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    Sadly, 1 woman and a dog was killed and 2 women were seriously injured this morning while they were running together predawn on a back road between Arcata and Eureka.  It was a hit-and-run, and the vehicle was found abandoned what would be approximately 4-5 miles from the scene.  From the description, it sounds like they were appropriately running against the traffic.  Unfortunately, if I'm correct in my thinking as to where they were running, there is very little shoulder and not a lot of room for error.  If the driver of the vehicle was under the influence, they wouldn't have had many options for getting out of the way.  Regardless, this is very sad as the woman killed has a 7- and a 4-year old child.


    Keep your eyes and ears open while out there!

     Please tell me that is not TRUE!!!!

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      The women?  Yes.  The two survivors are in stable condition, but it's my understanding they are very seriously injured.  The dog belonged to one of the women who survived.  As of 6:00 p.m. tonight, they were still looking for the driver of the car.  The three women belong to the local running club.  They haven't released the name of the woman who was killed, but I didn't recognize the other two names.  My heart is breaking for those families and for the family of the driver.  No one is getting out of this without some sort of serious consequence.  It's very sad.


      My buddy, Karen, knows that stretch of the road, and it's my understanding it was on a section that was recently widened so that there's not only plenty of paved shoulder, but dirt shoulder, as well.  It's almost too much comprehend the number of lives that are affected by this tragedy.  Keep them all in your prayers.

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        Connected with a work acquaintance today for a lunch run, 4 miles, looks like I'll get another one tomorrow before heading home in the evening. 


        Scary traffic in the big city...good thing I'm walking not driving...not much you can do when somebody t-bones through a red light...





        This is probably normal life for most of you...we don't see much in the way of traffic in King Salmon, so relatively few traffic accidents...

          Leslie, that's just awful. So sorry to hear that. Troy, good thing you weren't driving! There is an intersection right below my office building that seems to have an accident like that a few times a week. Last week, someone T-boned a bus! I am using my iPad so I bet this is all one run on paragraph. Posting from our hotel room at Laguna Beach, with the waves crashing loudly just feet from our room. Wow it's loud! Because I had a noon flight out of town I got up early to run. Ok, not early for some of you, but I was on the road by 5:42 for 5.3 miles in the dark. Holly, that undulating bike path I showed you is a real challenge in the dark! Even with a flashlight. All good though and got it done before hours on a plane. On my way in to work I saw a cow moose with a calf from this year with a bull following behind, crossing the road. That bull is gonna follow that cow till someone gets him... He's in a bow and arrow district... Stooped moose.
            Someone needs to remind me how to do paragraph breaks on an iPad...

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              Out our way I only run on roads with traffic when it is dark...up until about December...when all the bears have gone to sleep...