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Wednesday January 16 Runs and Planks (Read 287 times)


    Oh my Holly. Glad you're ok. That's frightening.


    Jlynne - sounds like a visit to an expert is the right idea. Hope it turns out to be nothing but better safe than sorry. Like shadow said earlier, when RICE doesn't work go get help. You too Holly.


    Lets hear it for DVR Twocat. I watched Justified dueing my run today. Oh and TC - I use the waste time or commercials to speed up the run. Fartleks so to speak and when the show comes on I drop back.


    The speedwork yesterday seemed ot help the achilles. No pain. Must have been a worn out pair of shoes. That means I get to buy another pair. Oh yeah!


    Cheers all. DW has me watching Downton Abbey and its really good. Off for the next episode. DVR has to be the best invention next to beer, pizza and the wheel.

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      Holly - As I posted on FB, be really good to yourself over the next few days.  I had a bad fall like that a number of years ago, and I was amazed at how my body reacted once the shock wore off.  Don't push running or anything and close attention to any warning signs.  My fall was almost 20 years ago, and I still suffer repercussions.


      I feel like I haven't been around here much.  Things have been crazy at work, and I'm whipped by the time I get home.  Went in at 7:30 this a.m., and things were great 'til about 10:00 and it seemed like all heck broke loose and stay that way the rest of the day.  'Tis okay, though.  I have a job I love, and we'll get through it.


      6 miles this a.m. with some slight foot pain around Mile 3.  I have figured out that I can't wear any of my slip on shoes right now, i.e., the shoes I wear with my work slacks.  Where the opening is in the top of the shoe, that hits right on the spot on top of my foot and is really irritating things.  So as weird as it looks, I'm going back to wearing my old running shoes all the time until the foot clears up.


      On another note, our little parakeet, Cisco, is becoming quite close friends with a certain toy in his cage.  And I'm talking close.  His love of the toy has gone beyond "we're pals" to "hey, hey, baby!  you and me!  bah-dah bing, baby!!"  He's been putting on an X-rated show about three or four times a day since Monday.  Roll eyes

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        Ouch Holly! What a scare! The heel completely came off your shoe? How crazy is that? Yeah, I'm sure you gave your DD a scare. I hope you're not too battered and bruised from the fall.


        Leslie, there are a lot of shoes in my closet that I can't wear anymore for that same reason.


        DH and I went to the gym today, and I had enough chest discomfort that I decided a run tonight would not be a great idea. Plus, I'm just so wiped out by this cold. And that is all it is, so I feel silly saying that, but I have no "pep" whatsoever. And tomorrow and Friday I have full days of presentations to give. Bleh. Timing is everything, right?

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          CR - I agree, what was life before DVR?


          Leslie - Big grin


          Erika - don't feel like a wimp.  I'm right there with you - this cold has me whupped.  And tomorrow, which is usually my half-day, we have to work until 7pm for the new office Open House.  Now that we're salary, I can't even look forward to extra hours on my paycheck.....Sad

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