks to be another one.  . . . . . I desperately need a vacation.

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                2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

                  5spot in a cold drizzle this aftrnoon.  I love running in it's fun to say.


                  Hey to all the runnrs!

                  Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM