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    Hello everybody!


    Dave, your granddaughter looks like a little angel.  (I have one that looks like that, too...far from it!)  Nice bathroom, by the way.


    Baboon---I'm really sorry to hear about your knee.  I'll add you to my prayer list.


    My mom always told me that we are, somehow, related to Knute Rockne so I've always rooted for Notre Dame.  But I really felt that Alabama was going to win and looks like that will be the case.


    After taking some days off to try to kick my cold, I did 5 miles, tonight, on the treadmill.  Just took it easy in 38:30.  I'm hoping to get the mileage back up, this week.  Oh--1:30 plank, too.


    Okay--that's it--see ya!

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      Before I read the rest of today's thread . . .


      Notre Dame's getting a good ole Alabama butt-whoopin' right now!  Ugh!!! Black eye


      {{{Baboon!!}}} So sorry to hear about your knee!!  Praying you're able to get into the doc sooner rather than later.


      Great bathroom, family, dog, snow, and Notre Dame picks.  I'm jealous of the bathroom.  Ours is a one butt bathroom.  The previous owners must not have cared about the bathroom when they remodeled, 'cause what's suppose to be the "master bath" is smaller than the original/guest bathroom.


      4 miles this a.m. with no foot issues (well, no pain issue), followed by an hour of core/strength training, then planks.  I was pushing it to hold the front plank for a full 2 min and had to drop to my knees a couple of times for a second or two, and the 1 min side planks - i was shaking good when I got through with each one.  I think me needs to work on me core more. Blush


      Okay - Back to transcription.  This job feels like it's n-e-e-e-e-e-ver ending . . . .

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        Baboon, that really sucks about your knee. So sorry to hear that. Hope you can heal up soon and get back to running.


        Leslie, glad the foot isn't "hurting" but it's not right, either. Be careful!


        I forgot most of whatever you guys said other than I love the cats on the heated floor! Yeah, it was that kind of a crazy busy day today. But DH and I did get to the gym today at mid-day (yay!) for elliptical and some U/B weights, then I ran 5.2 on the treadmill when I got home after 6. And I'm saying easy, but it was helluva lot slower than MikeE's easy (mine was 45:06).

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          Dave - nicely done on the bathroom remodel!  And that Annabelle sure has grown - what a cutie!

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            Ouch. What a beat down. I need to dust off my Cubs battle cry, "Wait till next year."

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