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Thurs - 11/29....time is flying by (Read 382 times)

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    Good morning,


    Boy, time really is flying by, and hard to believe it's almost December already....get through the holidays, then look forward to spring again. But so far in my neck of the woods, it's been a fairly mild weather wise, and hope it remains that way.


    Up and at it at 4:00am this morning, and after a quick cup of coffee, out the door for a nice ez 7.3 mile run. Crisp and cool out, but a beautiful morning to run.


    I mentioned a gal I have been talking to from Ohio who is a marathon maniac too (#6047) She was the overall womens winner at the Indianapolis marathon in 3:14....she admits that is not  fast for a winning time. She ran the Columbus marathon in Ohio the next day, and ran a 3:25, and she said she felt better the 2nd marathon than the one the day before.....2 BQ's in 2 days. That's incredible !!! She's a nice gal to talk to, and we both think it's nice we have each other to talk to....we get the passion for running we both share, when other people we know may not. She's just like me getting up so early to run.....I texted her at 4:10 that I was headed out the door to run. She texted me too


    New marathon in Columbus Indiana next Sept....count me in. Can be awfully warm here that time of year, but can be about perfect too...but meeting up with some RA friends will be nice Smile


    Hope everyone has a great day



    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

    delicate flower

      Good morning!  Day 3 in the masters forum for me.  Thanks for having me!


      I had planned on doing 13 miles last night, but my tank was on EMPTY so I cut it short at 11 miles.  9:30 pace...I was kind of hoping to be closer to 9:00.  Oh well.  Sluggish runs happen.  I've got an unintended streak of 17 days going, averaging almost 9 miles a day.  I'm probably due for a rest day.  Maybe Saturday, but don't hold me to that.  Big grin 


      My daily alarm is set for 5:15.  I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night, glance at the clock, and it reads 5:10.  Today was one of those days. 


        It has only been 9 days since my last workout but it feels like a year.  I went over to the gym to use the ARC trainer.  Maybe later I'll try a run around the neighborhood if I am not needed at home or work.


        On Tuesday, when the doctor's office called to change my appointment to Wednesday morning, the main guy doing the bathroom remodeling (not to be confused with the tile guy) was standing next to me.  He had the same test a week ago and began telling me about his upcoming surgery to fix stuff that was wrong.  Not the kind of stuff you tell a hypochondriac the day before a medical test. Roll eyes   So I was super psyched and relieved that I didn't have anything major wrong.  But after napping on the couch for a few hours I woke up wondering why I've been so sick (on and off) since the spring. 


        I didn't learn anything I didn't already know yesterday.  I've known about the reflux and hiatal hernia for almost 20 years.  So I am still wondering what is different.  For now, I am going to chalk it up to bad diet and stress.  It all started after a 3-month project at work where I worked late nights and practically every weekend all the while knowing it was a waste of time project (of which I was recently proved true because all that work gets flushed on December 4th.)


        I'm feeling better now and knowing that I don't have a physical problem reduces some unconscious anxiety.  So, I am going to try and get back on my plan to try a marathon (again) next year and quit worrying about work (if that is possible).

        Humanity runs on coffee.


          Monrin' Timbo, Baboon, Dave, and all who'll follow.


          There's getting to be quite an early-morning crew here!


          Timbo, I'm glad you've got some extra motivation for next year's Columbus Marathon.


          Baboon, that's quite a streak, when you combine miles and days! I don't know how prone you are to injuries, so just don't overdo it and get sidelined.


          Dave, have you asked your doc about why you have been having your recent stomach issues if nothing has really changed? Might we worth asking the question. It is too bad the project you've spent so much time on is getting 'flushed.' That probably happens in more fields more often than we really want to know.


          I woke at 3:50 and was out the door at 4:10 to dance by the light of a silvery moon. OK, I was racewalking instead of dancing, but the moon was just past full and still high in the cloudless sky, and the light was delightful. It was 31F with enough of a westerly breeze that I felt it through my windbreaker (which is why they call it that instead of a windstopper). I got into a pretty good rhythm, but my stride length could have been a bit longer. Still, I cruised 6.6 miles and it seemed to pass in a flash. It was a great start to the day!


          Have a terrific Thursday,



          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

   ya go Dave// this and see if it Clears the Circuits......






            double weight sessions today


            pt xs


            TheLeg feels 80%..................I think the Biking is the Ticket



            ......................good running guys

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Tom, glad to see you having some success!


              A nice easy 7 miler this morning. I need to get out of my comfort zone and start adding some harder effort runs. My easy pace has dropped substanially and I have done little to no racing in 2012.


