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April Masters Miles (Read 53 times)

    116.5 for April

    506 for the year


    MM #5615

      Thanks wild!  I love this thread.  I love seeing everybody's accomplishments.  You are all an inspiration to me.


      Let's see...I did one 5k and took 2nd overall...although you you wouldn't know that by looking at the results...I'm a little bitter...


      April: 233

      2014: 791

      Sayhey! MM#130

        297.72 for me in April.


        And we got our race back in Boston.  (for a piece or two of my mind)

          Two steps forward, one step back.  At least I cracked triple digits:


          108 miles

            I always forget to post in this thread at the end of each month.


            Month: 163.9

            YTD:  577.5



            Maybe I'll get close to 2000 this year - - if I stay healthy for once!

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              163.6 April miles here.


              The highlight of April was setting a 10k PR (which is already obsolete as of the day before yesterday)!


                53 miles in April, up from

                48 miles in March


                Someone has to be the newbie here...


                  Another good month for me with 169.3 miles, an AG win in a 10k, and I had the honor of participating with our daughter in her first half marathon.

                  "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey

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                    122.6 for me, including one very slow Boston Marathon on a sprained ankle!



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                      258 miles for April


                      Thanks wildchild!

                        April miles = 59.95 -- Ack! Why didn't I tally up before the month ended? Double my March mileage though.

                        MM #5616

                          Really sorry the April awards are so late, but here they are:


                          Most miles:  Perchcreek, 300 miles.  2nd place: Aamos, 297.7 miles.  3rd place: IBleedUnionBlue, 280.1 miles.

                          Fewest miles: Stumpy, 0.75 miles. 2nd place: tetsujin, 7.5 miles.  3rd place: tom1961, 51 miles.

                          Awesome average: runnerclay, 145.3 miles. 2nd place: rmcj001, 150 miles.  3rd place: Holly, 135.7 miles.

                          Magnificent median: tie between Holly (135.7 miles) and Dave59 (130 miles).  2nd place: Cecil59, 128 miles.  3rd place: rtravers, 122.6 miles.

                          Prime numbers:  Jo (53 miles), tselbs (107 miles), FortunateOne (157 miles), wildchild (229 miles), and Mike E (233 miles).


                          The whole honor roll:

                          Name April Miles April PRs
                          perchcreek 300 marathon AG award
                          AamosY 297.72  
                          IBleedUnionBlue 280.1 HM & marathon PRs
                          CNYrunner 258  
                          Mike E 233 2nd OA 5k
                          wildchild 229 monthly PR
                          evanflein 212.3  
                          milktruck 202.2 5 mile PR
                          A Trackrat 189  
                          C-R 184.3 BQ!
                          Opie 169.3 1st AG 10k
                          SubDood 166.9 1st AG 10k
                          Ileneforward 165.9  
                          fatozzig 163.9  
                          slothful1 163.6 10k PR
                          Fortunate One 157  
                          rmcj001 150 3rd OA 5 miles, 2nd OA 10k, PR HM
                          runnerclay 145.3  
                          Holly S. 135.7  
                          Dave59 130  
                          Cecil59 128  
                          rtravers 122.6  
                          KellyDodge 121.8  
                          deez4boyz 116.5  
                          Jlynne 116.3  
                          coastwalker 112.4 1st AG HM
                          pfriese 110.7 3rd AG 5k
                          Tramps 108  
                          tselbs 107  
                          Rondog65 106.4  
                          Sarge 99 3rd AG 5k
                          breger1 71.5  
                          TammyinGP 62  
                          StarrRuns 59.95  
                          Jo_ 53  
                          tom1961 51  
                          tetsujin209 7.5  
                          stumpy77 0.75  
                          average 144.41  
                          median 132.85  

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.