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Tuesday Boston Solidarity Day (Read 101 times)

    This morning I got up early and ran 6 angry and very sad miles in one of my 2010 Boston Marathon shirts.  Then I decided to wear another of my Boston Marathon shirts to work today in support of the runners and their families who have been affected by this cowardly act.  I don't care how silly I may look or whether the Bosses don't care for it.


    Please join me today in doing whatever you can in support - whether it be wearing a running shirt, praying and thinking of those affected, or simply to call a friend or family member and tell them you love them.  Do something to affirm your life and theirs.



    "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong


      Mornin' everyone.


      Thanks for the appropriate start for today, Bill.


      Today is a recovery day for me. I have to get my emotions back in check, try to calm down, and move on with my life - not as if this never happened, but because it did happen.


      DW and I were supposed to be on an early flight to NOLA this morning for a trade conference. We were going a couple of days ahead of the conference, and talked last night about postponing our flight, especially after getting an email from the airline about a "Travel Advisory" for all flights out of Boston. But we decided to stay on schedule. As I was finishing packing this morning, my lower back went "sproing" and all of a sudden, I could barely move. We made a quick decision to postpone our trip after all, and I'm on my way to the doc to see if he can put my back together again so we can be on the same flight tomorrow morning.


      I won't be wearing one of my Boston jackets today, not because I don't care, but because I don't think I can deal with much more discussion about yesterday. But I will be thinking, a lot, about yesterday's events.



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        ...mornin' guys//...........I woke up Mad today too...............Something that was Pure and Good  has been Dirtied......


        I put on

        a loosened Floatation Belt and DRAGGED it thru a 30 minute work-out.......




        I just want

        these a$$holes




        I'm still a little Mad.


        ..........Our Prayers to the innocent people in the crowd, as well as the Runners,  that  were the victims of this.


        my inital shock

        was at the 78-year old runner who grabbed his leg and dropped as the bomb went off, thank goodness he was ok

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


          I don't have a Boston shirt to wear, but I'll be thinking of yesterday's sad events, and of the victims and they're families, during today's run.



            Good luck with the back issue Jay.


            Angry miles is correct Bill. I did not bring my Boston gear with me to DC this week but I will say a prayer for some peace for everyone caught up in this mess.


            Agreed Tom. They will get theirs.


            Running will have to wait for later but I now have a lot more motivation to BQ again and run the course and stand in solidarity with those in Boston. It will never be the same but the special nature of the race, crowds and community will always be shining bright.


            Cheers all.

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            Sayhey! MM#130

              Bill, great idea.  I have to disguise mine from the bosses but lots of others will see it.

              (it's a bright yellow)

              If I could modify the idea, I'd say wear any race shirt.


      (for a piece or two of my mind)


                my inital shock

                was at the 78-year old runner who grabbed his leg and dropped as the bomb went off, thank goodness he was ok

                +1  The national networks replayed that footage so many times and at first it looked like he might be having heart issues. Glad he got up and walked away.


                I'm at a loss for words but the feelings of love and support from this site yesterday as people worried about the safety of those who were either running, volunteering or spectating confirmed to me what an awesome group this running community is. I was relieved to know that everyone is safe. Someone who was interviewed on ABC last night (sorry but I forgot his name) stressed that we, as Americans, have to try to carry on with our normal daily lives. If we change what we do because we worry about these horrible acts of violence, then those who carry out these horrible acts of violence have won. Easy to say but hard to process...


                5 sad miles this morning in support of those who were lost or injured yesterday.

                Marathon Maniac #957


                  I'm at a loss for words but the feelings of love and support from this site yesterday as people worried about the safety of those who were either running, volunteering or spectating confirmed to me what an awesome group this running community is.



                  Watching the coverage on this morning's news was very sad, but deeply moving as the stories of the heroes who rushed to the aid of the injured were told.  Sometimes the worst times bring out the best in people, and I am humbled to watch.


                  6.2 fartlek-filled miles for me this morning in windy 62 degrees.

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                    I am following Bill's invitation and I am wearing my Boston 2012 race shirt today.  Dress pants, high hills, and race shirt looks dorky, but who cares?


                    Sending butterfly hugs to all our Boston runners today. Extra hugs are sent to their families as well.

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                    Top 'O the World!

                      Saw several posts on FB asking runners to wear race shirts - Boston if you have em, marathon if you have em, any race shirt will do - today in a show of solidarity to each other & those especially in Boston Smile

                      Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

                        I biked in wearing my 2009 boston shirt over a warm vest.  Later on saw winejunky in starbucks looking good.  My DD in NH ran 2.62 this morning


                        be well everyone,


                        Trails are hard!

                          4 miles in a daze with my latest half shirt.  This has affected me surprisingly deeply--find myself sniffling at a lot of the stories that I can't seem to stop myself from reading.  It may not seem like a lot, but at least we do have a tangible way of showing support.

                          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



                            It's been waayyy tooo looong since I posted here, but yesterday's tragic event made me think of everyone here.


                            5 sad miles, followed by shaking the dust off my 1996 Boston marathon polo and jacket, and wearing it to work.


                            Off to run a 1/2 marathon in Napa this Sunday.  DW is now hesitant to go, but I told her we should do it in honor of the victims.


                            Take care everyone.

                            MM #5616

                              The running community in general, and the RA masters in particular, are such a wonderful caring family, and I'm so very grateful to be part of this group.  It's really good to see so many folks stopping by to check in.


                              Thank you to Tammy for the race updates yesterday, and for the updates on folks checking in afterwards.  We're so proud of all of you who ran Boston yesterday.


                              I don't have a Boston shirt or jacket, so I'm wearing my Flying Monkey Marathon shirt today to show solidarity.  No one will really see it, because I'm working at home today - we got 14" of new snow yesterday - but it's the thought that counts.  Planning to lace up the screw shoes and take the dogs for a run later.


                              ETA:  ran 10 miles in the snow.  It helped ease some of the stress I've been feeling since yesterday.  Sending hugs to everyone since I know you're all feeling the same.

                              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                                Wearing a 5K race shirt today - did it part of yesterday too.  Also plan to watch the Eugene Marathon on the 28th in support of all runners,   their families and supporters.


                                Tammy, the shirt I am wearing today is from the 5K I did in Grants Pass with you and Renee'.   You two did a half, I think.


                                This tragic event makes me want to get out there again!   Yesterday I put on another 5K shirt, and head up the woods trail with the dog.