              I'm 120 miles away from the 2000 mark. This is the latest in the year I've hit that milestone in several years. CR made me accept a 300 mile month challenge for Dec. He even went and created a chart.


              And welcome to all the new people. Holy carp are some of the forums busy. I quit trying to keep up. Impossible.

                I’ve been enjoying the energy from the new folks. It’s nice to mix things up once in a while.


                Crystal clear moonlit sky over frosty roofs and lawns.  11 miles.

                  My 6-7 mile run last night went only 3.25. Still feeling the flu in my body. I guess 3.25 beats laying in bed though.

                  It was a short but great run. I wish I felt better. I have a county park 1/2 mile up the road from me. It's shut down for the season so the gates are locked to keep cars out. I ran up to the park and did a few laps around the 1.1 mile road inside the park. It's about 100 acres of oak trees with just a narrow road going through,and I usually have the place to myself. Anyway the moon was so bright,and the sky so clear,I wish I had a camera! I could have seen a dime on the ground if there was one. I don't run with a light,so it was weird running through the woods at night and being able to see this clearly.

                  I guess I'll just play my miles by ear this week. I don't really follow a set plan,I kind of wing it. I just feel bad when I can't get my usual miles in though.

                  Have a good day.

                    Holy carp is right, Slo. I went back and skimmed yesterday's posts. Four pages! Love having all of these new folks on board. Oh - and Tet? That picture is of a pumpkin DS#2 carved for Halloween. I liked it's "toothy grin."


                    Great news Dave. Maybe just the relief of knowing that there's nothing major going on will help you feel better. Or, you could just quit your job!


                    Lots of people committing to marathons in 2013. Good luck to all of you.


                    It was a balmy 31° this morning. No wind and sunshine, JTWILI. 7.2 miles, 9:41 pace. I'm doing a 5K Jingle Bell Run on Saturday and there are prizes for the best costumes. I've got some ideas and plan on hitting craft and thrift stores later.


                    Could someone please tell me how I can lose 5 pounds before I go in for my physical in a couple of hours? Big grin


                      Things are picking up on the dailies.


                      Timbo - are you running Tecumseh? If so we can meet up at the car. There will be beer in the trunk for after.


                      So is right I did make a chart and all. 300 seems like a good way to fly into 2013.


                      No run this morning. Feeling under the weather and have all day training in a few. Hopefully the evening run will clear the sinuses.



                      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                      delicate flower


                        Could someone please tell me how I can lose 5 pounds before I go in for my physical in a couple of hours? Big grin


                        Chop off an arm!   Big grin 


                        coastwalker, I've got a personal best of four 50+ weeks in a row going and would like that continue.  I am also wrapping up my best mileage month to date.  I feel ok though...a little tired, but otherwise good.  I've been lucky enough to avoid the injury bug thus far (knock on wood). 


                        Edit to add:  Looks like I am racing a 5K Sunday.  I'll am hoping to finally put that year old PR (22:20) behind me.   


                        Back on Stride

                          Lots of new folks in here recently. Welcome, but a word for the new guys I see here: stay away from our women! OK, that's settled.


                          Dave, I hope you figure out what's ailing you -- and soon. And I share your frustration with dead-end projects; that was what pushed me into my last end-of-career job change.


                          Taking the day off from running, but did an hour's spin class followed by a like amount of time in the pool. I'm sure that I'm going to get to where I really enjoy swimming as I do running and cycling, although no sign of that yet.


                          Have a good one, everyone!

                          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                            Lots of new folks in here recently. Welcome, but a word for the new guys I see here: stay away from our women! OK, that's settled.




                             I have an ex you guys can have. Warning,you're going to need a lot of $$ and booze though.

                              Chop off an arm!   Big grin 



                               Big grin

                              Erika, I know what you mean about being way too hot while running on the Treadmill.

                              Jay,  up so early to dance by the light of a silvery moon! Crazy!

                              Slo-Hand, I am with you about pushing yourself to speed up the pace a little. It is hard to do it for me when I don't have a "race" until April of next year.


                              Well, I Jay-up and woke up just before 5, so I was able to extend my planned 6 miles into  8 at a steady state pace. I plan to do some 800m reps tonight at the gym on the Treadmill.


                              Yes, indeed is fun to have all the new blood here!


                              Look who made it in the Seattle Times! Our own Taper Boy, aka tetsujin wearing his Japanese maniac uniform.

                              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                                I'm sure that I'm going to get to where I really enjoy swimming as I do running and cycling, although no sign of that yet.


                                Yeah, it's good to keep hoping, right?