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3.13.13 Wednesday daily (Read 47 times)

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      OM - congrats on signing up for another marathon!  And that was a really nice interval workout today. Your training is going so well!   I tried that crow pose, and managed to not fall on my face!

      Dave - funny!  And interesting that you like the trainer to tell you what to do, but no one else.


      Mike - How's Eric?


      It's a shorts day here, too - shorts and screw shoes!  The roads were about  half snow-covered and half bare dirt, with surprisingly little mud and slush for 40F.    I ran 10 hilly miles, and my goal was to run the whole thing with no walk breaks.  I usually take a few walk breaks on the really steep parts, but today I just chugged up very slowly and ran it all!  I even ran my Bertha hill!  (Where is Bertha Slayer these days?) I have no objection to walk breaks, and I plan to walk up the steep hills at my 50k, but I just wanted to see if I could run it all.  I'll admit I did walk up my driveway to start, though, but I ran all the rest.  Those of you who have seen my driveway will understand!  Here's the elevation profile - that first 0.15 miles is the driveway.

      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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        OM - awesome fun!  But yes, be careful.


        Dave - Big grin



        Another crazy-stressful day at work.  It's good to be home, in my PJ's.  Getting ready to watch an episode of Sherlock from PBS.


        6 miles for me this morning on the TM, plus 13 burpees.

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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          Very funny cartoon!  And I had to Big grin at Dave's liking to be yelled at when working out.  Shades of S&M maybe???  Hm???


          3 EZ miles this a.m. with a couple of striders thrown in for good measure.  Last run until Saturday, unless I want to run a couple Friday.  Probably won't, but plan to go for a walk once I get down to my brother's house that day.


          There's suppose to be a special award for the DFL finishers in the various races.  Since I'm suppose to be using this 50k as a supported LR,  I may have to plan accordingly . . . . Big grin

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            YIKES Carolyn - that is some crazy  hill!!

            OM - you are truly going to be a marathon maniac!!Wink

            Holly - nice run after a stressful day!


            It was killing me not to run on this beautiful day, but I ran hills Monday, and intervals yesterday so really want to be careful.  I went to a drop-in swim class by one of our running/swimming coaches at the local Y -- great class!!  We did 25 minutes of land strength/core work then went in the pool for an hour swim class -- great doing drills and working on my swim form.


            After my work out I had a nice lunch with a friend still on the night shift so we have a hard time coordinating our schedules and came home to do a lot more work on my fundraising!!  Thank goodness for teenagers - my 18 yr old really helped me come up with a new format for my letters and they look great!!  Love that kid and love being home on stay-cation with him around!!


            Happy Wednesday my friends!!


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              enke -


              Though, combined with the snowless, warm winter we've had in Seattle this year, it seems to be bringing the cherry blossoms out all over the place, how about all the drizzle and rain this week just when divechief was hoping to do some training for this weekends St. Pat's Day 4M Dash with us.


              Not that it matters one way or the other or that I would care at all anyway, don't tell divechief but, if I can get out of my 12m/m rut and keep up to you, it'll be the first time in history that I have ever been able to beat dave in a full race.


              See you at the north side of the start line mats for the Green Wave on Sunday.

              Look for green feet.


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              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                Deez4boys, I know all about the great sunny weather and wanting to over do it. It happened to me yesterday. Running with my DH helps me not to run too fast.


                OrangeMat, great speed work out tonight. I am patiently waiting for me to finish my base building stage to start going to the track for some speed. Easy building does, right Ribs, but ohhh boy, it is so hard to be patient.


                Have a fun trip, Spareribs, please be generous with the pictures Clown.


                 WildChild impressive hills as always!!!


                A nice day at work (Holly, I am sorry to hear that yours wasn't) turned into a nice gym run. It really was hard to run inside when the sun was so bright outside, but we had a strong wind and I did not want to tease my asthma, so I opted for the torture of inside running just to be safe). Anyway, 8 miles with a 10k at tempo. Legs felt tired, but I was able to sustain thd pace.


                Dave59, very funny cartoon.

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                  Hello everybody!  I had a very busy night, tonight, so i just got caught up on everything on here.  I did manage to get a quick weight workout and I did my burpees.


                  wild...thanks for asking about Eric.  He's doing okay...I guess.  He lost his job a couple weeks ago and hasn't found anything else, yet...and I don't know how hard he's looking.  In the meantime...his bills come in...and we pay them...some day, we'll come to our senses.


                  Tonight, I was dealing with some of my sister's left over issues...not fun.


                  I don't know why people think they can't come on here with their problems...I do it all the time!  Thanks for not kicking me out of here.


                  Okay--I'm wiped out.  See ya!

                    I'm sorry Eric lost his job, Mike. I hope something else comes along soon.


                    7 miles after work tonight. it was about 70 degrees and I'm not used to the warmth yet, so it was a tough 7 for me tonight. tomorrow I'm running with the track team - the kids that do distance runs. Will get in 4 with them and will do the 800m warmup and cooldown so I can get in my 5, which is what is on schedule for tomorrow.


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                      Got hauled out the door by my newly back in town running partner again. Three miles today, three from Monday, I might start running enough to gain fitness again.


                      But tomorrow is scary day...I had a call and have been asked to go play basketball against the high school team again. I hurt just from the idea. So no swimming tomorrow, instead I get to chase kids less than half my age and twice as fast around the court.